[FUN/MECH] Battery - Store and Release the Power of Redstone [1.5.1]

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    Battery - Store and Release the Power of Redstone
    Version : 1.5 (Power Plant Edition)

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev

    Old Post

    Create batteries.
    Catch any redstone activity in a battery and release it later with a lever.
    For example, you can use it with my ThunderTower plugin.

    Features :
    • Create Batteries with a block, a sign, and a lever
    • Save it in a flatfile
    • Charge your battery
    • Uncharge it
    • Full configurable
    Download Links :

    Battery v1.4.3

    How To Use :
    • Place a Battery Block (configurable)
    • Put a Sign with the first line [Battery]
    • Optional : See the Parameters section to make special batteries
    • Let's charge with redstone on the left side (redstone wire) or with an active furnace
    • Click on the Sign yo power on the right side (redstone wire) or a to active a furnace
    Parameters on Sign :

    All the Parameters can be written on the second line of the Battery sign on the creation of the Battery
    Only One parameter can be set for a battery

    Params (open)

    Battery will automaticly uncharge it when arrive to a define level
    Usage : APxx when xx is the specific level

    Battery will uncharge it only if a redstone wire is powering the back of the battery
    Usage :AA

    Screenshots (open)


    Todo :
    • Load Batteries Chunks
    Known Issues :

    • No more
    ChangeLog :

    Version 1.4.3 (11-09-2011)
    • Fix the remaining problems with the CurrentModificationException
    • The timeCheck is no more in miliseconds but now in 1/20 seconds (10 = 0.5sec)
    ChangeLog (open)

    Version v1.4.2 (09-09-2011)
    • Code cleaning of the remaining classes
    • Fix a lot of bugs
    Version 1.4.1(08-09-2011)

    • Enormous Code Cleaning
    • Fix battery loose problem
    • Fix AP Problem
    Version 1.4(05-09-2011) (Furnace Edition)

    • Add furnace powering
    • Add AA param (AutoActivation) on a battery to activate it with a redstone current on the back of the block
    Version 1.3(28-08-2011) (Timer Edition)

    • Some code cleaning
    • Add Furnace charging
    • Add AutoPower to X% with the parameter APXX (where XX is the number)
    Version 1.2.2(27-07-2011)

    • Perhaps fix the non charging error
    • Delete batteries instead of spamming the console don't finding them
    Version 1.2.1(13-07-2011)

    • Fix a little bug in the configs on the plugin loading
    Version 1.2(09-07-2011) (St-Evarzec Edition)

    • Rewrite of the energy support (using my own RedstoneManager)
    • Delete of the AutoPower configs in properties
    • Add AutoPower optional on Batteries Sign
    Version 1.1(27-06-2011)

    • Fix the right Click issue
    • Add an autoPower config to deliver power when charged at 100%
    Version 1.0(23-06-2011)

    • Just the release of this awesome plugin

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    and have auto charge option becuz i want fisrt auto charge 100% after that powering to 0% can you do this?
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    Just read a bit and you'll now that you must use the AutoPower setting to 100 on your battery
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    yep i sawed that but have an autocharge and after charges fully it can release the power to 0%?AUTOMATICALLY?

    oh sorry for the problems i gived to you now i understand the AP function thanks now my kitchen is working in perfect state thanks and sorry again^^amazing plugin:)

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    Release of the version 1.4.6

    Update to 1.1 and to the new Event system
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    Make a video on how to work the config. i am not a scripter at all
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    Scripter ?
    For 5 lines that you can modify ?
    What can't you understand ?
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    Well i dont understand any of the coding or how to change the coding so yeah i am not a coder or scripter of any kind
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    I was just saying that you don't have to know anything about script to configure this plugin
    Is it too hard to understand that Battery.Time.Charge.Redstone means the time for the battery to charge with redstone ?
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    Ya know. I just need help because i am new with using a config file. "so yesh"
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    Just open it with some editor of your choice
    and modify the values that you want to change
    I don't know how to explain you better that
    The plugin doesn't need modifying values to functions
    Just use it like it is and when you'll want to change something just open the config and moify something
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    Really cool! But you should be able to pick up the battery, keep it charged, and place it somewhere else.
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    That's a good idea.
    I'll work on it asap.
    Thanks for sending ideas
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    SURE! I'm full of ideas, I just don't know how to make plugins. If you want more ideas, message me. You might want to make batteries able to be linked together, for a longer life of the energy. or make solar panels to harvest the energy of the sun, then turn on when it gets dark.
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    Release of the version 1.4.7

    Add permission for battery creation.
    have Fun !
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    Release of the version 1.4.8

    I've fixed the issue with 1.4.5.
    Have fun !
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    Release of the version 1.5 (Power Plant Edition)

    Have almost rewrite everything.
    I've also added the possibility to stack batteries side by side.
    Have Fun !

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