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    CTF - Capture the Flag Plugin
    Version: 1.2

    This is a plugin that you can use to create a Capture the Flag map on your server. The plugin generates a 256x256 area for the map, enclosed with adminium walls.

    To play CTF, players can say /silver or /gold to join a team. When they say /quit, they will be returned to their original location with their inventory.

    The two teams are silver and gold, each team has their own spawn platform, flagstand and capture point. The flags are silver and iron blocks.

    To capture the flag, players just need to click it, then return to their own base and click the capture zone. The flag will be returned to the enemy base if the carrier is killed by mobs or enemy players.

    When one team reaches 5 captures, scores are reset and all players are returned to the spawn point.

    All players get a starter kit of iron tools, a bow and arrows, torches, and wood and cobblestone blocks.

    • Lets you make a Capture the Flag world to complement your server
    • The map is generated for you with boundaries, flag stands/capture points, spawns, and a center line
    • Player positions are reset to where they started if they leave while playing CTF
    • Players receive a set of starter tools when they join a team; their original inventory is restored when they say /ctfquit to stop playing
    Download CTF

    Source Code

    Version 1.1:
    • Fixed a few bugs
    • You can't hurt people on your own team
    • Added /ctfstatus and /tc (team chat)
    • Name colors work in chat now
    Version 1.2:

    • The plugin now uses a separate world (ctf) so you should be able to run it as part of a regular server.
    • Players get silver/gold heads depending on their team color
    Version 1.3:
    • Added /ctfgoto, so ops can go to the CTF map to build without joining a team.
    • Commands now show up in /help if you're using Essentials
    • Non-ops can now only use CTF commands while in the CTF world. This should prevent most conflicts with other plugins.

    For everyone: /silver, /gold, /ctfhelp, /ctfstatus, /tc, /resupply, /ctfquit
    For operators: /newmap, /newgame, /ctfgoto

    Using the plugin:
    CTF requires TheYeti's Permissions system; players with the "ctf.op" permission will be able to use the operator commands.

    Generating the map can be a little problematic (at least on my computer) due to the chunk loading/generation system. This set of steps worked for me.

    1. Start the server and let it generate a new world. Connect, and wait for the initial loading/sending lag to diminsh.
    2. Say /newmap (this should be done with no other players online). The server will send you a message when it is finished creating the map.
    3. Save the level and restart the sever, this will make sure all of the spawn/flag positions are set properly.
    4. Make the server public!
    Rather than being a remake of popular FPS CTF game modes, this plugin is designed to integrate with the general Minecraft experience. You may want to keep the same map for a week or two to allow players to build defenses and gather resources, though there's nothing stopping you from having your staff customize the map and then disallowing non-mods from building there.

    I suggest not allowing players to use any other commands while in the CTF world, especially LWC and other "protection" systems since that decreases the competitive nature of the game. If you let your players use /home, /sethome, and /spawn, they should be disabled in the CTF world.

    Enabling mobs is a good idea: after sunset the brazen will try to make a midnight run to the flag, but the sensible will stay where it is safe.
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    Allow this to be on a regular server and this will be perfect :)
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    please update to latest recommended CB
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    Tested with 766 and I keep getting an odd error. If anyone knows what could be causing that, please reply!

    1.2 will be out in a few days and will have multiworld support and some more bug fixes.
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    looks more like a corrupted save
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    What do you mean a "regular server"?

    EDIT: Oh, gotcha, can't have the game mode turn on and off, has to be a CTF server at all times.
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    I just found out that you keep posting the same thread over and over @Jacob_
    please stop that.

    And update to latest recommended to be moved to releases
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    this has been in subbmissions for 3 weeks now?
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    I have been wondering why it was in here for so long too?
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    Could you make this Multiworld Compatible?
    Like having a normal SMP world and a second CTF world?
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    I wantz a video :p
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    This. The plugin idea is superb. We can actually make tournaments with winning price some sweet resources. This is a must to develop.
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    1st thread got denied because the plugin wasn't updated to latest recommended. 2nd time, I made a small mistake in following the format, so both times I resubmitted it. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to edit an already reviewed plugin submission.
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    Sure, that's why I post my comments here so you edit it and it gets better and eventually released
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    Version 1.2 is out! It was tested with the latest recommended version of Bukkit and adds support for multiple worlds.

    I don't have a good connection, so I can't host a beta server. If someone wants to test it for me, that would be good! I run a popular Minecraft Classic CTF server with a lot of players that I could send your way.
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    Version 1.3:
    • Added /ctfgoto, so ops can go to the CTF map to build without joining a team.
    • Commands now show up in /help if you're using Essentials
    • Non-ops can now only use CTF commands while in the CTF world. This should prevent most conflicts with other plugins.
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    please update to latest recommended CB (if it works now)
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    I built from the source zip, which is prolly pretty old (no multi-world?) but it seems to be working on 860. FWIW :)

    (Magic + CTF = teh awesome)
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    You still need to update to latest RB

    Chris :cool:
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    I want to give a little shout-out to this plugin, hopefully the dev is not MIA :)

    I took the (outdated?) source code from the zip in the OP and have built with it what I think is an extremely fun little CTF variant I like to call "Wizard's CTF". It's heavily inspired by TF2- I basically added a class system to your CTF mod that uses my Magic plugin for the class abilities.

    @Jacob_, I hope you like it- I'd love to share/publish the source code at some point, but I wasn't sure how you'd feel about that. I was originally going to make my own CTF plugin specifically for Magic, but yours was so complete that I was able to get this up and running with only about an hour's worth of work. Thanks for that! :D PM me to chat about it, if you want.

    Also- come play!


    Free to all, as always- just use "/silver" or "/gold" to jump in a game. I'd love to play some time!
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    Been a coupla weeks since Jacob signed in, I guess. I'm gonna put my modified CTF source on github- if you hate me for it, let me know, I'll pull it down.
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    posted 6 weeks ago, still no update, inactive
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    You need to make an update for this plugin so that the people in-game cant take off the iron or gold block, because if they do they cant put it back on and then you cant tell which team they are on
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    It would be great if it would be possible to change the race within a battle. Maybe when you put the signs to choos the race in the spawn area. I tried it, but than you do not get the whool to capture the flag. It will be very nice, when you have a idea for a quick fix :D
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    Umm download?
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    srsly? This plugin is in the Inactive/Unsupported bin.

    If you want something that is active/supported, try War
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    Download link broken D:
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    I cant download it! :'( [creeper]

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