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    Library Reader - To make useful libraries:
    Version: 1.3

    Hi, this project is a fork of CraftBook written by sk89q, but, it take only the use of the library.

    This plugin for Bukkit gives libraries a function other than decorative.
    Effectively when you click on a book shelf, a phrase appears as if you took a book.
    In fact the plugin takes a random line from a file and displays it.

    Now the books can be sorted by section. The plugin is split between the default library acessible by anyone and the section that requires permission.


    • Read books ^^.
    • Put color in books.
    • Sort books by sections.
    • Manage access to sections with Permissions.
    The configuration folder is separated into several files :
    • The configuration file 'config.yml': It contains the parameter LibraryReader with messages to display.
    • The default library 'defaultBooks.txt': This is the library available to everyone. It is used only if permissions is not installed.
    • The folder "libraries": It contains the sections managed by permissions.
    To create a new section, simply create a new file in the 'libraries' as '<name>' or '<name>.txt'. Then to use it must be added to the configuration file permissions a permission: libraryreader.<name> (Lower case and if the name includes a space to replace it with a dash '-').

    • Version Beta:
      • This version is minimal. It includes only the generation of a book.
    • Version 1.3:
      • This version supports the principle of the sections and support the changes to display.
    Todo List:
    • Optimize the generation of books (To avoid finding the same book as a result) and the code.
    • Use the WorldEdit API to be able to create specific library to one or more sections.
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    Ok, I'll find something.
    Like what I'm not quite ready.

    Anyway thank you for your answer :)
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    Is it in english too?
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    Of course it's based on the configuration file (this is the admin of the server choose the "books"). It's just that I am French and I had no English text with colors. Moreover the "books" by default come from craftbook.
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    title is missing version
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    I love it ! It's a very nice plugin, you have done a really good job !
    I don't know if i can speak french or not, but i try, and if it's a problem i can edit :)
    Thank you for this plugin !

    Ça fait plaisir de voir des français qui font des plugins, c'est assez rare, surtout sur ce forum :) Bon courage à toi, en espérant que tu continue ton boulot et peut-être à l'avenir que tu fasse d'autres plugins.
    Mais en attendant, celui là est installé sur mon serveur :)
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    Oh man, I thought of exactly this yesterday because I switched from CraftBook to FalseBook. Thank you really much. :)
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    New Version : 1.3 release.
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    @philgekni This would make for a great help system.

    What if...you could create a bookshelf (size doesnt matter, I guess only count vertical stacking) and you could place a sign at the top or hidden in the back that might say [craftbook]..then I the Op creates a text file and dumps all teh help info I want into said file (pertaining to craftbook)...so when the player clicks on that bookshelf it will spit out the help info for craftbook that I created and formatted....

    I could create a whole library and it would be my help system..adds more depth and RP to the game i think.

    What do you think?
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    Ha I finally found the time to answer:).
    Fatmarley, I'm sorry but I'm working on several projects simultaneously while having little time (currently I'm working with a webmaster and I am completely tired in the evening and next week I go back to high school ...).

    Once I have a little more time, this will be pleased to discuss with you. As against what I just tell you if the features become too RP, I will create another plugin.

    Moreover if someone wants to pass me a screenshot of use. Effectively changing my server I lost the old image.
    And so I'll see how people use my plugin :) !

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