Inactive [FUN] DynaMine v0.32 - Coal Mining is Dangerous! [1.2.3-R0.1]

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  1. DynaMine - Coal Mining is Dangerous!
    by MeneXia, a fork of Chernobyl360's project, BlackLung
    Download the plugin here!
    Configuration description here!
    Currently works with CB1.1-R3!
    • When one mines COAL_ORE, he/she will get damaged.
    • Amount of damage is configurable!
    • Wear any helmet to not get damaged.
    • When COAL_ORE is broken, it has a chance of exploding and burning the player. - configurable!
    • Smoke effects on block damage.
    • Configurable messages when mining coal.
    Permissions used: DynaMine.exempt - Makes the player exempt from coal explosions and damage.
    Download the latest version of DynaMine.jar and place it in your plugins folder! Make sure you are also using the correct CraftBukkit build that corresponds to the plugin also!
    Planned Features
    • A configuration file for chances - COMPLETE
    • SuperPerms support - COMPLETE
    • Want more awesome features? Click here to submit requests!

    v0.32 - Updated for CB1.2.3-R0.1
    - Generates config.yml directly from code

    v0.31 - Updated to new event system for CB1.1-R3

    Full changelog is on BukkitDev:
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    I like the plugin, but how would this make it useful, if you could adjust it to maybe mining it off the ceiling and it damaging the player I kind of could see a porpose.... I think this plugin would just remove alot of players from servers that have this plugin, due to the fact that coal is needed for everything to be successful
  3. john55223 Well, you can always just reduce the chances of explosion, or wear a helmet.

    I remember on BukkitDev, a comment was made by @Machete_Panda about using the exempt permission in his mining guild class, and I thought that was cool.
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    Well, the plugin is functional, and someone might have a use for it... Maybe anti xray? If there is 0% visibility when an ore is found, it insta kills player
  5. john55223 It's not all that fair, because some people can find coal randomly and break it without any light near the block, even if they're using an unmodded client.
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  7. Updated for CB1.2.3-R0.1 Beta build!

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