[FUN] Citizens v2.0.11 - Human NPCs for Bukkit [1.7.2]

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    Citizens - Human NPCs for Bukkit
    Version: 2.0.11
    Authors: @fullwall and @aPunch
    Source: Citizens on GitHub

    Citizens is now on BukkitDev

    This thread will no longer be updated. We encourage you to use our page on BukkitDev. You can find information, links to our wiki and website, and the download page there.

    Showing Your Support

    We work hard to maintain Citizens. We've been working on Citizens2 around the clock on new and exciting features. A little motivation never hurts, so feel free to donate to us - fullwall and aPunch.

    If you can't donate, we appreciate a "hello" every now and then. Stop by the IRC channel #citizens on irc.esper.net to discuss Citizens and give thanks!
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    Well you can count my vote in and Release it. Also, I am a little confused, if you already have this available, why do you need votes to release it when EVERYONE has already been begging for it. (Ya gotta love mindgames)

    This is honestly getting ridiculous, people have been begging and even offering money for a plugin you already have available. Now it seems your dangling it over our heads like a piece of meat watching the dogs sit and drool.

    Now I am starting to think that your plugin is not worth all this frustration, so I will just keep my money.

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    It's already been released.
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    I don't understand what you mean waiting for votes?
    The polls on the wiki are the developers checking to see where peoples interest lies in the community.
    They are currently working very hard to release traders, the time taken to release it is due to the complicated coding and mass features. Regardless of votes they are still developing? :S
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    I've noticed some problems related to this plugin.. it seems to be generating a lot of lag. I have maybe 30+ NPCs roughly and things grind to a slow crawl when you're within sight of them.. seems to be causing alot of trouble server wide. Am I alone in this or is anybody else experiencing this? There's no severes that I've noticed, just... generally BAD lag. Once the plugin is disabled, everything goes back to being fine.
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    Hi there,

    sorry but Citizens causes a lot of laggs on my server.
    Currently I am usign 1.07i.


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    I downloaded the update and it forced anyone within a distance of the npc's to crash and essentially be banned indefinitely. I'm done with this plugin... It's just not viable any longer to wait for updates or endure these sorts of errors. Thank you, developer, for all your time - I enjoyed it for a good while... but you've got a long ways to go it seems before this plugin is truly worth this trouble.

    Edit: NPCX is in worse shape than this plugin it seems, which means Citizens is the last real option for us here. I don't even care if the new stuff comes, I just want simple talking to work - and if possible I'd also like to see more text options. It's hard to make them tell about quests in one line : / - Perhaps uQuest hooking? That might be cool, especially if it's not random!
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    lol, this plugin. It's been saying all sorts of different npc's are yet to come for MONTHS. Guys, nothing more will ever be done with this plugin more likely than not. Thats my opinion and observation anyway.
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    oh my bad. 8 cores x 4 = 32. the server actually for java development. So, I'm also using it for my minecraft server.

    Btw, there's another update on Citizens right?
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    Is there a way to find out what skin players are using? Otherwise all the NPCs will just have the default skin.
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    No The only way to know is if you see them and see there skin
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    Yes there is a new update but it is a beta so not everything works
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    The author went on hiatus recently, I believe, and has been working on it with progress updates as of recently as well. I hardly would say this is going nowhere... I will say I have also been disappointed with the progression, however, as the title which says "coming soon" leads us to believe we are days away, when in reality yes, it's been two months. -.-

    I'm not too picky here, i'd just like a working version at this point. 1.07i does not qualify right now, however I may have to just wipe my database (and so will anyone else) so that the unexpected string error message does not appear. I believe it has to do with the changes Notch made to the character limit, and the fact the developer has not installed some sort of failsafe to block or edit our existing saved npc files.

    Yeah here we go, fullwall already commented on this (I wish he would put it in the OP, though):
    Edit: So this plugin seemingly generates a TON of lag which eventually kicks everyone off your server every 5 minutes at it's current state... I fixed the names only to encounter this, so suffice to say this is just not worth using until it is fixed further.
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    Thanks for your reply :) Hopefully it's not too far off.
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    Can someone point me in the location of where to find the trader commands?
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    say the trader command is not yet implemented
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    Ok Thanks
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    No Problem
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    @fullwall put it up to a vote because he knew there would be features that didn't work, but he wanted to know if the public wanted it anyway. Sure enough, the same people that were begging for it are now complaining about lag and bugs.

    I'm amazed fullwall, thempc, and NeonMaster still continue development of this plugin when a lot of its userbase is filled with ignorant whiners. Oh, I know why! Because they develop plugins as a hobby! That means they do all of this great work in their spare time. Of course there will be bugs and of course not everyone will be happy with it. They can't monitor all of these bugs 24/7 because it's not their job. If you did end of paying the dev team your money, which I doubt you would have done anyway, it isn't really enough to get a working version out. Developing takes time. Money does not equal time.

    I'm seriously glad that my plugins are not as popular as Citizens. If they were, I would have to deal with people like you.
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    Everyone, I'm sorry if progress has been slow, or disappointing, to you all. As some have pointed out, I have indeed been away for some weeks, and was asked by you all to release an early build to have compatibility with 1.5. I have been extremely busy both with life and my other plugins, so development may at times be slow, as @aPunch said, programming is a hobby, not a job. Citizens has always been a somewhat CPU-intensive plugin, and requires at least decent hardware. I will be working to alleviate the lag eventually, but until then, please make sure that the settings which may reduce lag are taken notice of (particularly tick-delay and save-tick-delay). I would recommend save-tick-delay be at least 72,000, which is the new default. Features take time. Plain and simple. Traders are nearly done, but I do have exams coming up soon, and they are not the sole focus of my life. Please be patient.
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    Well lets hope that if you ever get really good plugins, that you will be at least have more courtesy then the rest of the Devs, and TELL people your plans, and actually STICK to them so they don't take your word for and and buy a $500 server that is virtually useless without your great plugins. In other words, if you ever plan to create a SUPPLY then EXPECT DEMAND to follow, otherwise don't bother to start.

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    Thank you for letting us know what is going on, I appreciate the effort.

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    Benjamin Allen

    I really don't think you owe anyone an appology! I think it's a great addition to my server and If I have to do without, I'm prepared for it. Everything we work with is BETA right now. It's all a test... actually, the minecraft server isn't even really beta it's just there. So we have a really good toy that everyone needs to stop treating like WoW or some non-indie game because it's all a glorious BETA that is very fun and worth it. :)

    The fact that Mojang is still developing means that plugin devs are constantly developing. They sweat in anticipation for the next set of changes they have to deal with and it doesn't help much that everyone gets impatient... I know what Christmas is like as a kid, LOL! For what it's worth I really like the progress you are making and I personally can't wait to see what you get done once the mod development becomes more open ended.
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    If anyone wants to help development time be sped up, then please, we are always looking for developers. PM me, etc.
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    Seriously man you are doing a great job all of you!!! I can't even imagine all the hard work that must go into making and keeping this plugin up to date. Even on top of all of real life stuff and finals ick! Don't let the whinners and complainers get you down. This has been one of my favorite plugins to just play around with on my server. I knew there was going to be so much more to it so I just was using it more or less for fun, and was so happy when you changed it to an id based system. Made my day! Anyways do what you got to do first and get to the plugin when ever you have time that you wish to spend on it, there are those of us that do understand. Good luck on your exams!
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    IDK...I follow this because I'm doing a LOT of pre-build before I release my server into the wild. SO much of my work's centered around NPC merchants, as opposed to the usual dry chest shop economy. It might be NPCX or it might be this.

    Citizens has so much promise. I'm looking forward to the traders, guards, hopefully pathing eventually, and MySQL support would be nice. (it'd cut a lot of the lag, I think)
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    Lol at this guy...
    good thing someone held a gun to your head and said "buy a $500 server..."

    These are devs and they're doing it for fun. Same goes for the bukkit team. The word "FREE" comes up...lol
    This may look like a troll post, but I'm sorry. Truth hurts.

    I would have given my 5 hundo to the Bukkit team. Congrats to them. Congrats to Citizens too.
    What a bad deal.... what a really bad deal that purchase was.

    Btw.... Bukkit and it's plugins are free and spotty on support. If you can't handle that, "don't bother to start."
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    Some of the things you said earlier I disagreed with, and I hesitated to post not wanting to start an argument.
    How wrong I was about you. Could not agree with that paragraph more.
    And I can support Citizens on a hamachi windows 7 server on my laptop...
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    I have a flaw and sometimes I come off as hypocritical. I'm almost positive I've felt the same way before as the guy I responded to. I'm sure someone could look into my posts and pull something up almost exacly like what he said.

    Times change though, and I've seen quite a bit on these forums. Yeah, we all get upset. We need to understand though, that as upset as we may get~ We're all on the same team. We all have a life. This Dev team has taken a while time to release their updates, but who am I to judge.

    I was only upset earlier when we received the quick patch for 1.5. Again, someone from our "team/community" offered it up as a solution until the official build was ready. I didn't want his efforts shot down just because some admins (the special ones), might not keep a backup of their data.

    Thanks for not calling me a hypocrite right away. lol, I know this...
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    Can some help me with this:
    Received string length longer than maximum allowed (
    Thats what shows when I join, I added 4 npc (all made my myself) then that happened



    I'm running build 740 and I'm on mac
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    You have an NPC with a name longer than 16 characters. You'll have to edit it in the Citizens.locations file to be shorter (I'm guessing you made it in an earlier version before the check was added.)

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