Inactive [FUN/EDIT/RPG] DungeonBuilder v0.9.7 - Player created dungeons [1.2.4-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zimp, Jun 23, 2011.

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    I have a question. If I were to make a dungeon and publish it, and someone were to then start the dungeon and begin mining everything out; would they keep the blocks? And would the dungeon repair itself?
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    With the default permissions of a newly created dungeon they would not be able to place or break blocks inside the dungeon.

    If you grant them permissions they will be able to break/place select blocks, or all blocks depending on what permissions you grant. In that case the block behavior would behave like normal and they would be able to pick up blocks they break. For more information please refer to documentation for the /addDefaultDungeonPermission command.

    By default the dungeon will also automatically reload itself from the last save whenever the player leaves the dungeon.
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    That was absolutely the piece of information I was scavenging for in the documentation. Thank you VERY much, you just saved me a bit of testing. Great plugin by the way! :D
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    Version 0.7.4 has been uploaded and is awaiting approval on the bukket-dev page. The changelist is:

    Version 0.7.4 (9/4/2011)
    • There is now a 60 second timeout for players who leave the server while in a dungeon. If they do not rejoin before the timeout expires the will be booted from the dungeon the next time a player attempts to start it.
    • Added support for superperms. See Configuration for information on how to enable.
    • Added support for creating script triggers. These are locations in the dungeon that will call a particular script function. See scripting documentation for more information
    • There is a new configuration setting that allows you to configure respawn priority when a player dies in the dungeon, or disable it altogether. See Configuration for more information.
    • Added support for dungeon templates. This will allow you to create a dungeon file that can be exported to other servers or loaded by other players. See Command Listing for further information.
    • Fixed some logic errors in how blocks were sorted and loaded. This should fix some issues with torches and other attachable objects not loading properly.
    • There is a new argument for deleting the dungeon that allows you to clear the dungeon before deleting.

    An alternate download link can be found at the top of this forum thread.
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    Sorry for asking but if I want a dungeon, with some mob spawners in there set by me, will they spawn the mobs or must I add in the command which when I enter the dungeon, then the mob spawns.
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    By default they will spawn when you enter the dungeon. The additional commands are for when you want to spawn them at a different time.
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    After saving, playing, and finishing my dungeon, rectangular chunks got cut out of the walls. I built my dungeon underground, and created it without a border wall. Here's some screenshots of the damage:

    The areas that got cut did have a lot of piston activity within them, and i did get a huge crashlog regarding pistons not being passed to various mods that I have installed on my server. I can't reliably reproduce the crash though, so I don't have a log yet.

    Even when I try to repair some damage (without extra pistons) and re-save the dungeon, those specific areas keep getting completely emptied. They're not chunk-sized I don't think...

    Has anyone here ever seen this bug before? Is there more information I can provide that might help?
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    Based on the evidence given then I would assume pistons are the most likely culprit. If you see any stack traces or error reports from the server try to take a snapshot of them as they will be useful for narrowing down the problem.

    Another thing that might help is if you export a template of the dungeon and mail it to me ([email protected]) so I can experiment with it myself.
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    Hrm, I see that I need to update to the latest. I was using 0.7.3 to reproduce the crash.

    Note to self: try to reproduce by....
    1. export the 0.7.3 template using 0.7.4
    2. see if I can reproduce this using a different dungeon with an extended piston
    3. repair the water temple (unfortunately I rely on piston-powered sluice gates :c)
    4. re-create dungeon, see if problem reproduces in 0.7.4 (maybe I'll get the crash log here?)
    5. export THAT template if there's a problem

    EDIT: doesn't reproduce with 0.7.4. Huh. I'll rebuild the dungeon fully and try again.
    EDIT: NEVERMIND, It reproduced with 0.7.4. I deleted and re-made the dungeon. As soon as I saved the dungeon and played through it, those areas vanished again. I notice that the areas DO seem chunk-aligned, actually. So maybe Dungeonbuilder is unable to save from specific chunks? I mean, these chunks don't even have pistons in them anymore!
    EDIT: I regenerated the problematic chunks completely. Now I can save changes made in those chunks. Weird, I was having similar giltches with MagicCarpet where block deletion/placing bugs would happen only in certain chunks. I think maybe some of my chunks are getting corrupted? Maybe this is an interaction with another mod? I'll have to do some more investigation.
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    Hi, i'd like this plugin. He does PVE, but he do not PVP. Help me please in questions. How i must to do, what dirt block let in dangeon 3 (and more) people and diamond block let out onli 1 user, when people must be PVP. Winner go to diamond block, and hi give prise (/setDungeonReward alias amount - helped me in thet work).
    How i can set PVP?
    I can set PVP, if plugin can next:
    1. Creating TP in a Dangeon into other Dungeon,
    2. Command spawn mobs. Mobs spawns outside of Dangeon, in other needen location (and if player come to the right block - scripting)
    3. You need pay to enter into area.
    If at least one of this points is possible I can do PVP area. If it's possible tell me please.
    (im from Russia and my En is bad, im sorry, if we dont understand)

    Author please give source cod, me need tranclate plugin on Russian
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    You present a very specific use case for the plugin. I am not sure how much I can help you since some of the feature requests you are asking for conflict with some of the current design decisions.

    The biggest problem I see is if I were to introduce some pvp aspects to dungeon design then I would need to do some considerable work on the teleporter mechanism since you probably don't want all the players teleporting in at the same location on top of each other.

    In any case I will keep your suggestions in mind but I can't guarantee if/when I will implement them.

    I'll message you with a link to the source download. I am not against sharing the source to those who want to translate it, learn from it or modify it for their personal use. The only reason I don't publish it already is because I don't have time to manage the pull requests.
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    this looks insane. if i don't use it to my adventure map, then ill use it in my next one.
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    Plugin is very good. He have PVЕ on 100%. In this time, i think, he should realize PVP too. full automaticity impressed me and, i think, it is possible for PVP. I could build PVP arena, if plugin let:
    1. You can exit, if the player will stand on the diamond block for 5 seconds оr if all enemies are dead;
    2. /setDungeonPay alias amount - Then player stands on dirt block (start block), Inventor of his lost 1 gold (ingot)
    3. Dirt block (start) lets 2 or more, but Diamond block (finish) lets only one person (if other players in dungeon are dead - under the first paragraph). Winner gets prise (/setDungeonReward alias amount). Reward = fee of the first player + fee of the second player...
    4. if the player would be killed in the arena, then he will get to the spawn, but the arena any more who can not enter, until the fight is over.

    Frankly I would say that would give life to the PVP, the plugin does not need to make big changes. I tried to simulate the situation with the scene and realized that these four points should be observed,
    then DungeonBuilder v0.7.5 - Player created dungeons [1185] will become more and plug-in for the arena.
    I very much hope that the list of requirements is not large and it can be quickly implemented, but if you need even less, we can not implement the fourth paragraph, as access to the arena can be closed by the piston, and pressure plate installed next to the diamond block, which would winner gave access to new players.
    If you liked my ideas, tell me whether you will realize this and when?
    I like the plug-in, due to its complete automation and thus it is also one of the most needed in the online mode the game is the most useful
    Thank you and sorry for the google translate.
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    Nice plugin, had a quick question, was trying to figure out how to let you have "helpers" to build a dungeon instead of just the owner.

    Having some problems setting it up, i keep getting a memory overload when i step on the exit block with a error

    task of 'dungeonbuilder'
    expected static method com.nijikokun,register,payment

    i have iconomy5 and set a reward
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    You will probably need to turn off proximity checking so they can get inside the dungeon and then grant them permissions to place blocks. The owner will still be responsible for saving the dungeon once the changes are made. Look at the configuration and permission help for more information.

    As for your second problem, try updating to Iconomy 6 and the latest copy of DungeonBuilder (if you dont have it already).
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    I totaly missed the Proximity check thing lmao, was wondering why coulndt get them in lol.

    Lets see what iconomy 6 does, ty
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    Zimp, please tell me, you add a plug-in pvp? If the plugin will run the 4 conditions, which I wrote, then pvp arena can be done. And these four conditions are not complicated. Maybe you do pvp on the other.I am sure that this plug-in needed pvp.
    Dirt block allows you to enter only three players. Everyone loses a gold bar. Diamond unit allows you to exit, only 1 player. This player receives a gold bar. If two other players have survived, then they can not escape with the help of Diamond block. They will die automatically when the winner will come out of the dungeon = PVP system!
    Full automation.
    I do not know a good plugin that will do that, but this plugin can do better. IMHO it is not difficult especially for the author of the plugin.
    Please give me full source code. Yo're cod is not decompilative.
    when the plugin is updated to [1240]?
    topic of dungeon, live!.... well please (;
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    My server is having some weird bug. Basically, whenever someone enters a dungeon, it doesn't spawn the monsters. At first, I thought that this might be AdvancedMobs fault, however, if I type the command in to spawn them manually, they all spawn just fine. Is this something with the config? I mean, I have nothing in there that even remotely changes mob spawns, and I didn't see any options on the config page. Right now, I'm going to try removing the other plugin to see if it fixes it, but I'm pretty sure that that plugin is not messing with this one.
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    My only recommendation is you could try changing the monster trigger locations and see if you get any different results. I have seen some situations where the zone in trigger for monster spawns will not trigger because of lag, the server running slow or the player moving too fast.


    I'm sorry that it seems like I've been ignoring you, I generally only visit this thread whenever I get an alert that a post has been added to it. Here are my answer to your questions.

    1. I am not sure if I will get around to making the PVP enhancements you want. It is not because it is difficult to do but because I need to make sure that I implement them in a way that does not break the existing behavior of the plugin that everyone expects.

    2. The source code I gave you should be everything needed to build the plugin. I'll double check to make sure.

    3. I have not tested for 1240 yet but I would wager it still functions normally.
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    I wanted to put a plug virtualchest, but could not (dungeon is more important, so while renounce this plugin). I have many ideas, but realize they can not I alone.
    In return, the function of PVP, I added a plug-in PVP arena, it's notlike a lot of plugins (much more valuable plug-ins are those that contain a large amount of gameplay, and the probability of incompatibility between plugins is small).
    Thank you for your answers ...
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    Updated to version 0.7.7:

    • Fixed some rounding issues with dungeon creation
    • Added missing permission to main wildcard node
    • Increased proximity check range (due to new creative flying mode the old range was too small)
    • Removed some deprecated function calls for build 1240
    • Updated economy plugin support
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    thx for your nice work.
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    Are you sure this is not your permissions plugin interfering? Are you able to used doors/chests/etc outside Dungeons?

    I am unable to reproduce this issue myself and have not seen it before.
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    Yea, Sorry, Mate. It was my fault. I created a new World with your Plugin to throw all the Dungeons on it. And yea i forgot to manage the Perms. Sorry, again, my fault. But now i have an Issue where Bukkit leak Tears. I cant set Savepoints...i am op and Bukkit leak Tears.

    And hell, this Plugin is just great. Well done.
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    Yea the "Bukkit leak tears" message is Bukkit's cute internal message trying to tell you that you don't have permission to run that command. It should go away if you grant yourself the right permissions.
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    I know, just wondering. I am OP, i am Admin '*' and can do anything, xept Making Save Points ...
    Will add - dungeonbuilder.dungeons.savepoint . thx
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    The issue with save points was a mistake on my part and I accidentally left out that node in the wildcard permissions.

    The latest version of the plugin should address that issue, or you can always manually grant the dungeonbuilder.dungeons.savepoint permission.
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    11:26:14 [SCHWERWIEGEND] Error occurred while enabling DungeonBuilder v0.7.7 (Is
     it up to date?): org/bukkit/WorldCreator
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bukkit/WorldCreator
            at net.virtuallyabstract.minecraft.Dungeon.loadFromFile(
            at net.virtuallyabstract.minecraft.Dungeon.loadFromFile(
            at net.virtuallyabstract.minecraft.Dungeon.<init>(
            at net.virtuallyabstract.minecraft.DungeonBuilder.loadDungeons(DungeonBu
            at net.virtuallyabstract.minecraft.DungeonBuilder.onEnable(DungeonBuilde
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.reload(
            at org.bukkit.Bukkit.reload(
            at org.bukkit.command.defaults.ReloadCommand.execute(
            at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.bukkit.WorldCreator
            at$ Source)
            at Method)
            at Source)
            at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
            at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
            ... 20 more
    Hey, after i gave everyone the right permission in 0.7.6, Bukkit still leak tears. So i swapped to 0.7.7 and its working fine as long i do not load a Dungeon from 0.7.6. I get the Error above. I am scared, i made a fukking big Dungeon and need around 4 to 6 Savepoints or never anyone will play it through, lol.

    Do i have to make any Changes in the Dungeons File to get my Dungeons work with 0.7.7 ?
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    That error message would indicate you have an old copy of the the Bukkit server jar and my plugin is trying to instantiate a new world in order to load a dungeon.
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    For what we use the gold?

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