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    ElectricFence V1.2
    This is a simple Fun-Plugin allowing the Player to create electric Fences.

    How it works:
    Whith this plugin enabled you can place a redstone wire 2 blocks below the fence. If the redstone wire ist powered the fence two blocks above it is now energized. This means the fence is now dealing damage (not cancellable by other plugins) to the player who walks towards the fence or hit it.

    Placing example

    Permission Plugins:
    This Plugin actually only supports the GroupManager plugin.
    Other important ones will be implemented soon.

    Show Spoiler

    • electricfence.place - Allow player to create fences above redstone or redstone below fences
    • electricfence.remove - Allow player to destroy fences above redstone or redstone below fences


    Show Spoiler
    • ADDED Saving fences in File on disabling
    • CHANGED Every fence combined with redstone now registered. Not only powered ones
    • ADDED GroupManager permission system implemented
    • ADDED Hitting fences dealing damage
    • FIXED Standing on fence not dealing damage
    • FIXED Issues with replacing redstone under fences
    • First runnable Version

    More information will follow tomorrow

    Why was my plugin moved to unsupported Plugins?

    I know there is another electric fence posted on sunday but it has nothing to do with my plugin.
    For example the other plugin creates lightnings to damage the player and mine only inflicts damage.

    Is it because of my thread that isn't finished or not correctly formated? I planned to continue it today because it was late yesterday and i couldn't finish it.

    If you'd ask "Why didn't you look after similar plugins BEFORE developing", I'd answer "When I started developing my plugin the other one was not published, because I don't have much time for code developing".

    Please post a reason for not supporting the plugin at least or send a PM.


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    level i cant download the plug-in. use dropbox. plzzzz
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