Inactive [FUN] HealSign. Heal yourself by clicking a sign. [1.3.1]

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    What is this?
    HealSign is a simple plugin for making a HealSign. You just have to click the sign and you're healed.
    You get a foodlevel of 20 and a heal level of 20. It's really handy when you have a server. And you don't want that people search for food etc. they just click the sign and done.

    How to use it
    This plugin has NO Configuration do do. You just make a sign like this: (It's case sentitive)
    And you're done. The plugin do the rest. When you click the sign then you are healed.
    There are a few permissions and one command:
    It's simple like that. Now you can use it.

    To Do:
    Don't have a plan yet for this plugin. If you want something extra. Send me a PM.


    [removed] to download HealSign

    - Nielsnv
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    1. Download link?
    2. [1.3.1-R2.0] in title please.
    3. ChangeLog w/ version at the bottom of your post please.

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