[FUN] MakeEmSpawn v1.1 - Spawn any monster wherever you want [1.6.4-R2.0]

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    MakeEmSpawn - The Egg Mob Spawner Tool

    Latest Version: v1.1 [1.6.4-R2.0]
    Latest Stable Version: v1.1 [1.6.4-R2.0]
    MakeEmSpawn allows users to spawn mobs with eggs

    • Spawn entities by the use of eggs
    • Unspawn every creatures
    • List the available entities to spawn
    Download MakeEmSpawn v1.1
    Source Code:
    On GitHub !
    On Cloud9 (cloned from GitHub) !

    Preview :

    Show Spoiler

    Later Version
    • Color of the sheeps ?
      (Don't think it's possible yet considering how is implemented the plugin)
    • Age of the neutral creatures ?
      (Don't think it's possible yet considering how is implemented the plugin)
    • Add the entities into the unspawn command
    • Make a "constant" option instead of a number of mobs for example
      to give an egg after one left and again...
    • Order the list of entities by name
    • Make aliases for the different commands (/mess /mesus /mesl ?)
    Version 1.1
    • Preparation for a next update (code factorisation mostly)
    • When typing a malformed number or a number over 127 it will not tell the usage
      Instead, it will give you the asked egg with the last entered number (or 1).
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 1.5.2-R0.1
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 1.6.4-R2.0
    Version 1.0e
    • Added a filter into the "/makeemspawn unspawn <creature>" (/mes us <creature>)
      Not entering any filter will result into unspawning EVERY creatures in the world like before.
    • Fixed a bug which was disallowing you from dropping the egg you had been given
    Version 1.0c
    • Updated for compatibility with the latest command system
    • Fixed a bug on the event registration
    • Fixed various bugs due to the change from Creature to Entity
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 1.5.1-R0.2
    Version 1.0
    • Updated for compatibility with the latest Bukkit build
    • Updated with the new Permissions system
    • Updated with the new Event system
    • Updated with the new EntityType system
      (instead of CreatureType which is deprecated)
    • Tested : Update with the new Command system required
    • Compile tested
    Version 0.6a
    • Fixed random deprecated method calls
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 674
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 740
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 860
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 897
    Version 0.6
    • Added Giant & Ghast support
    • Added Slime & Wolf support (BUT these will work when bukkit will debug them)
    • (Working on Minecraft 1.4 AND CraftBukkit 617)
    Version 0.5
    • Soon realized by testing that the "/mes us" should be used to remove all creatures too
    Version 0.4a
    • Fixed a little command parsing bug with multiple spawns
    Version 0.4
    • Multiple spawns support
    • Change the plugin name because of SpawnMob
    Version 0.3
    • Added Permissions support (and Operators support if not found)
    • Tested successfully with bukkit#556
    Version 0.2
    • Add Sheep support
    • Add PigZombie support
    • Remove GiantZombie support
    • Add Slime support
    Version 0.1
    • First Release

    Known bugs (please leave me some feedback !):
    • Spawning various entities produce a crash of the server
      (Painting, ThrownEnderPearl, ItemFrame)
    • /<makeemspawn|mes> <<s|spawn>|<us|unspawn>|<l|list>> [<mobname> [numberOfMobs]]
    Permissions nodes:
    • makeemspawn.<entityname>
    • makeemspawn.spawn (used for "unspawn" command)
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    Well technically, it's not me who spawns the creature.

    I could try with an EntityListener/onCreatureSpawn but how to know if it's due to my plugin if this creature was spawned, I cannot really get the spawn location, or egg location...

    I'll try searching furthermore or abandon this functionality (cause I can't afford redoing the entire system, not really interesting compared to some other plugins).
    Did you try throwing the egg it gave you ? (selecting it in your hands and right clicking)
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    Hello i still dont get it:/ i write /sm s zombie 5 but there isnt spawning any when i type it and i tried to throw an egg but it still didnt spawn
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    The new command name is :
    /mes s zombie 5
    /makeemspawn spawn zombie 5
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    what is the command to unspawn them? :)
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    • /makeemspawn unspawn
    • /makeemspawn us
    • /mes unspawn
    • /mes us
    Edit: This is given in the "Commands:" paragraph
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    There was no egg given i have to give it - /give seperately :O
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    There should be an egg given. If not it should say it.
    Do you have any exception thrown in your server console ?

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    No, there was no error or any exception given .... :=)
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    Hey I'm getting the same problem as TMobile112...

    Edit: I FIXED IT! Seems reloading the server didn't do the trick. Had to restart the whole thing
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    There is a bug, I can't find the source yet but happens to debug when typing : /mes us
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    Thanks for help m8 its work perfect :)!
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    To make sure, I got to have animals and monsters ON at mine server?
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    If you want animals to spawn you have to have animals activated.
    If you want monster to spawn you have to have monsters activated.
    If you want to have both to spawn you have to have both of them activated.
    If you want none to spawn you have to have both of them deactivated.
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    Is it possible, to make a plugin where I can spawn only few animals in one place and that will be the only place with animals at entire map? And those mobs could respawn after kill
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    Not with my plugin.
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    i dont really know how to use this :/ can someone do a tutorial?

    nvm got it working

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    Please if possibru if you could make the plugin for 600? Now THAT, would be sa-weet!
    Btw Really awesome Idea! Keep up the good work! Herp Derp pl0x
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    Working on it.
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    I don't think this works for Beta 1.4 :(
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    Working on major updates for all my plugins.
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    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLF SUPPORT please :D I wanna make a army of pet wolves xD
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    Working on it.

    EDIT : Released v0.6a (See the Changelog in the main post)
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    i cant get this to work properly, typing in /mes wolf does nothing but repeat what i can type
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    I bet you didn't read the changelog...
    As I said, Wolves can't be spawned yet because of a bukkit bug. It will work when this bug gets fixed by bukkit developers.
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    I'm type in "mes s wolf", I'll get an egg. When I throw the egg: Nothing
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    If nothing spawns from your egg when you launch it, check if your world hasn't disabled the monsters and/or animals ?

    Depending on the category of the Creature to spawn, it will spawn or not depending on the world's configuration.
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    Mobs and animals are enabled, but nothing will spawn when I throw my egg :(
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    Not even a chicken ?

    No messages ?
    No exceptions thrown ?
    Which CraftBukkit version ?
    Which Java version ?
    Which MakeEmSpawn version ?
    Which Permissions version if any ? (If yes, which configuration ?)
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    When I type in /mes s wolf or /mes s slime I get an egg, but when I throw it, it just spawns chickens.
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