[FUN/MECH] BookWorm v1.14 - Read and write books[BukkitDev]

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    I just checked with a scientist and he said that this plugin is the best plugin. In July 2013 Minecraft will add this functionality as premium preorder expansion DLC and the internet will do backflips and vomit but this did it first. Never forget.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Um what. You're crazy. XD
  3. This did not work :/
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    It will require a full server restart to take effect.
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    I wanted to do this since the very first time I saw a book in the game. I was sorely disappointed when I found out it was purely for aesthetic. Why would you go through all the trouble of gathering reeds, making paper, making books to make book cases that do nothing? Thanks for making this plugin! It looks great and I love the way one can pull the book from the case and take it in their inventory. I can't wait for the new cb build to come out so I can supplement my world with tomes filled with ancient lore. [cake][bookshelf][diamond]
  6. Had a few since then :p
  7. Haha Sorry. This made me laugh. I'm only used to "bs" and "bj" meaning something... ehm.. yeah. :p

    Anyway. I've read through every page here now and just gotta say that this plugin is brilliant and I hope you continue to support it until Notch puts it in his own code and gives you a million or two as thanks :)
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    As far as i can tell this works great with 1.8! but i have an question. Which starting a new map and all for 1.8 but keeping the plugins, how do you get the books back? If you try to write a book by the same title you previously had, it starts a new one
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    You use something like CommandBook to load a book by id number.

    /i book:10

    You'll also probably want to delete your bookshelves.txt. file.
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    alright thanks =b
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    Think you can include this in the download and rename the download version to v1.6.2? :p I'd like to be able to keep track of the updates like I currently do.
    My mods page; https://sites.google.com/site/sangyvas/minecraft/mods
    Yes, everything is out of date as of this post but I am updating now. Server's been off for a while cause I got bored of minecraft.
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    My server is running the latest bukkit build (1185) and Bookworm seems fine atm. Can anyone test their servers too as well?
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    I have a ? i was on my server writing a book i blown up and lost all my stuff and forgot to save my book . is the reload command a way to get back the book i lost
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    @nisovin Books not stacking that because I changed that one setting for 1.8.1 support?
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    Changing that setting is the fix for the book stacking problem.

    Updated to version 1.7! This version is updated for Minecraft 1.8.1. I've also added some new permission nodes, including place permissions and individual book permissions.

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  16. Hey!
    May I ask which permission node does a player need to be able to read somebody elses book that is stored inside a bookshelf(by right-clicking it)?

    EDIT: Actually I've noticed that it possibly works with no BookWorm permissions at all, but I think PEX's security plugin "Modifyworld" is messing with it. Can you give me some advice on which permission to give people so they can right-click a bookshelf and read the text?

    Here's the link for permission nodes(and I've tried the .....*interact.47 perm but no success)

    I hope you can help me a bit here,
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    Awesome plugin! The only problems I see is that sometimes it clones the stacks of books for some odd reason.
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    No permission should be needed to read a book. I don't know if other protection plugins will affect this.
    More information please. I haven't had this problem, nor have I heard of others having this problem.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    @Xickle – You might have more luck asking in the PEX thread. :)
  20. Guess I'll trx there yea
    I was kinda hoping I'll get some info on how the bookshelf thing works(if it uses interact, place block, or something like that).
    Thanks for the suggestion tho! :)
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    It uses interact.
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    Sure! Here you go. I'm not quite sure what's going on, but it's not really a big deal or anything. I can get this (glitch?) to work about 99% of the time with a few attempts of just stacking unwritten books on-top of a written one.

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    Are you using Spout?

    Edit: I've just spent several minutes doing exactly what you did, and I've been unable to duplicate this problem. Are you running any other plugins that might be causing problems?
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    I'm using the latest version of Spout yes. I loaded only your mod alone with Spout and it still happened so I don't think it's because of any other mods affecting it.

    I'm not too sure how to explain it, but it has to deal with stacking regular books on-top of the written one. When that happens, I push E to exit my inventory and it automatically throws some books out. If I keep doing this and re-stacking the books... it eventually glitches up or something and produces a book that's able to clone other books which are just regular books.

    I have no other idea how to explain it. The video is the best I got to demonstrate it.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    This part is client-side desync; the client thinks that the cursor is empty because the book that was on it combined with the one in the slot, but what actually happened server-side is (probably) that the two books swapped positions. No idea how that leads to getting an infinite book, though.
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    Spout 1.0.6 build 403 has seem to fixed the duplication problem.
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    can you make it so you can buy books or borrow them? i want to make a library and book store
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    Can you make it, like you need a password to get a book from a bookshelf (take/copy) ?
  29. If every book written was saved in mysql it would be possible to show the books on a webpage as well. This way you could make it so that every book you find is listed on your profile. Either for all to see or only for the player that actually got the book. (or for all to see the books name but only the player that has the books can read).

    This would make it alot more fun on an rpg server if it was possible to collect books filled with lore about the world and they could brag about them on the site. :)
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    I realy like that i got a history in books with over 50 books already.

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