[FUN] Citizens v2.0.11 - Human NPCs for Bukkit [1.7.2]

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    Citizens - Human NPCs for Bukkit
    Version: 2.0.11
    Authors: @fullwall and @aPunch
    Source: Citizens on GitHub

    Citizens is now on BukkitDev

    This thread will no longer be updated. We encourage you to use our page on BukkitDev. You can find information, links to our wiki and website, and the download page there.

    Showing Your Support

    We work hard to maintain Citizens. We've been working on Citizens2 around the clock on new and exciting features. A little motivation never hurts, so feel free to donate to us - fullwall and aPunch.

    If you can't donate, we appreciate a "hello" every now and then. Stop by the IRC channel #citizens on irc.esper.net to discuss Citizens and give thanks!
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    mana-regen-item: '348'
    interact-item: '*'

    Why wont this work? My npcs go away when i do '*'
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    How do I disable /npc tp? I don't want to have to recompile it without that command...
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    I logged in to find that some jerk pushed all my NPC Shopkeepers into holes. How do I disable them from being moved?
    I see this, but not sure what any of these numbers mean.
    max-stationary: '25'
    max-pathing: '-1'
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    My citizens wont save the toggled type... after ever reboot they revert to a standard npc, no errors or anything. Here is my citizens.yml config.
            default-bouncer-protection-radius: '5'
            pathfinding: '16'
            look: '4'
            '30': Cobweb
            '35': Cloth
        item-list-on: 'true'
            select-items: '*'
            talk-items: 340,
            give-health-item: '84'
            take-health-item: '3'
            mana-regen-item: '348'
            interact-item: '288'
            respawn-delay: '100'
            health-regen-increment: '12000'
            mana-regen-rate: '6000'
            save-often: 'true'
            use-task: 'true'
            delay: '72000'
            max-stationary: '25'
            max-pathing: '-1'
            right-click-pause: '70'
            delay: '1'
            npcs-per-player: '1'
            enable-following: 'false'
            talk-when-close: 'false'
        convert-old: 'false'
            pay-for-heal: 'true'
            regen-health: 'true'
        debug-mode: 'true'
            use-npc-colours: 'true'
            npc-colour: 2
            max-mana: '100'
            regen-mana: 'true'
            wizard-max-locations: '10'
            selection-message: <g>You selected <y><npc><g> (ID <y><npcid><g>).
            slashes-to-spaces: 'true'
            default-text: Hello.;How are you today?;Having a nice day?;Good weather today.;Stop hitting me!;I'm bored.;
            creation-message: <g>The NPC <y><npc><g> was born!
            format: '[%name%]: '
            quick-select: 'false'
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    I am still running an older version of Citizens, last time we upgraded it caused constant crashing due to memory leaks. Has this problem been fixed? I love this addon, and the admins have endless fun with it. Keep up the awesome work :D
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    I would also like to add that the NPCs that are not visible are not the same culprits that used to despawn (these particular npcs have previously had no problem), but it is always the same ones that become invisible. I have noticed it affecting only 2 of my 40 odd npcs so far but thought it important to report because it is definitely a new problem after the most recent fix that (has definitely) resolved the despawning issue.
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    @ferretlegs - hmmmm... can you narrow it down to a specific point when it happens? Also, I'd say that the specific npcs that despawn would be outside the spawn chunk protection radius.
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    Hi Fullwall, I would like to clarify that no npcs are despawning now at all, the original problem is resolved. The new problem is that two npcs (not the usual suspects that used to despawn but two new ones) are still there but not visible. This is completely different to the despawn issue where the npc was definitely gone, these npcs are still there and still speak when you get within 4 blocks or whatever, you just cant see them. So its the character model that is gone, not the npc. So to be specific, previously npcs were gone because you could not use /npc select idno whereas now you can. This has never happened before so I think despawn is fixed, its a visibility thing for some reason. Hope this clarifies.
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    @ferretlegs - yes, but do you have any idea when this happens? Also, do they appear once you relog?
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    I had a few NPCs disappear aswell but a relog brought them back.
    A few relogs later i noticed another one gone, not sure if he's back yet.

    To be honest im not 100% sure if im running 1.0.9c ór the last test version you posted in this topic, just before you put up 1.0.9c.
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    @fullwall Ok using latest version you linked in post #6125

    After starting up the server with the new Citizens jar but keeping existing profiles and settings (from 1.0.9b or slightly more recent) i get this:

    I think Pathing is an issue mostly?

    I've edited the npc-profiles.yml in meantime and removed waypoints on the one NPC that had them (aaaww) and rebooted the server. No more errors!
    Just hope i did the coords correct so i can find that npc again later :p
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    was wondering if someone could post a folder with citizens working in it. kinda like a premade server. thanks
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    There should be a option for bounty for killing evil NPCs
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    Why won't this work, (interact-item: '*') for wizards? And can you make wizards unlimited mana?

    Also where are list of permission nodes and color IDS for npcs? I know the wiki has a few but there's got to be more.
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    Agreed !!!
    totally we need * as an interact-item with wizard and infinite mana !
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    Setting armor seems to have no visible effect (relogging, restarting doesn't help) on 1.0.9c and CB955-977-992. Looks like npc-profiles is not updated at all. Boots do work correctly.

    Also I failed while grepping source for "body".
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    Both features added for v1.0.9d.
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    What do landlords do? Are they going to be fully included in the next update?

    Also, does this plugin support multiworld? I went to one of my other worlds only to find out that my npcs were gone in the main world.
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    Landlords will not be included in the next update. I don't think they'll ever be implemented, I decided that I should focus less on new types and more on ironing out the current types.

    Citizens supports multiworld. There is a bug in v1.0.9c where NPCs disappear under certain circumstances. This will be fixed in v1.0.9d.
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    why does my npcs despawn when i restart the server?:confused:
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    Same here
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    Found a bug, When trying to create or move an npc on top of an iron block he falls into it.
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    I had the npc gone on restart problem and what solved that for me was you have to make sure the server has write permissions for the npc-profiles files. I am using linux server.

    Not to mention user and group permissions if not starting it from root.
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    Not cool that NPCs talk to you even when you enter the room above/below them, talk-close code should check head levels or something.
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    Hi there. How can I make an NPC type a command, like an Admin would. I use the xLevel plugin, and This is what I want the NPC to do.

    "Hi, I am Po1ntBlank. I own this server, and am also a renowned Priest."
    "Oh, you want to become a priest? Are you sure?"
    "Okay, just bring me an apple, a porkchop, and a stick."
    "Here we go!"
    And then its as if an admin types /xl setclass <THERENAME> Priest

    I read alot about the Wiki, so I think I can make a quest, but I am unsure. Please help, thanks :D
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    how do you set the server to write the permissions for the npc-profiles files thanks.
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    ok.. typing with a really messed up hand, (saved a rather ungrateful kitten who rewarded me with a bunch of infectious bites) so please forgive me for mistakes. first off, @fullwall & team, thanks for the great plugin and working with us to resolve bugs.. Still say you need to harrass mixxit to join the team. ;b

    alright, so, 109c seems to be working great for me, only a few random despawns, However for the most part, making sure i issue a cititzens save prior to shutdowns seems to do the trick for saving them, I just have to move them to their location again. Not a big deal.

    however, one bug i've found, that you really don't want to hear about, but I thought I'd share for you and others. Is if you make a bodyguard, teleport to another world.. adn then dismiss teh npc.. Then npc disapears properly, but then the server thinks they are an actual player on the server, showing the npc name in the user list and all. Not a problem, but an interesting side affect. It's actually kind of handy for bumping up your user count if it's something you are interested in.

    I also have random npcs appearing in our mainworld that were setup for secondary worlds (skylands in my case). Again, simple fix of just moving them back to the proper world/location.

    beyond this, I haven't seen any errors, console or in game. can't wait to see 1.09d. :D

    I also, do not use the evil npc's.. I have no idea if that might be why i'm not seeing the issues others are.

    And I've seen no issues with the pathing that others have? I started completely fresh on my citizens install, and haven't had any issue with pathing. Now I do put in alot of paths to make sure my npcs stay clear of my railways as I use MCM and have the carts set to push everyone/thing out of their way.
    I'd urge some of you guys who have issues with the paths to try setting MORE spots closer together for your npc paths and see if you're still having issues?
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    I found (if you have a multiworld setup) that moving the npc to another world, and moving it back to where you want it makes the armor appear. Twice I've had to move the npc twice before I'd see all of the armor.
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    I have use iconomy true and the plugin still says that the server don't have a iconomy plugin :S
    I really want the trader to works =)
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    When creating NPCs as an admin, I don't need to actually have yellow flowers in my inventory while changing NPC type with toggle requires that. It would be nice if the behaviour was more consistent for admins (at best, not requiring any actual price at all from admins)

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