Inactive [FUN/FIX] ExpMiner, Gain experience in mining [1.1 R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Daredevil, Dec 14, 2011.

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    The world name is rewrited with conversion 1.4 to 1.5 it's true but other configuration is save,

    What are you doing for have the bug ?

    I test, it seem to work fine.
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    I'm sorry Daredevil, false alarm. I had the wrong version number pasted into my config.yml and this must have caused the automatic overwrite. Once the version was set to 1.5 as it does itself, it works correctly without overwriting any of the settings.
    Btw. this version has cleared up the issues with the error messages we constantly got in the server console, so that's great.
    Finally I forgot to say: Great plugin, me and the gf are very happy with it on our small private server :)
  3. i get this in console:
    20:34:20 [INFO] test-3
    20:34:20 [INFO] test-3
    20:34:21 [INFO] test-3

    wtf? i think its this plugin
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    it happens every time anyone place a block.
    how to take " test-10 '' out of the console info.
    there are other numbers that show up instead of 10.
    this is flooding my console :mad::mad::mad::mad:. test.png
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    Which version do you use ?

    Do you see the changelog ?
    -V 1.5.2 No more debug message
    Fully tested

    I have watched the code, no debug message remaining !

    I make search by ctrl+F about "" or "test" nothing, your version may is not up to date

    Same for Semirotta ;)
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    Will you add MobSpawner to config?
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    Great idea, i will add MobSpawner when i will have the time. ;)
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    Can you do something for the Use of the Super Pickaxe? While this is active, you wont get any Exp.
    We were about to try this Plugin with a config like:
    Nb_stone: 100
    Exp_stone_Award: 1
    But it won't work while we have the Super Pickaxe active. It's a nice tool. We dont't wanna go to the Netherworld and farm a whole day mobs just so we get level 50 for a random enchant. This Plugin would safe us a whole lot in combination with the super pickaxe - which by the way wont be disabled just for this plugin ... sadly.
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    It's too fckng easy to farm exp.
    1)Get some diamond ore. (silk touch/etc)
    2)Place it
    2.1) I rebooted my server after placing diamond ore, may be it could help
    3)Ask other player to breack it
    Is there any way to add support for hawk/logblock databases?
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    I found a bug to graind exp really easy!
    If you find a cuboided(WorldGuard > Cuboid) ore it means that you can't mine it. But! If you try mine it, that gives you exp, and ore will never disappeared so you can mine it forever and have unlimited exp. So.. that's sucks.
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    Thanks for the information and the bug is fixed in 1.5.3

    I can't, the SuperPickaxe don't break the block, just delete it, but if you use SuperPickaxe you can use /xp command too ...

    I will see if i can do anything but no easy ...
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    **rolls eyes**
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    Last Version support BPerms
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    Sorry. Was not a jab at you. Thanks for the info though. I use PEX. Great plugin by the way :D.
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    Is this gonna use alot of ram since it has to remember who placed blocks in order to prevent players from farming?
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    yes, i think about used data base as sqllite or other, but the database will very biggest and heavy ... I don't have really good solution.

    But you always can disable expMiner for cheater with Permissions
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    I would really love if you could add a config that disables the anti-farm logging, as i really need this on my server but i fear it's going to be too demanding in the long run.
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    I thinked about this.

    Take 2 player : Player1 and Player2

    Player1 puts Diamond ore block
    Player2 mines the block, and earns experience
    Player2 puts Diamond ore block
    Player1 mines the block, and earns no experience
    Player1 puts Diamond ore block
    Player2 mines the block, and earns no experience

    etc ...

    with 2 block :

    Player1 puts 2 Diamond ore block
    Player2 mines the 2 blocks, and earns 2 experiences
    Player2 puts Diamond ore block
    Player1 mines the block, and earns no experience
    Player1 puts Diamond ore block
    Player2 mines the block, and earns no experience

    etc ...

    But if you restart or reload the plugin, the plugin forgets who have put diamond ore. And player earns experience one more time.

    I don't need to fix the bug because it's very small (the block gives experience just one time) and the solution is very heavy
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    can i add wood and other materials to it?
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    can we do less than 1 exp point?
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    Does this work with Essentials GroupManager?
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    The wood (log) already give of experience, but another materiel that you can add, is for the next version.

    No but why not double the number of block to mine.

    I will test.
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    4 things:
    - This is awesome
    - BukkitDev?
    - Could you add that mining with silk touch won't reward you?
    - This is awesome
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    Next suggestion, will you add possibility to get exp from full grow wheat? Maybe melons and pumpkins, for farmer class.
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    hey this sounds rly nice :)
    but dont work for me !
    i think it have something to do with
    "- expminer.use : have exp in mining
    - expminer.reload : reload config file"

    do i have to copy and paste this anywhere ?
    i need this permisson thing explained for noobs :D

    thanks :) :D
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    Which permissions-plugin do you use? If you don't use one, and you just want something simple, I recommend PermissionsBukkit.
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    ok i downloaded and installed this plugin ! what to do now ?
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    If you want everyone to be able to use this plugin, under default in the file the plugin created, put 'expminer.use:true'
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    you mean a folder which the plugin created ? there is no folder with the name default :(

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