[FUN/GEN] MonsterDrop 1.4.5 - Custom items drops on killing monsters [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Benedikt Wüller, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Cool does it have sub id support?
  2. no, but it's a nice suggestion. will be in the next update
    implemented since version 1.1

    updated to version 1.1
    spports sub ids now

    like 35:15 or something like that

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    Can you add other % options other then 50%
    ex gold 50%
    stick 30%
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  5. yes i can add this.
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    looks fun!!
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    updated to version 1.1[​IMG]
  8. does this plugin have economy support like iconomy so i can make them drop money?
  9. I thought about this. But it's not supported yet.
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    Please add this.
  11. I'm working on it.
  12. Updated to version 1.3!
    Now supports other %-options for every item.
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    Do it support multiworld?
    like dropped item for world1 is different from world2
  14. I already coding this. Next update will have this feature.
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    if you can set it for multiworld and so you can set the chance of getting the items then i will get it
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    What makes this plugin better or different than other "Mobs Drops" plugins? I mean since this plugin is simplier than them, you can't add a chance for every item etc.

    Anyway check if by killing mobs on falling, fire or other random not PvP event they drop the normal stuff ;) Usually the owners of this kind of plugins miss that part so people can still throw mobs by hills making them die by falling, or just turn em on fire and kill em that way, and still get the normal items they usually drops :D
  17. 1.4.3 is out.
  18. 1.4.5 is out.

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