[FUN/GEN] OpWizard v1 - Multipurpose fun commands [1.2.5-R4]

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    OpWizard - General Commands!
    Version: 1 - Works with recommended build 1.2.5-R4​

    OpWizard is my first fully functional plugin, it's just a command plugin with a couple fun commands, which will be updated FROM TIME TO TIME. Feel free to request any commands that should be added in at later versions! For now, this does NOT support permissions, hence the name "OPWizard". Any dumb questions will be ignored. When I say "general commands", this is not a server management plugin with your /help, /list, /time, /motd, and all that stuff. This was made to tag-along with plugins like Essentials, not replace them. Hope that cleared some stuff up.​
    Download it: BukkitDev
    Source will come soon, inbox me if you want it now.
    */ow help
    Lists all the available commands.
    */ow gethealth [playername]
    Returns the target player's health.
    */ow replace [blocktype]
    Replaces the target block with a new specified block.
    Ex: /replace IRON_ORE (replaces target block with iron ore)
    */ow spawn [creaturetype]
    Spawns a creature at your location
    Ex: /mobspawn MONSTER (spawns a player npc, try it!)
    */ow setstorm
    Toggles a storm in the sender's world.
    */ow blast
    Blasts the sender's target block with lightning!
    */ow electrify [playername]
    Blasts the target with lightning!
    */ow slap [playername]
    Slaps the target player!
    */ow nick [playername] [nickname]
    Makes a nickname for the target player!
    Ex: /nick Kuuichi Notch (changes my ign to "Notch")
    */ow join [playername] and /leave [playername]
    Makes fake join and leave messages, works well with /nick!
    */ow makesay [playername] [message]
    Makes the target player say your message. The player must be online.
    */sendcmd [target] [command]
    Makes the target player execute a command.
    (This doesn't work, sorry!)
    */ow repair
    Repairs the item in hand.
    */ow wear [helmet/chest/pants/boots]
    Wears the item in hand.
    */ow smelt
    Smelts the target block. (Must be an ore or cobblestone, redstone drops a random 1-6 dust)

    Released plugin with 12 commands.​
    Added commands and fixed /owhelp.​
    Made it work with multiple worlds.(Must have weather enabled!)​
    Changed /spawn to /mobspawn because of conflict with Essentials,​
    Made a new command, /throw.​
    Added new commands /wear and /repair,​
    formatted some stuff.​
    Fixed minor spelling errors and such.​
    Added a command /smelt​
    Fixed and updated for build 818​
    *Hook into Permissions​
    **Edit - All these views but no replies? :'(
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    the only command that seems to work is /slap
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    My server says that it isn't up to date, im running 1.6.4 craftbukkit and 1.6.4 launcher
    "[SEVERE] Error occured while enabling OpWizard v0.3a (Is it up to date?) :null"
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    I've only tested on RB 803.
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    how do u install it???
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    Download it. -> Put it in <bukkit folder>/plugins/. -> Run the server from there.
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    i think its sounds stupid but i dont know how to install it, i saw your post as reply on robinlo but if i put the rar file there or extract it there it doesnt work. im not good at modding, so can you give a better explenation of the install.
    sorry for my english: im dutch ^^
    and the previous plugins i used had .jar files
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    Is there an error at all? Because I can try to help if you give me an error...
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    is there any way you could make some of these commands work from the console? like /electrify or /slap or the force command or force say commands?
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    @jamescosten I'm at school right now so I'll watch it later, but it looks good just from looking at the still image. Thanks!
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    Please update for 818. This looks very fun :D .

    ALSO: Only two commands work for me: /electrify and /setstorm. Everything else echoes back to me. If I type /throw egg it echoes back '/throw [egg/snowball/arrow]' and so on and so forth. Would it be a conflicting plugin, or lack of an update?

    UPDATE: Apparently CommandBook, Essentials, and Permissions conflict with this. If I have even one of them installed, it doesn't work.
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    I've confirmed that they all conflict. Will there be an update any time soon, or is this going to become inactive?
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    I've just finished school today! I'm done for 3 months! I will push out an update as soon as possible, thanks for waiting!
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    I just uploaded a working version for build 818, the only command that doesn't work at this point is sending commands. Also, all commands will be /ow [command] [arguments]. You will have to type /ow before every command. Lastly, I tried to make a permissions system to allow certain players use certain commands(only because I don't like depending on other developers to update their plugins), but that doesn't work yet, so just stick with using ops only. Sorry about this sloppy update, I was just trying to push out a working version as fast as I could.
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    Well sadly it still doesn't work for me. Any command I enter I get this back:

    /ow <cmd> <arguments>

    The only working command is /ow help . Please help me :(

    EDIT!!!!!: Nevermind, I'm dumb :D didn't have the config set up properly.

    Also, the /ow smelt or /smelt commands don't work.
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    awesome, it works :D im going to have fun with this

    EDIT: eh i think i spoke too soon, if you try to make people say more then one word "/ow makesay player two words" it says "an internet error occured while attempting to preform this command"

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    Yeah.. I had to re-write the whole plugin when I wiped my drive, and it ended up really messy... I guess I'll just re-write it again. Sorry 'bout that :/
  20. if i made my nickname herobrine does that mean that the in-game tablet would have herobrine on it to? also how do i remove it because i would be very happy to play a prank on my friends. Also great plugin many [diamond]s for u!
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    um wat version is this atm? cause I really like this plugin
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    I'd love to use this plugin once it has Permissions support :)
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    I can't download the plugin. He gives me this error:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /plugins/Latest/OpWizard.jar was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    please help me.
  24. Not Found

    The requested URL /plugins/Latest/OpWizard.jar was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/1.3.33 Server at epiclight.org Port 80

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    Can I get it now pleace[creeper]
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    Cognito guy

    Can you re-upload the plugin (the link doesn't work)
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    fix like! :(
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    Necro bump!
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    Reggie Diamond

    Still can't download! Use mediafire or dropbox. Whatever you are using isn't working.
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