Inactive [FUN/GEN] DomHG (Hunger Games plugin) [1.4.2-R0.1]

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    DomHG is on BukkitDev! Go here.
    DomHG is a variant of one of the most popular gamemodes on Minecraft: The Hunger Games. On each server start, DomHG generates a completely new world and opens it for players to join.
    The Mechanics
    Once a set amount of players is on the server, a countdown of X seconds will start until the game begins. Before the game, players can choose kits to start with. When the game has started, everyone will be invincible for 2 minutes. After that, you can kill each other. If the fight goes on for a very long time, a feast will appear at the second day of Minecraft, containing diamonds which can't be mined normally. When there is only one player left, said player wins and the server will restart. Joining while there is a game in progress is not possible.
    Main Features
    • Automatic world creation
    • Automatic start of game
    • Kits
    • Right-Clicking with a compass will point to the nearest player
    • Configuration file for some parameters (player requirement, start countdown, feast countdown)
    • Compatible with all other plugins. Some even are recommended (Essentials [/who])
    • Players in creative mode won't count as players and won't be seen by any compass (spectators!)
    Download this plugin on its BukkitDev page!
    This plugin was made by xNaXDy from Hydra Minecraft.
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    Add a Bukkit version to your title, such as [1.3.2-R2.0]
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