Inactive [FUN/GEN/MECH] CustomSpawners v0.1 - In Game Customizable Mob Spawners! [1.4.6-R0.3]

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    CustomSpawners lets you make any block a mob spawner! These spawners can be any type (charged creeper, ender dragon, saddled pig, adorable babies, and more). CustomSpawners also has almost 40 different configurable properties between the spawners and customized entities you can create. Not only that, but a CustomSpawner's spawner can be a grass block, obsidian block, any block in the game (including air)! You can also convert these spawners into vanilla custom mob spawners IN-GAME as of version 0.0.6! You don't need MCEdit filters or anything!

    Notable Features:
    • Over 40 Customizable Properties!
    • Convert created spawner into vanilla custom mob spawners! No MCEdit required!
    • Spawn previously unspawnable entities!
    • Use redstone to trigger a CustomSpawner's spawner on or off!
    • Spawn both baby and adult animals!
    • Spawn creatures with configurable amounts of health!
    • Make spawned creatures immume to certain damage types!
    • CustomSpawner's spawners can have more than one entity type!
    • Make spawned entities passive until attacked!
    • Spawn angry iron golems, pigmen, and wolves!
    • Spawn primed TNT, arrows, fireballs, and more!
    • Configure how powerful spawned explosives are and configure damage dealt!
    • Many, many, more!
    CustomSpawners is still a BETA plugin! Many of it's current features may be modified and new ones are going to be added. Let me (thebiologist13) know through a PM or email ([email protected]) if you find bugs or are having trouble. Please include any error stacks from the console, other plugins you are using, and a specific description of the problem and what caused it if you do submit a bug though. Also please include the crash report if it says one is generated. Thanks!

    CustomSpawners is on BukkitDev! You can download the newest version from there:

    Alternatively, you can download CustomSpawners from this mirror:

    Source code is on Github:

    See the new CustomSpawners wiki for commands and permissions. It will have lots more added soon too!

    Commands and Permissions:
    CustomSpawners has lots of commands and permissions, for a full list, see here:

    Some of the most important commands:
    /entities create <type> - this creates a new spawnable entity of the type you specify. Spawnable entities are custom types of mobs a CustomSpawner's spawner can create.
    /spawners create <id or name of created spawnable entity> - Creates a new spawner on the block you are looking at to spawn the entity type you specify.
    /spawners setactive [id or name of spawner] - Makes the spawner you created active and begins to spawn mobs!

    Information on the CustomSpawners config file and and example config.yml can be found here:

    Getting Started:
    A getting started guide for CustomSpawners is on the BukkitDev page:

    This video made by me also has some getting started information:

    If you make a video about CustomSpawners, let me know and I could post it here!

    Upcoming Features:
    • Set the time of day to spawn mobs at!
    • Particle effects for spawns!
    • Cycles on how a spawner will spawn mobs!
    • Custom pathfinding and waypoints for mobs to follow!
    • More redstone-related properties!
    • Spawn modifiers for based on nearby players, mobs, online players, etc.!
    • Easter Eggs!

    • Updated for Bukkit 1.4.6-R0.3
    • Fixed errors with convert command.
    • Fixed reloads not cancelling the autosave task.
    • Added hundreds of command aliases.
    • Fixed custom explosions not using custom damage.
    • Fixed WorldGuard hook-in.
    • Fixed Block offset when creating or setting location.
    • Added crash reporting.
    • Added spawn on power property.
    • Updated for Bukkit 1.4.6-R0.1
    • Added converter command for making vanilla custom mob spawners. This is for ease in making adventure maps.
    • Added 1.4 mob functionality.
    • Fixed potion and enderpearl spawning.
    • Added import/export CustomSpawners data to world command.
    • Improved spawn algorithm to round to half blocks.
    • Added properties for making villager and baby zombies.
    • Added wither property for skeletons.
    • Added mob inventories.
    • Tweaked damage controller engine.
    • Added invincible property.
    • Improved redstone triggering.
    • Improved commands.
    • Changed file format to use .dat files as opposed to .yml files to accommodate extra data.
    • Improved mob tracking.
    • Disabled custom damage from custom explosion sizes.
    • Countless small bugfixes.
    • Updated for Bukkit 1.3.2-R1.0
    • Added ability to spawn primed TNT, ghast fireballs, fire charges, snowballs, arrows, eggs, dropped items, and experience bottles (Ender pearls and splash potions are disabled due to bugs).
    • Added custom drops.
    • Added configurable damage for spawned mobs.
    • Improved saving and loading.
    • Added config options to reduce console spam when saving or loading.
    • Changed threading for faster, more reliable performance.
    • Improved message output.
    • Added more console commands.
    • Added properties for explosives like power and if it is incendiary.
    • More health options allowing for health setting of any value (Chickens with 1000HP for the win!).
    • Improved parser for item types.
    • Countless other streamlines and tweaks.
    Further Changelog (open)

    • Updated for Bukkit 1.3.1-R1.0
    • Commands now accept either ID or name of spawner or entity to change a property, select, etc.
    • Made messages more readable
    • Fixed concurrency errors
    • Added ability to blacklist/whitelist certain damage types from entities.
    • Bleeding edge build for 1.3.1-R0.1 (build #02291)
    • Lots of little fixes
    • Added setfireticks command
    • Moved passive property and command to be per entity instead of per spawner
    • Bleeding edge build for 1.3.1-R0.1 (build #02281)
    • Updated build for 1.2.5-R5.0
    • Added passive property to spawners
    • Fixed file I/O bugs
    • Added spawn area position setting
    • Fixed multi-entity spawners
    • Fixed a few more bugs.
    • Fixed setcolor command.
    • Fixed bugs with /entities sethealth and /entities setair
    • Added autosave features
    • Changed config a bit
    • Added support for customized mobs
    • Added lots of commands
    • Modified some permissions
    • Fixed Saving/Loading
    • Initial Release

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    Can you add a chance to drop item when a mob is killed, if possible chance to drop for each item in the drop list of a mob.

    Great plugin, getting better with each release, keep up the great work.
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    Thanks! I am glad you like CustomSpawners. :D

    Yeah I could probably add this, I am already working on savable mob inventories (for armor, items in hand, etc). So it could just drop random items in the inventory or the drop list.

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    Hello! I'm have an issue with the plugin

    I'm trying to set a whiteslist item for a boss mob and when I type the command, the plugin says:

    "Object with that name or ID does not exist"

    This is the sequence of commands that I typing:
    /cse setwhitelist true
    /cse addwhitelistitem arrow 2 (the item name or ID and the damage. Yes, the plugin ask the amount of damage for the item).

    I tried many times and using a lot of types of item (using name and item ID). It doesn't work... Could you help me?
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    I think your problem is that whitelist items can only be a damage cause. For example, "ENTITY_ATTACK" is a damage cause from a projectile or melee attack on a entity. If you want them to only take damage from arrows, I suggest trying "/cse addwhitelistitem entity_attack".

    I hope I could help!
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    Yah! Thanks a lot! Now another issue:

    I created a boss entity to be hitted by a specific weapon, as you showed in your video by creating the Sword of Light to hit the golems.

    I didn't understand how did you made it, because I added a common diamond sword in the entitie's itemlist Activated the whitelist and didn't worked. And when I try to use a custom named item (using the forge), this item could be not added to the itemlist.

    Would you help me?

    Oh! Another issue!

    Would you tell me this note that appears in my console server?

    [WARNING] [CustomSpawners] Task #43 for CustomSpawners v0.0.6 generated an exception

    measure distance between eventos and minepolitan_world

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    Hi again!

    Try turning on the whitelist, add "ITEM" to it, then add the item of your choice. Also, custom named items cannot be put on an item list yet, only an itemID:damage value. I can try to implement this in the future.
    Hmm, thought I fixed that :/

    I will look at the code again for that. Basically it was trying to measure distance between different worlds, which cannot be done.

    Thanks for reporting these! :D
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    I was able to make two spawners using two different entities, but have problems as soon as I create a third entity. "/cse create <type>" seems to work (say it created entity ID 2) but when I try a "/cse info" (after doing a "/cse select 2" which also seems to work), I get "An error has occured with this command..." and if I try and use this new entity with a spawner, the spawner gets created but does not spawn anything once activated. I was able to get infos on entities 3 and 4...
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    First, I used the whitelist and added a diamond sword in the item list. The mob didnĀ“t accepted the hit of the sword and any item. But, when I used the blacklist, i putted all the types that you have, except the ITEM type. It worked, but the mob accepted hits of any item.

    And I founded another strange problem. Sometimes some working spawners in a different world stops to spawn entities. I tried to create this entitie in so many places on this world and didn't response. After a certain time, they go back to work without configuring anything I needed. Please, help me because this problem is killing my dungeons

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    Just would like to say that I love the plugin. Does what it says on the tin, and I haven't seen any bugs.
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    Alright, I will look into these. Are you on CustomSpawners v0.1 on a server with Bukkit 1.4.6-R0.3? They might be fixed there. Sorry for the delayed response by the way. I have been SUPER BUSY. :'(

    Thank You!


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