Inactive [FUN] I Believe I Can Fly v2.2 - Awesome flying [Permission Support] [1.2.4-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Canownueasy, Apr 15, 2011.

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    I can try later today, but no promises. I've never done anything with the Bukkit API before.
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    no worries i apriciate it ;)

    BTW Canownueasy thanks for the minor update so we now can "land" in 766 so we can disable godmode ;) i would still like to see something done abouth the god mode thingy, it isint suposed to do that for my VIP members.
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    Alrighty guys, I updated the plugin
    -added multiworld support
    -removed god mode
    -tested with 766

    To use multiworld:
    The plugin creates a file /plugins/ibicf/worlds.txt
    To enable flying on a world, add a line:
    so if you had a world named creative, you'd put:

    That's it! Enjoy.

    PS: Thanks to captainawesome7 for open sourcing CreativeBuild so I could use the multiworld code they wrote.

    Download here!
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    and this still works with /fly and disables with /land? :D and wat did you do abouth the godmode? do we get falling damage or how is that handled?

    i see we get falling dammage... any thoughts on how to make it so you dont get dammage while falling? but you will get it when not falling....?
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    I'm sure there's some way to do it, but I don't know enough about how Bukkit works to do it. If I have some spare time I'll look into it.
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    Ok, I can add fall damage protection while flying. If I have internet at home today, I'll do it later today.

    PS: I'm willing to fork and re-release this plugin if it becomes inactive or I have @Canownueasy's blessing.
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    Is it possible to float in mid air instead of holding shift, I need to fly to build, and I'd like to pause in mid air!

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    It would be awesome if you could remove the godmode and implement just fall dammage protection, my VIPs are using fly as godmode now :p (they shoudnt have godmode though! o_o)

    i would use magic carpet plugin for that ;) pretty easy and awesome to use :)
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    Thanks I'll look into it
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    Hey guys:

    I've updated the plugin to add fall damage protection + hovering. However, I'm waiting for @Canownueasy to get back to me about letting me fork the plugin. I'd rather make my own thread for it, but if he doesn't get back to me in a timely manner, I'll post it here.
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    I have problem with unheald exeption blablabla, I dont have permission plugin I use 1.6.6 server version of bukkit and I allowed allow fligh in server propertions, but still it doesnt work I will now install permission but if that doesnt help than what to do?

    EDIT: Permission plugin resolved my problem :D
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    Link for this permission plugin?

    [edit] NVM, found it, thanks [/edit]
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    please update it for 818
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    i need this Permission lugin to, please post me a link :(
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    Oh god. Can you please upload without permissions? (Make Please OP to able to fly)
    GroupManager works.
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    please try using the 'search' feature in the forums before requesting things.
  18. Running 819 and have - under Admin in groupmanager from esstentials, but tells me i do not have premissions.
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    You have permission just make sure to give me credits in the post :p
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    When I try to use the fly command, it gives me a message that says "An internal error occurred while trying to perform this command." I'm not quite sure what I'm doing as I am new to using bukkit.
  21. Can anyone Update this to 860?
  22. Im sorry being "noobish" but i want to know how i can set permissions? iv tryed to find out how long time but without results :'(
    so please, would you like to take a screenshot or copy them to here forums? i would really like to try fly mod to my server so we can build faster :D
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    Update plox
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    This is one of the better feeling server-end fly-plugins I've seen, after testing several out there!
    I hope it gets updated when need be. =/

    I've also noticed that when flying "straight" gravity still pulls you down rather annoyingly.. If it's possible I'd suggest trying to counter that a little, to make it easier to fly straight, instead of having to look ABOVE where you want to go.
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    Can you please add hover to it because it gets annoying when you try to get to places and over shoot other than that good plugin
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    I was actually just about to suggest this also.
    Maybe if you right click (either with empty hands or some item like a feather) while flying, you'll stop and hover in the air in that exact spot, till you let go, and go zooming off in whatever new direction you're looking at. It's kinda like an air-brake, which lets lets us stop quickly in air if we realize we're off course in an awkward way.. or simply to pause a second high up in the sky, to survey the area, or whatever.. Or just to be intimidating and float around noobs.. xD
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    Please, do that. it will be great !
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    says internal error ocured but the command is on my help list help?
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    any chance we could get that plugin yet? haha i kinda need it for my online building projects.
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    does this override server flying settings or prevent users from using speed/flying hack who do not have permission to?
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    duz this work without permissions?

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