[FUN/MECH] BookWorm v1.14 - Read and write books[BukkitDev]

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    I think this plugin may become useless in the near future because in the next update Notch will be adding Books you can write in and such. But i will still keep this plugin :p
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    I am just gonna wait until 1.3 come out because there adding acual writable books.
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    Can someone explain me the difference between a non-spout version of Bookworm and a version using Spout? I tried to find in the description, but it only says that it adds functionality.
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    люди помогите прошу скмньте сылку на этот плагин ато найти не могу:'(
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    Well done. Perfect for a story-line RPG server
  6. If you use spoutcraft you can apply skins to the books so reading it looks nicer.

    You will also see the books title and info when you hold your pointer over it in the inventory making it a lot easier to see which book is which...

    I doubt that. I would have loved if they actually took this plugin and used it for the vanilla book system.

    Sure you can write books in 1.3 but one of the great things with this plugin is that you can allow other users to get copies which is superb way to use books. You could for instance have an ingame newbie and rules guide that everyone can get for free at the start.

    The other great thing with copies are the possibility to have copies linked. This mean that you can update the original book and all copies get the same updates.

    Also, since all books are saved in the bookworm folder as a text file it's easy to backup.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the Mojang book-system will be a lot harder to backup.

    The only thing I'm really missing in this plugin is the abilities to list, edit and in other ways manage books through the website. That would have been awesome. :)

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    I'm really looking forward to this plugin making the vanilla books in 1.3 into a much greater thing.
  8. You can choose in the config if it takes an empty book or not to make a copy.
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    What will you do when It's August 1st? (1.3 will come out with writable books.)
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    There is a dev build of BookWorm 2 available here: http://nisovin.com/bookworm/dev

    When you install it, it will be called "BookWorm2" and will make a new folder for itself. There's only one config option so far, which is the toggle for the bookshelf-chest feature.

    The bookshelf chest feature is nifty, it will allow you to store up to 9 books in a bookshelf. Please note that this will make the server treat the bookshelf as if it was a chest. If you uninstall this plugin after creating bookshelves in this way, you will get error spam when loading your world. The errors won't harm anything, they'll just be annoying.

    The commands currently available are:

    /bookworm unsign -- Unsigns a signed book so it can be edited
    /bookworm setauthor <name> -- Changes the author of a book

    The permissions are:

    bookworm.unsign -- Unsign a book you have signed (default everyone)
    bookworm.unsign.others -- Unsign any book, even those signed by others (default op-only)
    bookworm.setauthor -- Change the author of a book (default op-only)

    I currently have not made a way to convert old BookWorm books into the new system. I'll be working on that eventually.
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    Could you also add an option to copy books?
    That would be super awesome!

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