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    Hide N Seek - The Ultimate Tool for creating Hide N Seek Games In Minecraft!
    Version: v0.1.0.1

    Hide N Seek Allows you to create Hide N Seek Games for your players to Play,
    There is 1 Seeker per match and the rest are Hiders
    * 4 Customizable Games To Create
    * Customizable Weapons and Spawn Gear

    Download Hide N Seek:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Version (Planned)
    * Max of 10 Games

    * Released
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    Could we please have some more documentation? xD Commands, permissions? Looks nice though.
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    Yeah I wouldn't ignore that first comment, bjsnow. Would you mind adding more information and maybe a video demonstration?
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    working on it.

    Im Making a mass load of features for the plugin in 2.0

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    Okay, until then, I likely won't try this.
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    Ok, Mainly about 10 bug fixes and 5 - 10 new features.

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