[FUN] HeadBlocks v0.9a - Change your head block (or your mate) [1.7.9-R0.2]

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    HeadBlocks - The Head changer tool

    Latest Version: v0.9 [1.7.2-R0.2]
    Latest Stable Version: v0.9 [1.7.2-R0.2]
    HeadBlocks allows users to change their head item

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    • Change your own head item
    • Change another player head item

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    How to install and run commands :
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    • Copy the latest stable version downloaded in the "plugins" folder of your CraftBukkit server.
    • Launch your CraftBukkit server, then type in the console (if it's necessary) :
      op YourName
      (where YourName is the Pseudo of your character ingame)
    • Then connect with this character on your server and type :
      /hb self wool
      In the chat
    • Watch your head, if it's not a block of wool, tell me your CraftBukkit version, a list of the other plugins runned and the version of HeadBlocks you're running.

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    • /hb self <block>[:<data>]
    • /hb other <player_name> <block>[:<data>]
    • /hb undoself
    • /hb undoother <player_name>
    <block> can be replaced by the block name
    <data> can be replaced by a data (in letters) depending of the block
    (example WOOL:RED)
    <player_name> can be replaced by the name of a player
    [:<data>] means its optional to give a data

    Quick Commands:
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    • /hb s <block>[:<data>]
    • /hb o <player_name> <block>[:<data>]
    • /hb us
    • /hb uo <player_name>
    <block> can be replaced by the block name
    <data> can be replaced by a data (in letters) depending of the block
    (example WOOL:RED)
    <player_name> can be replaced by the name of a player
    [:<data>] means its optional to give a data

    Permissions nodes:
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    • headblocks.self (required for self and undoself)
    • headblocks.other (required for other and undoother)

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    Interesting blocks:
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    GLASS // transparent effect (seeing head through)
    WOOL:X // sheep leather with X as a color number
    glowstone // to test from another point of view
    portal // glowing effect as a block !
    52 // monster spawner (seeing head through) (Gotta find the name corresponding)
    pumpkin // seeing as when you put a real one on your head !
    snow // mmh strange...might be usefull for some skins ?
    air // DO NOT USE this will crash your client !
    dispenser // When throwing objects, this looks like you are a real dispenser

    Materials (and Data) lists:

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    Later Version
    • Disallow dropping the head (or replace it directly by the backup-ed Helmet)
    • Disallow recovering the head (to disallow abuses of /give with this plugin)
    • GroupManager and/or Party support ?
    • Support Spout
    Version 0.9
    • PlayerDisconnect events are now handled. If you leave with a HeadBlock on your head, it will be replaced by your old Helmet (or nothing if you had nothing).
    • Tested on CraftBukkit version 1.6.4-R2.0
    • Tested on CraftBukkit version 1.7.2-R0.2
    Version 0.8
    • Many bugfixes and deprecation fixes
    • Now, you can only use the name of materials and not their IDs (same for data)
    • Tested on CraftBukkit version 1.6.4-R2.0
    • Fixed the UndoSelf and UndoOther
    Version 0.7
    • Updated with latest CraftBukkit version 1.5.1-R0.2
    • Merged 0.5a and 0.6
    • Updated to Bukkit's Permissions system
    • Tested on CraftBukkit version 1.5.1-R0.2
    • Tested on CraftBukkit version 1.5.2-R0.1
    • Tested on CraftBukkit version 1.6.4-R2.0
    Version 0.6
    • Not finished yet...you better use 0.5a still !
    • Disabled Permissions support until it's rebuilded with the new system
    • Structure to disallow abuses of the plugin to spawn items
    • Bugs fixed due to CraftBukkit update:
      When the helmet backup is null makes the client crash when undo !
      Crashes the client when placing AIR block
    Version 0.5a

    • Various bug fixes, new stable version !
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 674
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 740
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.0 (which fixes 2 crash bugs)
    Version 0.5

    • Backup of old Helmet (use undoself or undoother to recover the old helmet)
    Version 0.4

    • Added Permissions support (optional). If not installed, Operator status will work instead.
    Version 0.3a

    • Blocks restrictions (items aren't allowed anymore since they have no visual effect)
    • Data restrictions (impossible values are not interpreted anymore)
    Version 0.3

    • Data values (Color of Wheat for example)
    Version 0.2
    • First Release (on Bukkit forums)

    Known bugs (please leave me some feedback !):
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    • Not Handling server stopping - yet (for old helmet recovery)


    Socolin and myself

    Make a donation
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    do glowstonehats glow?
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    You Got that right :D
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    Glowstone Hats don't Glow. This is Client sided and can't be changed with a simple plugin.

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    Love it!
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    Glad to hear about it :)

    By the way, I'm trying to work on the v0.6 but I have to study a bit the new Event system, here is what I made until now : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22338492/HeadBlocks/source/v0.6/src.zip

    If anyone has some idea to unlock me ;)

    By the way, the next version won't support Permissions until I rebuild it with the new system...
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    What is the problem?
    Donators rank players have permission node:
    - headblocks.self

    Yet still if they type /hb self *id* or *blockname* , they only get the message "how to" use the commands etc.
    (/hb <s|self|o|other|undoself|us|undoother|uo> [playerName] [<<blockId|blockName>[:<data>]>])
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    The Permissions node system is made for the old Permissions plugin made by nijikokun not with the standard Permissions API.
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    • All CAPS and Spam. Read the TOS.
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    so, bpermissions -> you cant use this plugin. What an shit
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    It still works with Op statuses so it's usable technically.
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    ya i noticed this but cant this plugin be a bit "updated" ? seriously... who uses old permissions and wtf are these old permissions? like 2.7.4 etc?

    id want to give permission for donators to use this...
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    PLEASE make an example how to use it like /hb snow ANDWHAT COMES HERE?
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    Trying to find some time updating it, but if anyone wish to work on my plugin, feel free the source code is right there ;P
    And of course none uses old permissions that's why I talked about rebuilding the Permissions system (in a future update that I don't know when it'll be out since I give most of my developper's time to my job ^^).

    The syntax is in the post description.
    But if you need an example there is one at this answer #61
    And still if you don't get enough examples here are some :
    /hb self 20 (gives a glass hat)
    /hb undoself (removes the previous given hat)
    /hb other ThisPlayer 35:2 (gives to "ThisPlayer" a wool hat of color #2)
    /hb undoother ThisPlayer (removes the previous given hat for "ThisPlayer")
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    i wish i could make plugins -.- id update it for ya :E but i dont know how to do anything :E
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    I am trying to do following commands:

    /hb 20
    /hb self 20

    But none work i am using v.o5 and there is no folder in the plugins folder but i can still do /help HeadBlocks

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    If you wish to learn, you can begin with my source code, you know what ?
    Got Skype or anything we can talk privately if you wish.
    I'd feel much more motivated if I had someone to do it with, so why not a private lesson :D ?

    I need a little more pieces of information to help you out :
    What CraftBukkit version are you running ?
    What other plugins is your server running out ?
    Can you try v0.5a ?

    How to install :
    (Copy the ".jar" Downloaded in the "plugins" folder of your CraftBukkit server)
    Launch your CraftBukkit server, type in the console :
    op YourName
    (where YourName is the Pseudo of your character ingame)
    Then connect with this character on your server and type :
    /hb self 20
    In the chat
    Watch your head, if it's not a block of glass, tell me your CraftBukkit version, a list of the other plugins runned and the version of HeadBlocks you're running.

    Edit :
    Updated the whole presentation to be more visually clean and interactive.
    Added the How to install and run commands section.
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    Sure, Semirotta < - is how u find me in SKYPE :)
    Tonight might be a bad coz im off to work in 15 mins and i wont be back for 13½ - 14 hours :p a bit long day incoming.
    Also i must warn you, my english / english understanding is NOT best possible :D
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    k added!
    Im not really free this weekend but maybe one day in the next week if we find time to do it ;)
    Btw Im not from an english-speaking country also. I'm French ;P
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    Support for spout custom blocks?
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    That might be a good idea, retained ;)
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    Can't wait! :cool:
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    Make it only uses what is in your hand. Because players are get free adminiums, diamond blocks and TNT.
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    Im planning to fix that issue in another way so that people can use whichever hat they wish but not recover it.
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    This way is bad :(
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    Allowing/blocking use of pre defined blocks? Not sure if you already have planned this in Later versions. If so, please ignore :D

    Ie. in config you would have something like "allowedBlocks: 10,20,30"

    or maybe in permissions


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    This is my way. Feel free to take the source and do it as you wish ;)

    Well before that, maybe we should put back a decent permissions system up to date.
    And certainly if I manage to find some time for it I will probably implement that, that was just not said ;)
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    Please fix this! IMO this is the most important thing to fix first, because right now the plugin only works for creative servers. If you try to use it on a survival server you're just giving people unlimited free items with this.
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    Mista Epic

    Could you make it possible to just PUT the block on your head via inventory?

    Permissions bro.

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    What's the permission that allows regular users to put blocks on their head but not remove the spawned blocks and put them in their inventory? I don't see it in the OP.
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    If I set this permission for donators only on a hardcore server, would they be able to use the command and get their hat, and then could they take the hat (block) off and keep the item to either use or sell?

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