[FUN/CHAT] iEmotions 1.2 - Funny Emotions! /icry, /iangry, /ihappy, /ijizz [1337]

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    iEmotions v1.2
    Funny Emotions!

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    iEmotions is developed by AGM7 and xravenz!

    iEmotions. The new way to get your point across with emotions! How does it work? You type a command, for example /icry. Then, everyone understands how your feeling. It broadcasts "Player is crying!" for everyone to see! This is my first plugin, and I would like to thank Darkman2412 and Stuu for helping me out!

    1. Place iEmotions.jar into your plugins folder
    2. Start/Reload your server
    3. DONE! Enjoy!

    /icry -- Player is crying!
    /ihappy -- Player is happy!
    /iangry -- Player is angry!
    /ijizz -- Player is jizzing!
    /idie -- Player is dying!
    /ifail -- Player is failing!
    /iwin -- Player is winning!
    /ilaugh -- Player is laughing!
    /imeow -- Player is meowing!
    /iscared -- Player is scared!
    /ihigh -- Player is high!
    /ihate -- Player is hating!
    /irage -- Player is raging!
    /iafk -- Player is AFK!
    /iumad -- uMad bro?

    To Be Added:
    Permissions Support
    /ipissed -- Player is pissed
    /iannoyed -- Player is annoyed
    /irofl -- Player is rofling
    /ilol -- Player is loling
    /ilmao -- Player is laughing their ass off
    /ifart Player is farting
    /ibored -- Player is bored
    /isleep -- Player is sleeping
    /itroll -- Player is trolling
    /ismoke -- Player is smoking.
    /iroll -- Player is rolling
    /ihungry -- Player is hungry
    /ithirsty -- Player is thirsty
    /ibusy -- Player is busy
    /itired -- Player is tired
    /isleep -- Player is sleepy
    /ieat -- Player is eating
    /irelax -- Player is relaxing
    /irun -- Player is running
    /ifight -- player is fighting
    /iwin -- Player is winning
    /iaddicted -- player is addicted
    /isad -- Player is sad
    /ihomicidal -- Player is homicidal
    /iannoyed -- Player is annoyed
    /ipissed -- Player is pissed
    /idizzy -- Player is dizzy
    /iconfused -- Player is confused

    Version 1.2
    * 1.8.1 update
    * Added /iumad and /iafk

    Version 1.1

    Added :
    /ifail -- Player is failing!
    /iwin -- Player is winning!
    /ilaugh -- Player is laughing!
    /imeow -- Player is meowing!
    /iscared -- Player is scared!
    /ihigh -- Player is high!
    /ihate -- Player is hating!
    /irage -- Player is raging!

    Version 1.0
    Plugin released to public.
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    Moved to releases
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    the link isn't working....
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    I will fix it ASAP. I am currently without home internet and power due to the storm, but I will fix whenever it comes back on. Sorry!
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    Please add permissions
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    whats the link to download this

    site is down

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    Fixed. Sorry for the wait.
    Working on it, I've been extremely busy.
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    Otherwise it looks like a great plugin!
  11. Pictures or videos would be nice ^^
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    Nice plugin. Looking forward to the phrases on ur list to be added.

    Any chance of allowing us to make others say it? like /icry <username>
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    What about the ability to make our own, like in a list txt file

    Edit: Also, iscared, iafk, and iumad give me "Unknown command"
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    You can upload on BukkitDev!
    So i have created Logo
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    perms (pex) would be most appreciated on this. Looks like a lot of fun. Great idea. When perms come I'll give it a whirl.
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    Awesome plugin! Expresses my power in my server. Haha

    But if you could make a config.yml for us to add stuff. Or can you tell us approximately when you'll update. Awesome stuff!
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    He hasnt been on since the beginning of Nov, i think its kind of dead :/
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    Please update this!
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    Please update this to 1.2.5, would love this on my server :)
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    Please update to 1.2.5 ! This seems like an awesome plugin but I can't put it on until you update ! :(
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    Hey, ASJDevelopers I have moved your plugin to the inactive subforum. You have not updated your plugin in awhile. If you choose to update in the future, make sure you've updated and tested your plugin with the latest RB. Then you can report your plugin (report button on the bottom of your post) saying that it has been updated. The plugin will get moved back ASAP as long as it matches the submission guidelines.

    Thank you :)
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    I forgot the password to the account (one of the developers). I'm going to be reviving this project. I will post a new submission for it and just post the link here for those interested. Expect the first release soon (I've gotten better at coding!)

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