Inactive [FUN] GrowingGrass v2.0 - slowly grow tall grass [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    <font color="#00ea00"> GrowingGrass</font>
    <font color="purple">by op77</font>
    <font color="#141414">Grass will slowly grow tall grass if it can't spread outward!</font>
    <font color="#141414">This makes it very much like the real world.</font>

    <font color="#141414">Features:</font>
    <font color="#141414">* grass will slowly grow tall grass on top of it.</font>
    <font color="#141414">* configurable growth rate!</font>
    <font color="#141414">* craftable Lawn Mowers!</font>
    <font color="#141414">* lawn mowers will need power to run (ex: coal)</font>
    <font color="#141414">* MUCH MORE REALISTIC!!! :D</font>

    <font color="#141414">Coming soon:</font>
    <font color="#141414">* </font><font color="#141414">lawn mower saving system</font>
    <font color="#141414">* compatibility for World Guard</font>

    <font color="#ff6600">Before</font>
    <font color="#00de15">After</font>
    <font color="#000000">[​IMG] </font>

    The Lawn Mower:
    With all this tall grass there needs to be a way to mow it,
    so I added lawn mowers!
    (The lawn mowers look like minecarts)
    1. Crafting
    The mower as an item looks like a spawn egg,
    but when you right click a block it will spawn the mower!

    2. Placement
    It is best to place the mower on flat or semi-flat terrain.
    until 2.1 you might need to enclose the area with a 10-block space with no tall grass
    if you don't, the mower might get lost.
    An island works good for doing this.
    3.Powering the mower
    The inventory will tell you if the mower has fuel.
    Place anay fuel that works in a furnac will work in a mower!
    (the mower will get seeds from the grass)

    <font color="#00de15"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <font color="#00de15">v 2.0</font>
    <font color="#00de15">[grass][grass][grass][grass][grass][grass][grass][grass][grass][grass][grass]</font>

    <font color="#00de15"><font color="#141414">changelog:</font></font>
    <font color="#00de15"><font color="#141414"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <font color="#00de15"><font color="#141414"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <font color="#00de15"><font color="#141414"> <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    <font color="#00de15"><font color="#141414">Bugs:</font></font>
    <font color="#00de15"><font color="#141414">* </font></font><font color="#00de15"><font color="#141414">lawn mowers won't get saved when the server restarts</font></font>
    <font color="#00de15"><font color="#141414">* the lawn mower is filled with more bugs then I can list.</font></font>
    <font color="#00de15"><font color="#141414">* admins will have to craft the mower like any uther player or use /give [player] 383 [amount] 1777</font></font>

    <font color="#000000">Dont forget to mow the lawn!</font>
    <font color="#000000">lol :)</font>

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    Seems nice, but please read the submissions guidelines and add a changelog.
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    I could not find it.
    Can you give me a link to it, this is the first plugin that I posted.

    I found it! :D

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    thanks, i need this, nice plugin :)
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    If this makes a way to ride minecarts off rails and use them to mow the will be on my server in a heart beat...
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    I have not added one yet.
    But that is a good idea![diamond]
    (I mite add it in v1.2)
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    "Grass will slowly grow tall grass if it cant spared out word!" Please change to:
    Grass will slowly grow tall grass if it cant spread outward!
    Also your topic still says 1.0 even though its on 1.1.
    Nice plugin.
    EDIT: Also please use dropbox instead of mediafire... Makes life a little bit easier.
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    Nice plugin. I agree on with A5H73Y on the spelling fix :p
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    nice plugin!
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    thanks for catching that. :)
    (I am in the middle of updating)

    fixed it. :)

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    That...would be something I have wanted since I started hosting my server...a way to grow grass without client mods, then be able to "mow" it...
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    Do you need a video? (i can make one);)
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    It will de out is v1.2 :D
    I would like some more ideas.
    I was thinking of using a minecart with chest entity that makes smoke when it eats grass.
    It will be powered by seeds or burnable stuff! [coal][wheatseeds]
    If you put a diamond in it, uther players can't grief it.
    and you can craft it like:
    m = minecart
    b = blaze rod

    [obsidian] b [obsidian]
    [iron] m [iron]

    (will make a spawn egg with special data)
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    I think the grow rate of 13 as a default is pretty fast. ;)

    I lowered it to 100/150 on my server.

    Would be nice to know what the rate is... ticks/seconds?
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    I edmit that I am not vary familiar with the Bucket/server block tick system
    but 1 out of the number(default: 13) is the chance that a block of tall grass will spawn per block update.
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    Maybe it only happens to me, but when you try using a shovel to break either dirt or grass blocks, the block doesn't break at the first try, you have to break it like three times to get the block. I mean, it "breaks" but it doesn't drop anything, and it appears again, as if you've never broken it. The effect is similar to when you break blocks with lag. I've checked and it's this plugin which causes this.
    Hope you solve this, since it's a really nice plugin :)

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    I will fix that bug soon.
    I am having some trubl adding the lown mower but the next update will be out soon.
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    2.0 is out :D
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    The code you used for the mower could ultimately turn into a ride-able car!
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    dont give it away, that is what I will do in the next update. lol :)
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    The mower shows up as a normal minecraft rather than a chest minecraft
    How to fix?
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    did you use the special spawn egg?
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    Well its funny how I actually wanted to make a plugin for a car, I had already started 3D modeling in 3d Studio Max. :p
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    would that need a client mod?
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    Well I'm not sure yet, how did you customize the look to your mower?
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    you would need a client mod if you are working with grphics.
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    Very cool start. I you get to the point of controlling the lawn mower, ill be using this plugin. I was just joking with my g/f yesturday that if you had to do lawn care in game, thats all i would do lol. ( I'm outside watering the grass, flowers, working on my pond, and cutting the lawn all the time)
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    that sounds like that could be VERY FUN.
    brilliant plugin, so much more realistic, and does not lag my server :D
    is it possible to put in the config to change what to craft?
    (id) (id) (id)
    (id) (id) (id)
    (id) (id) (id)
    very good plugin :D
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    I will add a way to disable the crafting so the admin can use a custom crafting plugin for it.

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