Inactive [FUN/CHAT] PvP Titles - Get Titles for killing players [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    Version: v1.2.7

    This plugin is based on the Hero titles from Guild Wars.
    The PvP title reflects a player's success in defeating other players. You can setup easily the amount of ranks / fame per rank and soon fame per kill

    For more informations go to bukkitdev.

    • Get new Titles on Player kills
    • Set your own Titles and their Fame amount
    • One simple command for all your desires /rank
    • /rank - Displays your info
    • /ladder - Shows top 5 players with fame
    How to install the plugin?
    • Download the newest version of the plugin.
    • Setup your Config File. Here are the instructions.
    Demonstration Video


    latest version from dev.bukkit (may need some time to get approved)
    latest version from Dropbox (always up2date and fast)

    New version 1.2.7
    • Prefix fix
    old version 1.2.6
    • Update for latest RB
    See the full Changelog here.
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    This is Pretty dauum good.
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    Latest version fixes chat formatting - still waiting for approval on bukkitdev and ready to download at dropbox.
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    How much fame do you get for killing players?
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    Have a look on the bukkit dev page here. You can find there the default values.
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    Yeah. Found.

    Does it set as prefix or only works via command /rank ?
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    The prefix will assigned automatically to your name if you reached the required fame amount.
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    Can I also set fame zero ? Do I need supporting plugins like iChat or mChat?
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    You don't need any plugin at all. The plugin is standalone, which means it wont need anything else.

    And if you mean with "set fame zero" that you can have a standard title with zero fame, it will be possible in the next version because that is apparently bugged right now.
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    Hey guys i need someone who is really good with permissions who can help me
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    Is there an option to make it a suffix?
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    Could you maybe give us a link to your source code by any chance? Don"t have to update it just give it out once. I wanna change a couple things in the code for my server
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    Nope, if you make a request that I would agree to, you would get your feature maybe otherwise make your own plugin.
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    Does this work with the plugin War? I tested it out and it didn't seem to increase each time I killed a player.
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    I think a Command to increase your fame lvl would be cool, and also maybe an option to make this with mobs. :)
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    There will be no fame points for mobs, because it is a PvP plugin and not PvE, it would also take the fun to reach the max title and be the one with the most kills.

    There is also no need to set fame points (how dare you want to cheat) at the moment the points are stored in the player files where you could change them but it may change in the future with encryption.
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    Could you plz make admins be able to set their title so they could be regarded by other players as all powerful
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    Very nice Plugin but as I have HeadAdmin this sie changes on ragne Hero and not widac HeadAdmina and and as I have on green this and he writes on he can not the morning byc green on e.g. In red and nick so as put have on Yellow because takto the rank the player changes sie on Hero and all he is on what green even writes as you can somehow help I ask write.
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    What is the point in cheating? As a Admin you are already powerful and can do whatever you want. There's just no point in that.

    That's barely readable. I guess you have some problems with colors?
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    So, is it a Prefix?

    Also, is there an option to make it a suffix instead?
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    That's not clearly stated make a big link to the man page of the dev page saying more information here.
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    I really like this plugin and how you can configure the titles as well, but I have a plugin request I guess? Is there anyway you could make the exact same thing, but with mob kills? As in can you create a plugin that gives a player titles for how many mobs killed in such? I would really appreciate that. It's just a suggestion/ idea, thanks.
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    I have an Idea! If you wanna work with Spout, You should make a "LEVEL UP" sound/announcement.
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    No.This is a PvP plugin and I don't care about monsters and PvE.

    Could be nice, but I only work with bukkit and not spout.
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    I just want to request that you add a feature in where you can cap the honor gained, so people can't just farm ranks with their friend. A way to do so is cap it like they do in Guild Wars, they get kills and it ramps up every time they kill someone, max amount of kills you can get a day would be settable in the config. Then have an option to have it reset every x amount of hours, x being another config input, 0 would be default so people who get the plugin and don't want to cap it don't have to. but it gives the option to those who do, to cap it.
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    Any news on when this will be released for 1.3.1?
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    Most of the plugins still work with the 1.3 dev build. This plugin does also work.
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    Great plugin, using on my server.
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