[FUN/FIX] MobMania v 1.0 - Mob mechanics[1.1-R3]

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  1. MobMania allows to do serveral new things.
    • Catch mobs with eggs.
    • configure the chance of catching mobs.
    • let mobs attack each other.
    • let snowman's do damage.
    • When villagers die, zombies will spawn from them.
    • fus roh dah!
    • riding mobs, does damage.
    Of course, as this is still in progress, not everything will work allright. But most will work.

    Click here to read more at the bukkitdev page!
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    gotta chetchum all?
  3. Yup.
  4. md_5
    How to get this in the: plugin releases?
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    Read the submission guidelines, it should be [FUN/FIX]
    it is also a good idea to have a picture and maybe a small changelog. Dont have time to check what your devbukkit page looks like.

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