[FUN/MECH] BookWorm v1.14 - Read and write books[BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by nisovin, Jun 19, 2011.

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    Yes sry i checked my plugin list and saw that there is another bookworm-1.6.jar which i forget. Sorry for trolling
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    Hardly Trolling. Just remember - when asking for help on a completely free + Volunteer based service, it is better to be polite, read previous post, and be patient. These guys aren't paid - so most of what the do is a labor of love, the rest of what they do is full of vinegar, spite and pure tenacity.

    So lets all just remember that.

    The golden rule of getting free plugins? If it isn't update fast enough for you? Go buy a book and learn to do it yourself. :3
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    Another idea that might/might not overcomplicate an already great system:

    The ability to lock shelves so they are read only, and don't dispense books. If you did use this, I'd make it disable-able in config. I'd also do it so unless you have a permission node you could only do this for shelves containing books you yourself wrote.

    It'd mainly for ....idk what to call it...waypoints or info booths where signs just don't do enough, but I'm sure other admins would use it for other purposes. I know there's a permission thing to do this globally, but a simple command to do this case-by-case would be handy.
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    Would be neat to have yes. A command to lock books inside the shelf, like /bw readonly, then right clock the shelf with hands.
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    Hi there, first off I would like to say thanks for creating such a great plugin. It is a concept I have been waiting a while for. Secondly (and I'm sure I must be missing something somewhere) I can't seem to get it to work. I have downloaded the version with and without the config file and have set all permissions to true (I only did this once I found that it didn't work) The in-game error message reads "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command." The console error will be attached to this post. I have tried to find the 1.7 version which you have told to others is linked to on your first post, however I cannot find it anywhere. Terribly sorry if you have already posted how to fix this error. Best Regards and thank you in advance. P.S. The plugins I run are:
    Essentials (Protect, GeoIP, Spawn and Chat).
    and (Hopefully) Bookworm.
    Error Report.png
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    You're running an old version of CraftBukkit. This is causing both the BookWorm errors and the Essentials errors.
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    :confused: Oh crap. Thanks a bunch. Will get it sorted now. I owe you one.
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    This plugin looks amazing. I'm going to install this onto my server.
    I can finally write fics and play MC at the same time!
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    love the plug in but i did have one thing i wanted to ask, have you thought of adding a way to make it so you can lock your bookshelf so ether 1 only you can read it (something like /booklock or w/e) or 2 make it so that people can read from the shelf but not copy the book. it would be nice to have these in commands so that i can set a few shelf to only allow reading and others allow copying just an idea dont need to take it ^,..,^
    Eether way i am in the middle of making my post office work with your plugin i just need to think of a way to get the mail box to work the way i want....hmmm..
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    Two suggestions, one very simple one and one much more complex but apparently possible.

    Easy one: I'm almost tempted to attempt this myself but I thought I'd suggest anyway: Simply if you click a bookshelf which has no book saved, you get a configurable message, or two with a delay. For example:
    "You search the bookshelf..."
    "Nothing grabs your interest!"

    Harder one:
    Using Spout, add a custom Book GUI. You right click with the book and it opens this GUI, which naturally, looks like an open book. The custom text then appears on the pages.

    For people who don't use spout, it would still appear normally of course.

    (I'm happy to help with the graphic parts, ie the book, but I don't know much about java other than Spout can add custom GUIs, and a GUI with just text should be relatively easy once you work it out)

    OH, and a nice addon: economy support. Players have to pay X to publish their book, and then other players buy books. You could also have a library where they can get the book for a short amount of time for cheaper.

    EDIT (Last one I promise!) Ability to put maps in bookshelves too (like an Atlas)
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    Great idea, i hope the Dev adds this :)
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    Have you got Spout installed and removed BukkitContrib?

    Also, your Essentials is out of date - I've never heard of an out of date plugin making another one error but it could be adding to it. Plus I have error OCD.
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    I can't remember if I already said this, but thanks for the wonderful plugin! :)
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    @nisovin every book i spawn with bookworm plugin has the title of the last writen book (with spout)
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    How are you spawning books?
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    with essentials so /i book 1
    also know as /item book 1
    and also the plugin isnt compatible with supernatural players vampire book teleport it removes the book but doesnt tele
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    This seems to be a bug with Spout, and I've sent a bug report to them. It isn't actually setting the book's title, it's just setting the tooltip incorrectly.
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    This. Take a look at RequiPanel for an example of how to make windows in spout.
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    This should be fixed as of Spout build #245.
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    Thanks for this plug-in for the server. It is really good, but followed add support of other languages, except English.

    I wrote in the book in Russian. All was normal. But how I have written the second book, old was displayed as???????????????????????. With English books of problems isn't present.

    I apologize for my bad English.
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    @nisovin are you also gonna fix the comapctability issue with supernatural players plugin?
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    I don't know why it's incompatible. If it's only partially working, it sounds like an issue with that plugin, not this one. Maybe you should post your problem on that thread. At any rate, that plugin has a config file, just change it to use something besides books.
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    I need to copy/paste LONG pages into a book. Is there any way you could make it AUTOMATICALLY change to the next page? I'm trying to make an ingame bible for a roleplay server and there's no way in hell i'm copying it 3 verses at a time. Help me out here?
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    you should be able to start the book in game then go into the plugins/bookworm folder and manually edit the rest of it in using notepad or whatever.
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    Even on a 24/7 SMP server?
    (I don't own the server)
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    oh ..yeah i dunno about that then...do you know the admin or owner? maybe you can get them to send you the file to work on and then implant it on their server for you when its done...
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    It's a 200 person server ((currently biggest in minecraft)) i don't know if he'd be willing to give it to someone. ((There are actually like 8,000 people registered on it lol))
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    How do you make the books pay able, i mean so players need to pay for a book?
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    I am think about using this to build some quests, so send player into a ruins to retrieve a copy of the book from a bookshelf. It would be nice to help prevent cheating by adding permissions for putting a book in a bookshelf with the same own/other types. This way once they recover the book they cannot put it in a book shelf and sell to others on the same quest. I know this doesn't limit them making multiple copies when reaching the end, but prevent unlimited copies.
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    I found a sort of duplicated bug with the books. Is it possible to stop this bug?

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