[FUN] MakeEmSpawn v1.1 - Spawn any monster wherever you want [1.6.4-R2.0]

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  1. MakeEmSpawn - The Egg Mob Spawner Tool

    Latest Version: v1.1 [1.6.4-R2.0]
    Latest Stable Version: v1.1 [1.6.4-R2.0]
    MakeEmSpawn allows users to spawn mobs with eggs

    • Spawn entities by the use of eggs
    • Unspawn every creatures
    • List the available entities to spawn
    Download MakeEmSpawn v1.1
    Source Code:
    On GitHub !
    On Cloud9 (cloned from GitHub) !

    Preview :

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    Later Version
    • Color of the sheeps ?
      (Don't think it's possible yet considering how is implemented the plugin)
    • Age of the neutral creatures ?
      (Don't think it's possible yet considering how is implemented the plugin)
    • Add the entities into the unspawn command
    • Make a "constant" option instead of a number of mobs for example
      to give an egg after one left and again...
    • Order the list of entities by name
    • Make aliases for the different commands (/mess /mesus /mesl ?)
    Version 1.1
    • Preparation for a next update (code factorisation mostly)
    • When typing a malformed number or a number over 127 it will not tell the usage
      Instead, it will give you the asked egg with the last entered number (or 1).
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 1.5.2-R0.1
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 1.6.4-R2.0
    Version 1.0e
    • Added a filter into the "/makeemspawn unspawn <creature>" (/mes us <creature>)
      Not entering any filter will result into unspawning EVERY creatures in the world like before.
    • Fixed a bug which was disallowing you from dropping the egg you had been given
    Version 1.0c
    • Updated for compatibility with the latest command system
    • Fixed a bug on the event registration
    • Fixed various bugs due to the change from Creature to Entity
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 1.5.1-R0.2
    Version 1.0
    • Updated for compatibility with the latest Bukkit build
    • Updated with the new Permissions system
    • Updated with the new Event system
    • Updated with the new EntityType system
      (instead of CreatureType which is deprecated)
    • Tested : Update with the new Command system required
    • Compile tested
    Version 0.6a
    • Fixed random deprecated method calls
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 674
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 740
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 860
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 897
    Version 0.6
    • Added Giant & Ghast support
    • Added Slime & Wolf support (BUT these will work when bukkit will debug them)
    • (Working on Minecraft 1.4 AND CraftBukkit 617)
    Version 0.5
    • Soon realized by testing that the "/mes us" should be used to remove all creatures too
    Version 0.4a
    • Fixed a little command parsing bug with multiple spawns
    Version 0.4
    • Multiple spawns support
    • Change the plugin name because of SpawnMob
    Version 0.3
    • Added Permissions support (and Operators support if not found)
    • Tested successfully with bukkit#556
    Version 0.2
    • Add Sheep support
    • Add PigZombie support
    • Remove GiantZombie support
    • Add Slime support
    Version 0.1
    • First Release

    Known bugs (please leave me some feedback !):
    • Spawning various entities produce a crash of the server
      (Painting, ThrownEnderPearl, ItemFrame)
    • /<makeemspawn|mes> <<s|spawn>|<us|unspawn>|<l|list>> [<mobname> [numberOfMobs]]
    Permissions nodes:
    • makeemspawn.<entityname>
    • makeemspawn.spawn (used for "unspawn" command)
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    I'll give it a try.

    The command is very difficult to catch, is it possible to simplify it?

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  3. Well you just have to type :
    /sm s <mobname>
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    I got it, it works fine! Good job!
  5. Thank you very much, working on the next update right now.

    EDIT : Released v0.3 (Added Permissions support and Operators support)
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    Jan Philipp

    Thanks too, man!
  7. You're welcome.
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    When using slime, it will say unsupported creature ._.
    Running on x64 java
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    Thanks for this fine plugin !
    Also slime is not working for me but I don't need it.
    Works great. :D
  10. I disabled Slime yet since it spawns chickens instead of slimes...trying to fix it later if possible.
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    Can the command run from the console?
    I want to use a script command to kill all every 5 minutes, as the latest craftbukkit has overrun my server with squids.
    Thousands of them. It lags itself into oblivion :(
  12. The command cannot be run from the console because its usage is strictly limited to egg throwing, and so to a Player.
    By the way, my plugin is not an interface to other plugins, its usage is fun limited.
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    I don't see why you STOLE this plugin.
    Or were you asked to take over this?
  14. What makes you think I "stole" this plugin ? All I see here is GPL Licensed plugins so better think about opening your mouth before talking. By the way, I coded this entire plugin by myself without checking if another was already existing.

    If you don't like this plugin, don't use it.
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    Hey, which of these versions work with #493? (=
  16. Didn't tested, but probably every. So you better take the latest one ;)
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    I thought this was a copy of the one I'm developing, until I read "With eggs" :p

    Please change the name to avoid confusion...
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    can you enable us to select a quantity like /s ms zombie 40
  19. This is in my TODO list, I'll do it as soon as possible ;)
    This is also in my TODO list ^^
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    Saw that after I posted the comment :p
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    Oh can you throw in ghast and abiltity to choose slime size and spider skeleton rider :p
  22. Right now I'm very limited with bukkit implementation.
    This is more a Fun plugin than a real system. Just using basics of the API

    About Slime debug, I think it's a bukkit work :/
    And about Spider-skeleton I'll try finding a way if it's possible.
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    sorry about what i said. [​IMG]
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    u should make it so that u can make spawn more of these eggs, spawning one egg at a time is too much
  25. EDIT (20th March): Fixed in MakeEmSpawn v0.4
    EDIT(2) (20th March): Released MakeEmSpawn v0.4a
    EDIT(3) (20th March): Released MakeEmSpawn v0.5 (added "unspawn" effect - kills every creatures in every worlds)
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I may not be particularly interested in what this plugin does, but I can help you with sheep colours. Check out my code for it here. :) Or if you want to restrict yourself to Bukkit API, I believe there's a SetColor method in Sheep; just cast your entity to Sheep and do something like sheep.setColor(DyeColor.fromID(number)).
  27. Thanks for sharing, but I don't think I can implement your source into my code, because I'm simply using ThrowEggEvent.

    But if I ever find out a way to implement your code into mine without radically change mine, I'd really appreciate it.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Eh, it should be possible to transfer; you're still spawning a creature, right? But whatever. :)
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    If I type the command correctly and get the message that there'll be mobs if i throw eggs....

    Nothing is happening ....

    Can u help me ?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Did you throw an egg? Or better, several eggs?

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