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    Zombies Just Got Dangerous
    Hello everyone. Zombz Is a Zombie modification plugin, and it modifies many Aspects of Zombies in the game. Zombz is a very new project, and it is actually my first plugin. Zombz is more of a smaller and more simple version of a bigger project that i am working on. But even though it is smaller, and simpler, that does not mean there wont be many features Included with Zombz, and that doesn't mean it is not gonna be a fantastic plugin.
    • Zombie Damage Modification
    • Zombies Will not burn during day.
    • Zombie will spawn on player death.
    • Once attacked by a Zombie, a player will be blinded for an amount of time.
    • Blindess Duration can be configured
    • Zombies spawn in groups which can be configured
    • Upon death a Zombie spawns in with players inventory
    • Many more to come!
    Features being worked on:
    • A better config file
    • Zombie Spawn during day
    • In game commands to set stuff
    • Only Zombies Mode(Coming in Next version)
    There should be no errors, but there are some things to make note of like:
    • If there is a new version of the plugin, and you already have an older config, you may need to delete your old config and let a new one generate for changes to take place.(This is current;y being worked on to be fixed)
    Please stay updated because there will be many updates coming.

    Here is the plugin page:
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    How about zombie spawn in the day?
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    Im still working on adding that, but i am adding Zombies only mode in the next version, Zombies only mode will take out other mobs and there will only be zombies, and they might be able to spawn during day in the next update.
    Zombies only mode will of course be configurable
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    [BUMP] Version 0.3 is now out!

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