Inactive [FUN] DeathCube v2.5 - awesome minigame [2203]

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If you played the game what would you say?

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    I don't understand your sentence :p

    But btw since you pushed this thread: We noticed some errors using clearInventory. Today or tomorrow I will finish 0.44 where clearInventory is removed and some other usefull stuff is added. After that I will go to release but for now don't tell me that clearInventory is not working well, just deactivate it in the config.
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    make the winner get prizes! like diamonds!
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    Wow! How has this not been moved to Plugin Releases yet?! This is epic. I can see many people raging while doing this :D
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    Since a moderator need to be there to start the game he could give to the players whatever he want. But maybe I will add this later on.

    I think it will be moved if I release the first "Released Build". For now there are just beta builds since I don't want my plugin to cause any errors. We are today finishing 0.44b if that version won't cause troubles I will go to release it as 0.45.

    If you want me to release help me finding problems. Here is the unofficial 0.44.

    theme ID is not used anymore.
    Try the block-bar that feature is amazing :)
    I'm sure you will love it!

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    I just uploaded 0.45 as a release Build and hope to get out of the plugin submissions forum quickly.
    If I have to do anything for that tell me.
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    Here is you Video ;)

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    Can you add a sign at the end that gives out prizes for reaching the top, and then teleports you out?
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    I will add the possibility to execute multiple commands if a player win the game tomorrow. Would that be enough?

    Can anyone tell me what to do to move to plugin releases?
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    Executing commands when someone wins is okay, but I'd like to let them choose when to run those commands. That way they can stay at the top if they want for a little while.
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    You mean that I just take away the lanterns and don't teleport them so that they can use /cube out?
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    Yeah, can you make the cube award prizes/run some commands when you /cube out?
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    @Baba43 If you want it approved here please copy the changelog over.
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    Wow thanks. I thought that since you want to move to us to DevBukkit it will be okay to refer to the changelog on my DevBukkit page.

    We can say that they get their reward if they win. If they want out they can /cube out because only lanterns are removed from their inventory.
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    @Baba43 You can put all but the latest 2 in a spoiler
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    Hi,I have error.I have CB 1185 and DeathCube 0.48.I must upgrade to 1337?Pleas help. And Sorry for my English I´m from Czech.

    2011-11-18 10:19:41 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling DeathCube v0.1 (Is it up to date?): me.baba43.DeathCube.DeathCube.getConfig()Lorg/bukkit/configuration/file/FileConfiguration;
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: me.baba43.DeathCube.DeathCube.getConfig()Lorg/bukkit/configuration/file/FileConfiguration;
    at me.baba43.DeathCube.DeathCube.loadConfig(
    at me.baba43.DeathCube.DeathCube.onEnable(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
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    since there is no reason for you to don't update you should try that :)
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    Dont work with Permissions 3.1.6 (Yeti)

    "Bukkit Sad..." and i dont want permissionsex or so other ;D
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    Why should I support an outdated plugin?
    My plugin is using the official bukkit API for checking permissions. Pex and I think each other permissions plugin will be able to handle this too.

    Sorry but I will not try to implement p3 since there is NO reason for using outdated permissions ;)

    If there is a reason let me know.
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    My Server workes best with Permissions 3 and Ex,... there are some problems.... :s
    yes.. this is the reason... :S

    ok! lol BUG:

    For Op Players we can play Cube
    and for no Op player cant play cube

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    permissions 3 isnt supported.. you need to move on as all plugins arnt supporting that anymore.. its a terrible system and doesnt work well.. look at PEX or bPermissions.
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    Operators have always admin thats true.
    If you cant use the other permission nodes then it is because either you are using permissions3 (?) or you aren't able to set up your permission plugin. I have a lot of downloads and nobody has any problems with permissions so I think the problem is on your side :)

    BTW it's no problem to switch because the way of setting permissions is nearly the same. I think you are just too lazy :p .. like my previous poster said: You really have to switch because it is INACTIVE and OUTDATED.

    I hope you understand that it's not because I'm to lazy myself I just don't want to waste time.
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    i try 2 weeks to make PermissionsEX and there are some problems .-.

    Prefix and some command dont work with ex :(
    please can u make .. ? ;D
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    PM me your server IP.
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    Is it allowed to push? :p
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    make tutorial video please;D
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    Is this not enough?
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    a plugin or mod?
    I have a bad English
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    update u when a recomand build coming out?
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    I think this forum is for plugins :p
    There is nothing need so you can just install it on your bukkit server.

    Of course if I have to, did you noticed any errors on the current pre-build or why are you asking?
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    because a friend of a friend says that pluggins dont update for the future ;D

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