Inactive [FUN/CHAT] Force Chat v3.0 - Force Messages on Players [1000]

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    Plugin Name: ForceChat
    Version: 3.0
    Description: Force Players to Send Text to the Chat.
    CB Build: #1000

    Have you ever wanted to make a Griefer say something, or just embarrass them on your Server? Well then, Force Chat can do that. Force Chat allows you to attach to any Player THAT IS on the Server, and allows you to make them say whatever you want.


    • Force Players to send Text.
    • Force Players to execute Commands.
    • Uses Permissions (Defaults to Op)
    Pemerission Nodes

    • forcechat.use - Allows a player to Send Messages
    Download: Here

    • Add to where you can force /me on Players
    • Add a Mute feature so you can mute a Player, but still make them talk.
    • Add a Block Permission Node to block certain Players from being Attached.
    • None
    Version 3.0 - 06/24/11
    • Fixed the bug if the Player isn't online.
    • Fixed the bug if a User did /force or /fraw without having a Player Defined.
    Version 2.0 - 06/22/11
    • Added /fraw Command
    Version 0.1 - 06/22/11
    • Plugin Release
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    Awesome plugin just what I've been looking for thanks!

    EDIT: Works without issues truly a marvelous little plugin here.
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    Now THIS is a plugin with real use. Good work. :)
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    Thanks :)
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    David T.

    I get "an internal error occurred while attemting to perform this command" This happens with every command in this plugin except for /fc by itself, which just shows you a list of the commands. Those commands give me the error, even though the player is online.
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    That error only appears when the Player you put is not on the Server. I need to fix that. And if you try to do /fraw or /force without being attached to a Player, it shows the same Error. Being fixed in the next Update.

    Updated to 3.0 ~~PLEASE UPDATE!~~

    • Fixed when a User trys to attach to a Player, and the Player is offline.
    • Fixed when a User does /force or /fraw and they haven't defined a Player.

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    David T.

    ok thanks. I thought it was weird that nobody else was having problems LOL
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    best plugin ever to troll other players
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    There's nothing I love more than abusing my users, and you've just made it infinitesimally easier. Thanks! :-D
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    Yea same here :p Thanks
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    A few questions:
    1. Why the dedicated /fraw command if you can use commands with /force?
    2. Why does this not work with all commands? I can use it with most commands included in CommandBook, but when it comes to other plugins it's it depends.
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    I did the /fraw because i thought it would be easier, and it should work with all commands, when your using /fraw you don't use the / for the command. For Example, /fraw shock christian367. The Plugin should work with all commands.
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    This would be incredibly helpful if it could /force and /fraw as Console. Then this plugin would be way more than just a way to bother people :-D
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    True, i'll look into that. Eating lunch atm :p
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    I'm using prefixes and HeroChat so the name's come up like:
    Will it still work?
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    SOOO AWESOME PLUGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Download link is broken.. Could you send it via skype/email?
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    Holy mother of god, please fix the download link!
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    Could you please send me the plugin via e-mail/skype? I would very much enjoy it on my server ^.^
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    Please fix the download :(
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    [1000] It's too old now :\.
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    Any chance of anyone updating this?
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    Not yet. Someone can up-to-date if he upload the source code
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    Assuming that the creator has quit Bukkit (Last post was last year) and since there is no source code, I'll recode this from scratch.
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