[FUN/MECH] BookWorm v1.14 - Read and write books[BukkitDev]

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    this doesnt work in my 2nd world... can you make this multi-world compatible?
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    I found the problem, it doesn't work with PermissionsEx. Compatibility would be splendid :D
    Note: PermissionsEx only denies the ability to create them, not the ability to read them.
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    I'll test this, but I think it should already work. Are you sure you don't have some kind of permissions issue preventing multi-world support?
    I'm sorry, this is unlikely to happen. I only add Permissions support because if I don't I'd get hundreds of people asking for it. But I can't try to support every Permissions plugin that comes along. The Permissions code I have is already very basic, so if it doesn't work for you it probably means it's a problem with PermissionsEx, not this plugin. It's also possible you just haven't set up your permissions correctly.
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    im admin so everything should work fine. right? i have groupmanager and didnt change anything because as i just said then im admind so i can use evrything...
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    I just tested, and it seems to work fine for me. I have to assume it's a configuration problem. What part exactly isn't working? Can you read? Write? Do nothing at all? It helps if you actually provide some useful information besides "it doesn't work."
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    oh sorry well... I can make a book, i can write in it successfully... but when i try to view the book on this second world, nothing comes up when i right click. when i scroll over it the book name comes up but right clicking does nothing. i MADE the book in this second world so yeh... anything else u needa know?
    EDIT: Forgot to add, it works in my first my world fine
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    Is there a way to give myself a book thats been made already without accessing a bookcase?
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    Thank you so much for making this. I have been waiting for SO long for writable books. You have fulfilled my dreams of running a library on my server.:D
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    Is there a way to make it not say who the book is by?
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    Yes, if you can make paper writing an aspect of this mod, it would be amazing. Maybe make it so if you craft the pages into a book, they will retain what you wrote on them.

    Also, I seem to have encountered an issue. For some reason, I can't right click to read my books anymore...no errors in the log, so I'm confused as to why this is happening.

    It seems to take a while to actually display the text or something. It's not a lag issue, it just seems like sometimes I just can't read the book.
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    If you have any plugin that gives you an advanced /give command, you can specify a data value when giving yourself a book. For example, with CommandBook, you could use /i book:5 to give yourself a copy of the book with ID #5.
    I guess I could add this option.
    It looks like you might be having the same problem as @Deathlysteve- ... does the book title show up when you scroll over it? Do you have any plugins that might be blocking a right click for some reason?
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    I have a question.. Can you restore data erased with -eraseall cause I just erased my journal :D because I did not understan what book copying form bookshalf does... Anyway the plugin is just AMAZING!
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    Yeah, the title shows up fine. I don't believe I have anything that would block right click. People are able to read it sometimes. Like, I didn't have a problem reading it last night, and like, an hour ago it was working. I just have to keep right clicking and then sometimes it will eventually show.

    See, just now it worked fine when I read my journal, but 5 minutes ago I couldn't read it. It's like it has bouts of working and not working.

    Also, are you going to add MySQL support eventually? That could maybe help.
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    How do you uncopy books?
    Also, I found that if you accidently stack books together, they will all transform into the same book.
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    Are you right clicking on blocks instead of in air? I guess I should probably let you read even if you're targeting a block, but right now it only works if you right click on air. MySQL support isn't planned right now. I think flat file works fine for what the plugin does.
    No, once you erase it, it's gone, sorry.

    To uncopy just throw the book away. You shouldn't be able to stack books, the plugin prevents it. It may appear that you've stacked them, but it should unstack them when you try to do anything.

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    Also, this bug isn't letting me put books back into book cases sometimes either.

    It just seems to take a butt load of right clicking to do anything sometimes. I don't understand.

    Nevermind, you're right, I was looking at a block, but I still can't put books back into book cases sometimes.

    Oh, I have to SHIFT left click to put it back too? Strange. Thought it was just to take it out.

    Nevermind, I'm an idiot I guess, lol. Would be nice if you ignored blocks though so you can read it anywhere.

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  17. Thank you so much for adding this. Perfect.
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    Updated to 1.1, which just does a few minor changes. The book stacking issue will be slightly improved now, but it will still act strange if you try to stack different books together.
    Thanks for the review! I've added the video to the first post.
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    So, am i to believe there is no way to currently delete a book?
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    Its in /plugins/BookWorm/id_Creator_title.txt

    So if it was the 23rd book you wanted to delete and bill made it and it was called billsadventure, you would look for.
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    Thanks for the help!
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    I'm having an issue reading books. I create them just fine, its when I try to right-click read the book that nothing happens. I'm not clicking on a block, just aiming to the sky and clicking.

    Using /w -read <page> works well
    Running CB #928 with GroupManager

    This is exactly what I needed for my server, good stuff
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    Can you give me a list of plugins you run?
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    OneLife (Custom)
    Permissions (FakePlugins.jar, from Group Manager)
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    I'm having the same problem as MisterBlackBart, but im still running b860. My plugins are
    CommandBook, and
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    Your most recent update broke this. I was able to read it if I looked at air blocks, but now I can't read the books at all.
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    Wow, sorry guys, I'm an idiot. Try version 1.2, it should work.
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    - Possibility of making a purchasable bookcase?
    - Possibility of added in Color with &
    - Command for ingame list of all books
    - Command to spawn a book
    - Command to delete a book

    Also, what about the idea of adding a flag command so the book CANT be added to a shelf, meaning ONLY one copy of it can exist.

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    Maybe adding the possibility of books being renamed? My friend wrote a great book on the origin of the creeper but can't rename it.
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    My library is 100x more awesome with this plugin, thanks a lot!

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