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    This plugin allows you to prepare, manage and play a minigame I named "DeathCube". The principle is very simple: The player must climb up a cube (currently it's a tower but who cares) which is randomly generated with air in it. Since we aren't sure about a kind of standard you are free to manage nearly everything like the height or the density of air.

    Currently the plugin implements 3 gamemodes:
    classic - you have endless time to climb to the top
    survival - if the first player reached a specific floor the tower will start crumbling
    joker - play any mode with pumpkins which can be picked up and re-placed one time


    Test Server: Currently unavailable

    For download, commands, config and permissions see my bukkitDev page
    Changelog also there.

    So what this plugin does atm is:
    - you can build and renew the cube
    - you can start survival, creative and joker games
    - there are some helpfull commands available (see commandlist)

    For example the plugin..
    - removes players on start that are not in the "starting-"tunnel
    - detects if a player reached the top (win) or if a player is the last one standing (win)
    - detects if a player has left the area, died or disconnected
    - can crumble the tower
    - has an own block/enter protection
    - checks if the inventory is empty (if you want)
    - removes entities and monsters when the game starts
    - can feed the players inside (so they won't be hungry)
    - restores the XP of players who dies
    - has an announcement system
    - will can kick players that want to cheat the block protection
    - can teleport players in starting position
    - can run specific commands on the player that won the game (for example to give him a prize)
    - can do some more things I forgot but I think it's enough to convinve you yet :)

    Everything is highly customizable!

    Now you should:
    - give a Feedback if you like the game, what we could add, other gametypes, problems and balanced settings
    - give a Feedback for the plugin if you find problems or have new ideas
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    Video please
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    Wow cool! really great idea @Baba43 :)

    +1 (assuming it works :p)
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    Open your eyes ..
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    That's really cool :D
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    Hahahah whoops.
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    Well but good that you remind me that I have to insert the new video :p
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    There is a bug with spout.

    "Only players can run this command. You are 'SpoutCraftPlayer'
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    Should be fixed now test it please.

    if(sender.getClass().getSimpleName().equals("CraftPlayer")) {
    changed to
    if(sender.getClass().getSimpleName().contains("CraftPlayer")) {
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    Why are you testing it that way? Why not if (sender instanceof Player) { }
    (does SpoutCraftPlayer extend Player? I don't know Spout.)
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    I do not know either but this should work since my error message shows me that getSimpleName with Spout is SpoutCraftPlayer :p

    Or why is my method unfunctional?
    That was just the first method I found ;)
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    You can check the instanceof and then cast to SpoutPlayer, but the "better" way, as I have been told, is:
    Player player = (Player) sender;
            SpoutPlayer sp = SpoutManager.getPlayer(player);
            if (!sp.isSpoutCraftEnabled()) {
                player.sendMessage("Sorry, you need SpoutCraft to use this command!");
    EDIT-STORM: Also, really good looking plugin from what I can see here. Minigames are good :)
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    thx but a SpoutPlayer should have the same methods like a player so my solution won't cause troubles will it?
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    Hmm, it appears I completely misunderstood the original problem! :p In that case, yes, use instanceof Player
  15. I am definitely adding this to my server for people to rage at :[)
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    Can anyone tell me if its working with spout now?
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    This is one of the coolest and most creative plugins I have seen in a LONG time.
    I played around with it for a while and RAGED
    So much fun, and it works very well.

    I have a few suggestions:
    For ease of use, you should combine the /dcc (to prepare it) and /dc (to make it) into one command - I dont see why one would use one command without another anyway.

    I think you should also have a command for /dcc r:50 or something so you dont have to select points. Not that that is a big deal, but it might come in handy for idiots who dont know how to use it.

    When I used /cube tp, it teleported me into glass and then I fell into the lava, so I had to make a new one where it didnt do that. You should check to make sure the place your teleporting to is solid before allowing the player to go there.

    Also, I think it would be cool to have the players inventory wiped when they start playing, then reset when they loose/win. Also another idea would be to allow the player 5 dirt blocks when they start, and they can break or place up to 10 blocks on their way to the top. Since a lot of the time no path can be physically found on your way up, breaking or placing blocks is sometimes necessary.

    Overall, 5/5 plugin - this is one of the coolest things I have seen.
    Great work :D
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    Thanks so far I know what you mean :)

    I will add that if you user /dcc it will automaticly use /dc new

    The problem with this is that I need to know the direction. I thought it's more comfortable to select the region precisely especially if you have want to build it in a limited area.[/quote]

    Okay I will now implement that /cube tp will not work if there is no place for the player. Usually there should and must be place, the only reason why this may not happen is that my plugin miscalculates the position. I think this happen because I was just testing with 30x30 but I will take a look at completly dynamic sizes the next days.

    I will add this to my todo-list but for now the users could store their inventory at home since they are allowed to teleport :p

    Yes we thought about this too. It might be another gamemode where you select how much the users can do. Another gamemode I was thinking about is that there are randomly pumpkins spawned which can be picked up by a player ONE time. He can place it to help himself or to blockade a way. Since 100% of my cubes were possible I think the pumpkin-joker mode would be more funnier than just allowing block-placement or what do you think?

    Anyway for this I have to add a self-made protection, but I will do it.

    Okay here what I did right now:
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    AWSOME plugin man. just got a request, make it so u win monwy through iconomy or others if u win!
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    Sweet bro.
    Nice work.
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    Yes it does
    1. SpoutPlayer splayer = (SpoutPlayer)player;
    Cast a regular player to a SpoutPlayer
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    Okay please help me fixing the bugs caused by the new version
    Is that important?
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    Okay the commands are working now with spout.
    /dcc commands working fine
    /dc commands give me the "no permission error"

    I use Pex permission system. I have the correct permissions + OP. Not working.
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    What version are you using?
    I use PeX as well and it works really fine for me.
    use deathcube.* / deathcube.admin for Admin, deathcube.mod for mod (no dcc) and deathcube.use for users.

    Otherwise if this might have something to do with spout I should get spout myself.
    The routine for checking dcc and dc permisisons is the same expect that one is checking for mod and the other for admin but since admin include mod that should work. In my opinion it can't be possible that you can do /dcc but not /dc. Maybe you took away admin rights for testing? :p

    Do you get the bukkit permission error? Or "No Permissions!" in red (that will be caused by my plugin)

    Please lets find the reason because this might be a general problem.
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    I get the bukkit permission error.
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    Are you using 0.40? Can you post your permissions pelase.
    I have more than 20 downloads for that version and apparently you are the only one with this problem.

    Okay here are some new potential bugs:
    The http request for checking the version is really fast so don't worry about any kind of slowdown. Each time you type /dci,/dc new or /dc start it will inform you if your version is outdated. I just thought this is necessary since im working on this plugin very active and I don't want you to miss any feature. Anyways if you don't want this update-check you can diasble it in the config ofc.

    BTW do you have any suggestions for new themes? Up to know there's just the multicolored (0) and black&white (1).

    I really want to fix each problem so that I can go to release DeathCube soon :)

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    0.43b will fix some bugs caused by multiworlds.
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    Wonderful plugin, great job!
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    Goood god! Nice! Your image tripped me out xD

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