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    Taboo - Making words taboo ( jar)
    Version: 0.2.2
    This is a very small plugin I designed to combat swearing, flamewars and overused memes on my server. While some people are strongly opposed to things like language filters, I like the ability to deter users from starting flamewars. It's also fun to set saying the word "Voldemort" to spawn zombies at the player's location.

    • Configurable word bans and punishments
    • Punishments can be: strike with lightning, spawn 3 zombies, spawn giant or kick
    • Permissions can be used to apply a word filter to a group of people.
    • Flexible configuration.
    • Ability to have taboo words replaced with asterisks.

    Jar link

    Version 0.2.2
    • Changed permissions to use an includePermission and an excludePermission
    • Added explode to possible actions
    • Added word substitution patterns (have taboo word replaced with another)
    Version 0.2
    • Changed configuration format
    • Added the censor option, which replaces taboo words with asterisks.
    • Added Permissions support.
    Version 0.1
    • Released plugin.
    Future Features:
    • More actions (suggestions welcome)
    • Actions able to take parameters
    • More flexible program structure allowing for others to add their own actions.
    • In-game commands to modify Taboos.

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    The config.yml must be created manually at the time being (Taboo/config.yml in your plugins directory).

    The format is as follows:

        - <action1>
        - <action2>
        - <bannedword1>
        - <bannedword2>
        excludePermission: <permissionNode>
        includePermission: <permissionNode>
    The tabooname can be anything and is not used by any part of the code. It's just there to help you organize things. It is required.

    These list what happens when someone breaks the taboo. The current actions are:
    lightning: strike the player with a bolt of lightning
    kick: kick the player
    giant: spawn a giant at the players location
    zombies: spawn three zombies at the players location
    explode: an explosion at the player's position, half the strength of TNT

    These are the words that are searched for. Each word is searched for in a player's message, ignoring case.
    If you set "word" to be taboo, it will match against "sword","password","crossword", etc. If you want it to only match word, define as follows:
    - '(^|\W)word(\W|$)'
    Also, you can define a pattern that will replace the taboo word with another word. To do this define the pattern like so:
    - 's/rofl/rolling on the floor laughing/'
    This will replace "rofl" with rolling on the floor laughing in the player's message before it is displayed.

    Permissions are checked using the new, built in Bukkit Permissions. There are no plans to make this compatible with older permissions plugins.
    The node you specify will be prepended with "taboo.", so if you set the excludePermission to be "admin", the permission a user would need is "taboo.admin".
    If no includePermission is specified it will default to applying to everyone.

        - lightning
        - obama
        - glenn beck
        censor: true
        permission: nopolitics
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    Right now I don't have the plugin generate a config file, as I don't think there really any good defaults. Since this has come up a few times now the next version will auto-generate a configuration file if none exist. In the meantime you can create the configuration file manually.
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    How do you add more ban words then??
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    The readme in my first post explains how to configure the plugin.
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    this is the best plugin for censore ever make for bukkit xD (change 1000 with 1060 or 1000+ 1060)
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    I like your plugin for the regex. It makes it easier for me because I can easily allow words that may otherwise be seen as a swear with other plugins.

    I'd like more options on the actions, though. Lightning, explosion, and zombies are all griefable, kick is too harsh, in my opinion, for bad language, and giant doesn't do much. It may even encourage swearing. The first three are griefable because a player can run into a group of other players, swear, and inflict damage on the surrounding players. Would it be possible to get some additional actions? My suggestions would be message, damage, fine, jail, ignite, and hide (stop the chat message from being sent).

    Though I don't use Bukkit's permissions system, your plugin has given me no trouble and it's working very well!
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    @Foxtrot200 So far the actions have mostly been jokes. I planned on adding message, damage and a teleport (these I planned on waitning until I added the ability to have actions with parameters). Also, considering adding a temporary suspension of permissions on a user (though I haven't looked at this enough to actually plan it yet). Fine, ignite and hide are definitely good ideas that will go onto the list, thanks for the suggestions.
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    You should allow the mod to replace the swear word ( or any bad word) to something like "I am stupid" or such, which will be configured in the config file.
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    There is already a way to have the taboo word replaced with something else. It's actually possible to use regular expressions to match and replace the entire sentence with something else. I had inadvertently done this by screwing up my regex filters. I believe it worked something like this in the Taboo config file:
    Where word is the taboo word and *** is the replacement text.

    This was the result of me trying to directly transfer a censor list I had made for an IRC bot to Taboo.
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    Hi @ASCIIDuck ,

    There's a server log message which appears every time someone chats;

    "[INFO] Doing onPlayerChat in TCL"
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    Sorry, that was me testing something and then completely forgetting to remove the debug message. I've uploaded a new jar that won't spam your server log, links are updated in the first post.
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    Brilliant plugin!

    One improvement I would love would be a 'executecommand' action. Maybe the confit would look like this:

    - lightning
    - obama
    - glenn beck
    censor: true
    permission: nopolitics
    command(if action is present): /example command

    This would be great for me as it would let me have more freedom and flexibility with this plugin!
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    i did this:
           - f***
           - sh**
           - pr***
            censor: true
            permission: noswearing
    but i actually did put swear words and i didnt put any etc.
    is that right?
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    A suggestion - "damage health"

    Lightning is annoying as it keep striking people around the player who cursed. Same goes for explosions. I need something that will only directly affect the player - a configurable reduction of health would be perfect
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    This is mine: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    Mathew Alden

    I just had a great idea for a new punishment. :D You should make it so that people get teleported to coordinates or other worlds. This would allow things like this:
    1. Jail. You make an bedrock jail at, say, 10,0,10. Then you have swearing people get teleported to 10,0,10. There would be an admin command to teleport them back to the default spawn, or you could have it on a configurable timer.
    2. Hell. You could make swearing people get teleported to the nether (or any other world specified.) There would also have to be a way to go back without a portal incase they were sent to a seperate overworld and the server didn't have some sort of gate plugin...

    U like?
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    please make a temporary banning thing like when they say a word that's on the list they get banned for several minutes/hours/days!

    (Just a suggestion!)
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    Thanks for the excellent plugin !!

    This is just what I needed to help administer a server with a lot of younger players who had the odd older friend online from time to time :)

    So I had a bit of fun and added a regex search string for letter combinations/substitutions of a few swear words and used lightning, zombies, giants, etc plus changing the words they typed. I am guessing that in the end the embarrassment of some of the things that were substituted will wind up being the most effective, and even if they are ignored, at least it keeps language at an acceptable level for the younger folks.

    I was thinking though that the ability to run a server level command (e.g. switch off creative mode) would be useful. Also the ability to run multiple commands, or have multiple repeats of a command, would be really helpful.

    Any chance that these could these find their way into the next release ??
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    I'm not getting any config file of some sort at all.
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    When I reload my server it doesn't generate a config file in the plugins directory. Am I doing something wrong? ):

    What should I name the YAML File that I create in the Plugins folder?

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    Are you going to be moving this to BukkitDev and updating for newer versions? This has been my favorite tool for controlling bad language on my server. My players don't want to take the damage or risk setting their wood items on fire.

    Love this plugin. If you decide not to continue it, I hope you'll let someone else take over. Thanks.
  24. It seems that the config file does not appear in 1.5.1 or am I missing something?

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