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    I think the most developers are just waiting for the recomended build like I am.
    I don't really know what they changed in their pre-builds but new builds not necessarily mean that "old" plugins will not work. It depends on their changes to methods I used and I guess that there won't be so much in this plugin. But we will see :)
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    oh ;( the plugin dont work on 1.0.0 builds ;(
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    This is an Awesome plugin ! Lot of fun ! Thanks ! But don't work with bukkit 1.0.0 :(
    (when we type /dcc 1 or /dcc 2 , an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command :'()

    I think you wait bukkit recomended build to release a stable version ;)
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    Mhm.. I really don't like to backup my files just to test it for the current devBukkit builds.
    I guess that the most server admins will wait for the recommended build (if they want their plugins to work).

    Right now I have no time to take a look into this but over the weekend I will make it compatible to the newest stable build. You can send me some errors anyway then I can see which methods probably have changed.

    Post the errors maybe I can fix them without testing it myself :p
    Otherwise wait for the weekend.

    Also if I update now the updater from the 1.8.1 servers will update their versions to 1.0 servers and I think this may cause troubles. I can only upload inofficial versions so far.. or they have to disable the autoUpdate function. I have not thought about that before :/
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    When we type /dcc 1 (or /dcc 2)

    Edit : Why it say
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    I have one problem.. that cube instead of making in air, its making in ground (like it start under ground)
    what I did wrong?
    look on screenshot: thanks for help
    ..hmm I try /dc set height 30 /dc reload /dc new ..and its still same high.. I ned to delete it with world edit and then do it again.. but still even with high 30 its in underground :(

    btw im on 1.0 and everything else works ok ;)
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    First of all there might be problems with 1.0 ofc. Since other people don't have any problems I would say they are caused by 1.0 :)

    But well:
    First of all the problem with the height: The height seems to work on your screenshot, the problem with the height is, that if you decrease it the plugin will just delete the blocks up to this height. That means that if you set a height of 30 it will not delete any blocks above 30. I will fix that in the next versions but you can use /dcc to delete the whole area, then the upper blocks should be deleted as well.

    What I see on your screenshot is that you don't have either the border nor the cube. I think I fixed possible errors with the blockbar in 0.49 or so, so there should be at least stoneblocks. I can't see any blocks except pumpkins! If you have set the block-bar correctly (check errors in the console) it must have something to do with 1.0.

    I will go into this on the we.

    Because I never changed anything in the regular plugin-info :p

    Got no erros with my 1.0 local server (1493).
    If there should be any errors please report!

    I just kow that there were problems with some older 1.0 builds of CB because I was testing around with AncestralZ.

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    Yes with oldest cb version than 1493. :)
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    No I think it was something like 1463 :p
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    Oh sorry my english suck :)
    i mean craftbukkit version >1493 :)
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    Okay and now answer my PM :p
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    To everybody , if your cb version is 1463 , try to update to cb1493 ...
    cb1463 make Deathcube don't work
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    when I set pumpkin probability to 1 from 10, it was ok.. and that things with wools was ok. simply cube was OK after another try (I mean it was from wools.. sometime pumpkin) but still.. there was no cover on top, and it was still underground (it was caged in stone.. that seems ok)
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    No thats not okay.. you have two borders, the outer is always stone.
    Can you PM me your server ip?

    Did you used /dcc bar?
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    A lot of fun but I found these issues with plugin 0.50 and CB 1509:

    The defaults are too dense, it is impossible to get to the top without blockbreak on.
    pumkinProbability is not creating pumpkins.
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    Well you could change "airChance" of course to make it easier but I don't think that the CB-Build has anything to do with that. I believe that you just don't know the possible jumps and thats why you have problems ;)
    Instead of air add some jokers to your game, they will help you if you really find no way.
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    Is there documentation on the jump mechanics, I can't find it anywhere. And what are the jokers? How to set it up was also unclear to me in the documentation.
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    You can take a look at my first video and download the schematic of visit "my" testserver for the training ground.

    And from the command reference you know pumpkinProbability, pumpkinStart and pumpkinStartCount.
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    As I said in my last post, I have pumpkin probability > 0 but no pumpkins are generating in the cube
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    blockProtection on as well?
    If you set it ingame use /dc reload and /dc new. And of coruse pumpkinStart shouldn't be higher than the tower.
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    u should have it that everyone joins, they type /cube ready (or /cube r ) and then the glass would open (that would make it easier for those who want to play and there isnt someone who has the command online)
    also you should have where you can create a cube in all three gamemodes
    (so like /cube tp joker /cube tp survival and /cube tp classic )
    otherwise this is an awesome plugin, it is VERY customizable

    ya same im using cb1529 and block protection doesnt work :p

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    The problem about the first thing is that users can blockade the cube. They can tp and join and do whatever they want. For public use I implemented the /dc open command. Of course this is no real game then but people can have fun, practise or whatever. Jokers won't work as well but you should be able to cheat the block-protection.

    I will think about multicube support.

    Yes as you can see my last build was 1493. I will take a look at that later.
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    Sorry about the late response. That sounds like a good solution. Have you implemented that yet?
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    even in that build i can destroy everything

    well why dont you do something like mobarena where theres a lobby (in this case the command would be /cube join), u select the game style by punching a sign (so classic, survival, or joker), then punch a cube or type a command (like /cube ready), and u go to that tower. to leave the lobby u type /cube leave
    maybe something like that

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    No I will do a lot of changes this weekend.

    I guess because you have admin/op permissions.

    But I can go in there and start with my friend and nobody else will be able to join after that.
    If you want your users to change the gamemode use commandsigns for something for /dc commands.

    Usually a server should have always moderators online. If not you use /dc open so your users can play in classic mode.
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    well thats why i said there should be the three gamemodes (classic survival and joker) in the lobby. If one is taken then it won't allow you to punch the sign. :D
    Ok ya I do have admin/op permissions, forgot about those :p
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    But only classic games can be played in open-mode.
    As soon as you let your users start a game they can blockade it.

    If I don't understand you explain again please :p
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    hmm think u understand what i mean, and i think i understand what u mean
    ok i this idea might work
    there are two different "versions" or super gamemodes of the game, one of them has the lobby, one of them is how it is now
    Lobby Super Gamemode:
    You have a lobby how I stated before. When you enter a game, you are timed to get to the top (so maybe like x ticks/minutes, or a way to choose it in a config file) . If you don't make it to the top, you will be teleport to the /dcc spawn point. And if you want to add in the config for extra safety, then add an option where if a player goes x many times then he can't play again for x many minutes.
    Original Super Gamemode:
    How DeathCube is set up now.
    I know java has its limits (and I know there will be possibly twice as much code), so I understand if you can't do all that.:p
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    I still have the problem that I can't see any sense in your idea, because it sucks if people can't play when they want to. I play deathcube always in classic mode and I think that it's enough if people can join the cube whenever they want (this is only possible without survival mode) and play in classic mode.
    Otherwise: If there is a time-limit people will get pissed off if they are removed after after ~15 minutes. So I think time-limits in offline mode are fail, so we forget the survival mode. Joker mode would be possible because if no game is running you can cheat the blockProtection. This is nearly the same than using a joker.

    Of course it would be possible to implement it but I have my problems implementing stupid things (nothing against your idea, I like that you are trying to improve this plugin, I just need to have arguments that convince me :p).

    If you use /dc open people can play classic & joker mode whenever they want.

    You can try again :)
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    well thats why theres could be an option in the config that adds optional time amount, and optional prevention if you think someone is trying to prevent others from going into the tower
    so something like this (hope this clears up some thoughts)
    Config Ex:
    use-time-amount: //true or false
    time-amount: //integer, use-time-amount must be set to true
    prevent-usage-again: //true or false, prevents the usage of one tower x many times
    usage-amount: //integer, the amount of times a player can go on a tower, prevent-usage-again must be true

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