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    == DracinisPaintBall ==

    === Setting Up READ! ===
    In your paintball course you need to place **iron blocks**! //**there people can get there ammo!**//
    then set the spawns, set the spectate location and you can start playing the paintball minigame

    === Features ===
    * A full paintball system
    * shoot with snowballs
    * Ammo system(click on Iron Block when you are out of ammo)
    * nice start sytem
    * Bronze axe as a weapon
    * Saving inventorys to config file

    === Planned Features ===
    * add red wool and blue wool as the players helmets
    * if you know some nice things to add to this plugin let me know

    === How does it work? ===
    When people do the /join command they are teleported to the spectate location then a player with the permission "dracinispaintball.start" can start the game when the game is running and the players wan't to join there are teleported the the spawnlocation of the choosen team.
    When people joins the game they get a bronze axe when they leave the inventory is reset from the saved inventory on join
    To get ammo right click on a **iron block**
    The player can see there stats by doing the command /dpstats
    when they want to leave they need to do the command /leave
    when a player with the permission "dracinispaintball.stop" does the command /stop then the players are going to be teleported the the spectate location
    !!! When they leave or when the game is stopped the lists are cleared exept the locations!!!!!

    === WIKI ===
    comming soon

    === Commands ===
    ==== Player Commands ====
    * /dpjoin <blue|red> **Join the red team or the blue team**
    * /dpleave <blue|red> **Leav the red team or blue team**
    * /dpstats **look at your stats**
    * /dpstats <player> **Look at the stats from the choosen player**
    * /dpspectate **Teleports you to the spectate location**

    ==== Admin Commands ====
    * /dpsetspawn <blue|red> **sets the spawn location of the teams(//saved in the config file you can edit it there also!//)**
    * /dpsetspectate **sets the spectate location(//saved in the config file you can edit it there also!//)**
    * /dpinfo team <blue|red> **gives you team info**
    * /dpinfo spawninfo <blue|red> **gives you spawn info**
    * /dpstop **stops the game and reset all lists(//the spawning locations stays in the config file !//)**
    * /dpstart **starts the game with all the joined players**
    * /dpreload **reloads the paintball config**
    * /dpreset **resets the paintball config**

    === Permissions ===
    ==== Normal Player ====
    For the player commands there are no permissions set if you want that i set the permissions tell me
    they can do
    * /join
    * /leave
    * /dpstats
    * /spectate
    ==== Admins ====

    === Config ===
    When you first run the server there isn't something in the config file but when you're gonna set the locations, then the plugin saves the location to the config file from then you can change the coords if you want from in the config file .
    When players are joining the paintball game the inventory get saved in the config file When they do /leave the inventory is loaded from the config file

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