Inactive [FUN/EDIT/RPG] DungeonBuilder v0.9.7 - Player created dungeons [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    I was unaware it had to be all lowercase. I'm also having one more issue, but it may just be me. I keep getting the error "You cannot publish a dungeon from inside itself." when I try the command "/publishdungeon td1" I've tried to set this point from outside the dungeon parameters as well as in a separate world. Any clue what I'm doing wrong?
    Thank you for the clarification and the swift response. :) Have a great day and thanks for the plugin!
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    You may have run into an issue where you are still considered to be "in" the dungeon despite not actually being in it.

    Try the command:
    /playerIsNotInDungeon playername

    And then try the publish command again.
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    For some odd reason, I felt this didn't apply to me although I read it few hundred times. I thought it was pertaining to people who some how /spawn while inside the dungeon. Thank you again for the quality release and take care.
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    I really would like to use this plugin for its actually quite cool. But is there a way to were you can setup a dungeon without using a shell made of bedrock? I mean thats kinda unatractive. You could make it to were it uses the WorldBoarder idea and makes a invisible wall you cannot pass. This would make it look much better.

    *note* if a way already exists to do this, then please tell me how.
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    The bedrock approach was meant to be a low cost way of preventing players from accessing the contents of dungeons through unsupported means (aka breaking through the shell and exploring a dungeon that has not be properly instantiated).

    I am still rolling around ideas about how to make it work without the bedrock shell and keeping performance costs of this plugin low. I may just leave it up to server admins/dungeon builders to secure the dungeons themselves, I may try to integrate with another plugin such as WorldBoarder like you suggest, or I may try to roll my own solution.

    If you are concerned about the appearance of large bedrock shells littering your world then one approach may be to designated a separate world for the creation of dungeons and then place the enterance/exit teleporters in your main world.
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    is there a way to set it up so that if ppl enter it they have a choice b4 continuing onto the dungeon to leave like if they forgot to stock up on food they can leave then come back later n go back in it (not in the middle of dungeon but at very beggining) i have a buttonwarp to leave it but im not sure if itll mess up the plugin by thinking the player is still in the dungeon

    Also a cool feature would be if pigzombie1 is killed in one room itll open a door in another room kind of like a boss room or w\e :p

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    Im building dungeons in a world entirely of its own away from my main world. But im making it to were they can see out side with windows and what not. But if the look outside the dungeon all the see if a bedrock shell around it. You understand? The worldboarder effect (invisible wall) would be much much nicer, but you could make it optional.
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    Epic plugin, just what I was looking for! Quick question, is their a big performance hit with very large/multiple dungeons?

    I also have a few (ok, it became more then a few) suggestions/requests for future updates.
    1. Monster grouping
    2. A way to set a triggerpoints to spawn all or a group of monsters - this will fix the problem of parts of the dungeon not spawning monsters at the dungeon start.
    3. Monster spawning as optional or set by group at dungeon start
    4. Monster respawning on a timer after death option (set by individual or group)
    5. Player respawn points, and checkpoints (if none are set player would spawn at exit)
    6. A way to set a limit on players in a dungeon at once
    7. A command to see if an individual dungeon is being played and one to list all dungeons being played/empty
    8. Option to display some text as the player enters the dungeon nevermind, found it!
    9. Permission node for limiting individual dungeon access
    10. An api for integration with other rpg plugins to give experience points on dungeon completion, unlock certain dungeons at certain levels, custom mobs as bukkitcontrib becomes capable, etc. found it! An on trigger event, with a set-trigger to block i'm standing on command would rock!
    11. +1 to invisible border suggestion
    12. Donation link ;-)
    Wow, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to write such a big list, I'll be using it just as it is in the meantime. :)

    Thanks a lot!

    EDIT: Oh, one two more requests: Dungeon linking to link the exit portal of a dungeon with the entrance portal of another and item blacklisting on entrance and exit (can I accomplish that through the scripting interface?)
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    Yes that will break the functionality that tracks if a player is in a dungeon or not. I am considering some sort of delay on the teleporters, or maybe something like the player has to right click to activate them.

    This kind of stuff is hard to control with commands alone, which was partially the purpose behind the scripting functionality. Eventually I hope to have triggers you can place that would call custom functions in scripts.

    The biggest performance hits with dungeons happens during loading and saving since it has to iterate through all the blocks in the dungeon. Beyond that we have smaller performance hits related to the teleporter mechanism and things like spawning monsters.

    Linking is possible but its actually accomplished through the opposite, meaning you set the starting teleporter for the second dungeon at the end of the first.


    Please keep the suggestions coming, obviously I can't do everything at once but I will try to prioritize what seems to be asked for the most (for example removing the bedrock shell is pretty high on the list right now).
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    Thanks alot!
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    hi i just downloaded this and have it running on my server in a test world using cb 1000 and dungeons v0.6.5
    use createeptydungeon, set the start and end points at opposite coroners in a 10x10x10 dungeon nothing else is set as i just wanted to test this first. i then warped out and about 10-15 blocks away published the dungeon allowing the plugin to warp me (sign activation may be nice than just warping) once in the dungeon i noticed a redstone torch in one of the corners not containing the start or exit points. i proceeded to the exit and when i reached it was warped not out but to the redstone torch (after warping it was gone) and would continue to warp to that same location every time i tried to exit.
    so what am i doing wrong when setting up and empty test dungeon? also some sort of tutorial would be nice...
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    The redstone torch marks the exit destination (meaning where the player teleports to when they step on the exit teleporter). It gets created when you publish the dungeon mostly as an aid to keeping track of where it is. If you do not explicitly set the exit destination the publish command will automatically place it two blocks away from where you are standing at the time you type the publish command.

    It sounds to me like you either accidentally set the exit destination or were standing too close to the dungeon while publishing. You can try resetting the exit destination with the /setDungeonExitDestination command. If you find that you can reliably reproduce this issue then please post more detailed steps, I am unable to reproduce this myself.

    I have written a quick how-to guide for dungeon creation to help familiarize players with the commands and process involved in creating a dungeon.


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  14. New Message:
    I have sourt out the problem:
    1.Log out
    2.Log in
    and then im outside the dungeon

    Older Message:
    If i write /publishdungeon arena2
    it says :you cannot publish a dungeon from inside itself
    but im outside.And i said /playerisnotindungeon black_ixx too
    whats my problem?
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    Version 0.6.6 is out. Changes include:

    1. The dungeon shell is now optional or can be set to a different block type during dungeon creation.
    2. Players can no longer wander close to dungeons they do not own.
    3. Improved detection of when a player is or is not in a dungeon when typing some commands (@black_ixx)
    4. There is now a 5 second countdown before the player teleports into a dungeon.
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    wow hey just upgraded to v0.6.6 and it works GREAT! Love the countdown timer. :)
    IDK what was going on before(as this time i used the same cmd's in the same order and it worked)
    i like this a lot. time to set up some dungeons on my rp server.
    one question any plans of adding some sort of party support? or the ability to make a larger start location for multiple people to hop on and all enter the dungeon together?
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    Some screenies would be nice
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    Added some simple videos
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    okay so i made me a dungeon on my server and had my brother go in and he can't place anything, I did the /listDungeonDefaultPermissions test ; and it said it had the node dungeonbuilder.blocks.placetype.* ; but my brother couldn't place his torch, did I do everything right?
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    @frosty11x The default permissions do not support the * permission yet (documentation failure on my part). You will have to manually specify the block types for example "dungeonbuilder.blocks.placetype.TORCH".
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    oh alright, thanks, this is a great plugin
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    hey is there a option to spawn giants? if not can you add one be great for a super boss at the end of a dungeon.
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    I have gotten a few dungeons up and running, and they are doing pretty great. Thanks for the time your putting in this script, its awesome!

    ... but I am also running into a small problem with creating worlds so I can leave the dungeon upon creating it and setting it up. I am typing in "/createWorld Main" at my global spawnpoint so when done I'm back at the spawn, but whenever I type in the command its giving me an error
    "Invalid number of arguments​
    /worldCreate name type"​
    Do you think you could help me out?
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    To create a world you need to specify the type of world you want, valid types are:



    /createWorld Main NORMAL

    Would create a normal world with the name "Main", when you get the "World created" message you can teleport to it with /teleportToWorld Main
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    My friend and I have started building dungeons and decide we needed a dungeon plugin to manage them and your plugin is great. Thank you for your hard work.

    My friend and I started a dungeon that is 60x60x60 and I found that i cannot place the start any higher then 34 blocks from the bottom. "You must be inside the dungeon to set the starting location" even though I am only about half way up. Is this a bug or a feature?

    /createemptydungeon tanis 60 60 60 sandstone
    #built ladder about 3/4 up a wall, built a small room.
    /setdungeonstart tanis

    Did not test if I could get any higher in the center of the room just in the one location by the wall.

    Other plugins:
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    @firereaperd Sounds like a bug, I'll look into it.

    I've released version 0.6.7 to fix an issue reported by firereaperd. The bounds checking on the dungeon was not properly checking the y coordinates.

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    mabey you could add were we can make party dungeons? like the ones in mmo's XD

    also iconomy support for rewards?

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    ..... just finished building my first dungeon.....
    and after reload when i have throw away uCreate:
    Additional info.
    Voxel sniper
    IConomy chest shop
    Wurk It

    When it happned:
    I created a dungeon eye with create empty dungeon command
    i filled it with stuff (Also with 200+ pieces of Redstone stuff)
    It started to spam in my console after Publishdungeon command AND Stopping serv and restarting again.
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    nice :), but I got a problem,
    I have set a dungeon exit in my dungeon, and outside the dungeon an exit destination, but when I get on the diamond block in my dungeon it will give an error, ingame : trying to teleport player : null, and this error in the console :

    14:02:13 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.World.a(
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.World.a(
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.Chunk.a(
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.World.setRawTypeId(
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.World.setTypeId(
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlock.setTypeId(Cra
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlock.setType(Craft
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.virtuallyabstract.minecraft.Dungeon.clearLiquids(
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.virtuallyabstract.minecraft.Dungeon.loadDungeon(D
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.virtuallyabstract.minecraft.DungeonBuilder$MyPlay
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.World.doLighting(
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServe
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] at
    14:02:13 [SEVERE] Unexpected exception
    at net.minecraft.server.World.doLighting(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    Some sort of grouping system is next on my list.

    There is also already support for economy plugins:
    • (v.0.5.6+) /setDungeonReward alias amount
      • Permission: dungeonbuilder.dungeons.setreward
    Sets the amount to reward players for finishing the dungeon (in other words, stepping on the exit teleporter). This amount will be added to the players balance.​

    This plugin uses Nijikokun's Registry API for interfacing with the economy plugins. Please refer to his thread for supported economy plugins. Also, kudos to Nijikokun for a great API​

    This appears to be some sort of loading error regarding a container block (chest, furnace or dispenser). I'll see if i can reproduce it, at the very least i'll work on making the loading code more flexible.

    I'm not sure how to explain that stack trace. When you step on the exit teleporter (the diamond block) it will clear the liquids and then load the dungeon. The line it is blowing up on is simply trying to set a liquid block into an air block. Are you running against an older build of bukkit perhaps?
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    Yea i already figured that out...
    Thanks anyway :) and this can be an error with pistons meaby? i used some sticky ones in there

    To be exact:
    7 Sticky pistons
    1 chest with stuff inside

    Maybe it's something redstone related? (like torch state on/off errors or stuff like that)

    And if u want i could upload that dungeon somewhere.....

    But if u want to reproduce that by ur self ok.

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