[FUN] JuggernautSpirit - hunt the Juggernaut, become the Juggernaut[733]

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    JuggernautSpirit: Hunt the Juggernaut: Become the Juggernaut.
    Version: 1.41

    JuggernautSpirit introduces the ancient game of JUGGERNAUT to minecraft.

    One player is the JUGGERNAUT and will receive slow health regeneration.
    If another player kills the JUGGERNAUT they become the JUGGERNAUT.
    If the JUGGERNAUT logs out then there is temporarily no JUGGERNAUT.
    Players can see who is the JUGGERNAUT by using the command:
    If a player uses this command while there is no JUGGERNAUT they become the JUGGERNAUT.


    small bugfixes, config location & jumping bug
    Fixed to work with latest bukkit
    fixed for onCommand,
    limited health regen on BOTH ends of the acceptable health spectrum
    V 1.1
    added health regen for JUGGERNAUT

    v 1.0
    Original Implementation
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    compgurusteve, I sure can! that's a great idea!

    Also, to the people who want more juggernaut powers. I've built a side plugin called bangspirit which lets anyone teleport at the cost of health which ties into the juggernaut health regen system. You can download it from here: http://machinespirit.net/ace/BangSpirit.jar
    I might add other powers/spells/whatever with a similar health cost if people like it.
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    How goes things? :)
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    I've noticed that this is no longer working, it doesn't transfer juggernaut status to the person that kills the juggernaut. Health regen is still working. Any word on this getting updated? This is the most fun game type plugin I've found.
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    @ssechaud I'll look into it for you
    UPDATE: tested with 1060 and 1092 and both are working fine for me

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