[FUN] DarkLight V1.0 - PVP Presets with a theme... [1.1-R7]

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  1. BUKKITDEV LINK - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/darklight/



    == DarkLight ==
    Hi All! This plugin was made to help all you PVPers, or if you just want some fun :)
    It can easily give you item presets with just one command!

    === In-Game Commands ===
    /uDevil - (unholy devil) - Let the power of the devil rush through you, allowing you a lot of damage power and slight defence!
    ~~Full Leather Armour ~ Diamond Sword~~

    /hPaladin - (holy paladin) - Let the power of the lord rush through you, allowing you to do average damage and average defence!
    ~~Full Gold Armour ~ Gold Sword~~

    === To-Do List ===
    * Add Permissions
    * Add Example Video
    * Add Some Pictures
    * Add More Presets!

    === Checklist ===
    Done so far...
    *Added 'uDevil' preset
    *Added 'hPaladin' preset

    === Known Bugs ===
    * Please comment if you find one :)

    === Versions ===
    # V1.0 - Tested - Working - Finished
    # V1.1 - In progress...

    === DOWNLOAD ===
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    === Video Coming Soon... ===

    === Permissions Coming Soon... ===

    === Pictures ===
    Minecraft pictures coming soon!

    Thanks a lot guys! Happy PVPing!
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    Download link is broken, and uses mediafire, please update title to R7
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    Still dont see direct download link

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