[FUN/ECON/RPG] RPG-NPC v2.2.6.1 - The MMORPG-like questing system [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    Version: for [BB 1.4.7-R1.0]
    RPG-NPC is a MMORPG-like questing systems. RPG-NPC makes use of NPCs to distribute quests to players. Players can interact with any NPC to obtain and complete quests. The main purpose of this plugin is to give the player a MMORPG feeling where he/she can freely walk around and accept quests at any NPC he/she chooses. For more information please visit the BukkitDev page.


    • Reading information and status from books
    • Highly configurable MMORPG-like quests
    • NPCs!
    • Metrics
    • Automatic updater
    • Books:
      • Quest list book
      • Quest log book
      • Quest information book
    • Quests:
      • Quest types
      • Multiple objectives
      • Multiple rewards
      • Multiple penalties
      • Custom messages
      • Teleport to locations
    • NPCs:
      • Wear armor and hold items
      • Have pre- and suffix
      • Fight mobs
      • Look around
    • Spout: (Optional)
      • Custom NPC skins
    Change logs (open)
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Title is off, but I like the idea :)
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    Thanks, would you mind to explain where exactly the title is off ?

    Edit: Got it, took a while.
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    The NPC's fights with agressive mobs, right? Why does they kill my Villagers? Can you help me?
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    Fixed in the next release. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. Hi there,

    a Server have a lot of problems with the quest info book. Sometimes we can´t update the quest information in the quest information book. The plugin says we don´t have a quest information book but we have one in the inventory. Another problem is that if we update the book with "/q info Quest number" the plugin says "Quest information successfully written" but the book doesn’t have any new information. If we take the book out of the inventory the plugin always say that the quest information successfully written is but we don´t have a quest book in the inventory.
    I hope you can help me. I am don’t a server owner but I played on a good German Minecraft server and the owner hope of a update. And I hope you can help us.

    Greetings Azrael
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    What is and how do you use 'place' for the quest requirement?
    Also, I used 'Tester' and the npc shows up as a steve. If I use 'Guard' it has a Halo style outfit. How do you control what the skin shows up as?

    Loving this addon so far. Kinda wish creation of quests and npc's weren't so 'do or die' (mess up and you have to start over)

    Any chance of an external editor? Or is it set up to use spout for easier creation?
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    Thanks for the report, I am aware of these problems and will have this fixed in the next release.

    The only support for spout RPG-NPC has is skins. I am planning to create better interfaces for RPG-NPC. I will make a card for my schedule to help remind me adding undo/remove options within the creation command. Thanks for your feedback!
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    My quests won't work. I right click on the npc with a log, info, and quest list book, but nothing happens. And when I try to /rpg rl quests it doesn't work it shows up like I typed in /rpg
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    That's probably due to a recent bug when carrying books. When the name of the quest the book inhabits is longer than 16 characters it throws an error when pressing the right mouse button. Please try to click your NPC without the book.
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    Doesn't work. It just does nothing! And in a new update, can you make a damage toggle? So my npcs won't 1 hit kill the ender dragon with 1 hit?
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    Can you explain how Walkto Objective works? How does Location 1 and 2 supposed to be used and/or placed? Is the process of setting up a location kinda similar like setting a region like in WorldEdit/WorldGuard where the player should enter to complete the quest?

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