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    Telesocial v.1.4 for Bukkit v.1.2.5 UPDATED 5.12.12

    Fun, free group calling in Minecraft, US Mobile phones only.

    Connect to our **public Bukkit server** and check it out: **minecraft.telesocial.com**

    1. log into our server at mc.telesocial.com
    2. do /phone register <phonenumber> where the number is in country code + number format i.e. 1xxxxxxxxxx
    3. call me! really! /phone call pappastone

    Now you can make conference calls and even group or 1 to 1 call any player on the server anytime (they don't have to be online!)

    You can also block and unblock players so they can't call you anymore...

    New feature to list all players on the server who you can call as well.

    (we think this is pretty awesome...)

    1. Just download our Bukkit Plugin and install, likewise you can get the full source code and use it in anything you like:


    2. Go to https://dev.telesocial.com and sign up and generate a Minecraft key for your server

    3. Go into your server and configure your app key

    /phone set appkey (enter app key here, this is the key that you got from Telesocial)

    4. Configure the API endpoint (this is the same for everyone)

    /phone set baseurl https://api.telesocial.com/api/rest/

    5. All set! Now each of your server users needs to register their phone number using the simple /phone command:

    /phone register 14152312312 (press enter, your phone will ring and you will have to press "1" to activate your phone)

    6. Start a Call or Join a Call

    To start a call, you have to give it a conference name like so:

    /phone start myconference starts a conference called 'myconference", then your phone rings, press "1" to join

    /phone join myconference others can join using this simple command, then their phones ring and press "1" to join

    The TeleSocial Plugin lets you started and join conference calls within your server. Simply install the plugin and configure with the Telesocial API key and URL..

    * /phone set appkey <appkey> setting for the plugin to use your appkey from Telesocial
    * /phone set baseurl <url> setting for the plugin to use our api endpoint
    * /phone register <phonenumber> register your phone US mobile 1XXXXXXXXXX format
    * /phone start <conferencename> starts a conference
    * /phone join <conferencename> joins a conference
    * /phone call <player1> <player2> <player3>.... calls a list of players -- anywhere!
    * /phone list returns a list of all the players on the server who can be called
    * /phone block <player> blocks a player from calling you
    * /phone unblock <player> unblocks a player so they can call you
    * /phone unregister removes you from the calling system so you can't be called anymore..or make calls
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    now that's cool! Not sure how many people would be willing to give up their phone # tho

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