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    Death Note
    V 1.7 - Tested on CB build 1.3.1-R2.1
    The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    (if don't work, copy and paste The URL in your browser)
    * easy comands.
    * Anonymous Broadcast and PM like [Kira] or [ L ].
    * A good amount of death causes (Heart Attack, Burn, Smite, Hungry, Explosion, Poison, Drown).
    * if the cause isn't defined, it'll be a Hearth Attack.
    * can set the time of death. (need to define the cause). <font color="#000000">(ps: it's the Clock time, not the remaining time)</font>
    * if the time of death isn't defined, it'll happen in 40s.
    * don't need to wait the death to set another one.
    * countdown before the death (that only appear to Kira).
    * the victim only knows when he/she is dead ("You were killed by Kira!" message).
    * permissions.


    v 1.7:
    * /shinigami commands;
    * more permissions (fake Name, Shinigami eye and more);

    - * if someone have the fake Name permission, kira can't kill him,
    * but, if kira had the Shinigami's eye permission it can kill.
    * however, if a player have the shinigami's immunity permission, it's IMPOSSIBLE to use the Death Note against him.
    - if the time set minus the actual time is
    * below -15min: it'll happen next day (useful when it's near the midnight);
    * between -15min and 0: it'll be set to the default 40s (like it was a mistake with the time defined);
    * between 0 and 24h: the time set, in the same day;
    * above 24h: the time set, another day (I don't think that will be useful, but anyway);

    v 1.6:
    * changed the item to Book and Quill, (don't write on the book yet);

    v 1.5:
    * /L commands (will put more commands in the future);
    * PM commands (fixed in 1.55);
    * the Time of Death argument (hh:mm:ss);
    * possibility to write again in the Death Note before the last victim die;

    v 1.0:
    * /dn commands;
    * need to wait the victim die before write another one;
    * 40s delay;

    * 'DeathNote.*' - had all the DeathNote permissions
    * 'DeathNote.kira' - can use the /dn commands
    * 'DeathNote.L' - can use the /L commands
    * 'DeathNote.fakeName' - is not killed by the /dn commands
    * 'DeathNote.shinigami.eye' - can use the shinigami's eye (kill who have the fakeName permission)
    * 'DeathNote.shinigami.immunity' - isn't killed by the /dn commands
    * 'DeathNote.shinigami' - can use the /shinigami commands, the shinigami's eye, the shinigami's immunity and the /dn commands


    * /dn help - list all Kira's commands
    * /dn list - list all the possible death causes
    * /dn message [Message] - use Kira's broadcast
    * /dn pm [player] [Message] - PM like Kira
    * /dn [player] - nonspecific death cause (Heart Attack in 40s)
    * /dn [player] [cause] - specific death cause in 40s
    * /dn [player] [cause] [time] - specific cause and time of death

    * /L help - list all L's commands
    * /L message [Message] - use L's broadcast
    * /L pm [player] [Message] - PM like L

    * /shinigami help - list all shinigami's commands
    * / shinigami message [Message] - use the Shinigami's broadcast (show your name)
    * / shinigami pm [player] [Message] - PM like a shinigami (show your name)
    * /shinigami give [player] eye - give a player the shinigami's eye permission
    * /shinigami give [player] kira - give a player the kira permission
    * /shinigami take [player] eye - remove the shinigami's eye permission of a player
    * /shinigami take [player] kira - remove the kira permission of a player

    * Had the permission.
    * Be holding a Book and Quill (only the kill commands). (book if is the CB 1.2.5)
    * be using PermissionsEx, PermissionsBukkit or bPermissions (only the give/take commands);
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    Changelog please.
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    Okay. I put now the Changelog. (I forgot to do this before :rolleyes: )
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    Any way that in 1.3 the Book and Quill could be used as the DeathNote?
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    I was just about to asked what AcedGod asked lol. I think it would be more interesting if what you wrote in the book used the /dn command. Maybe try it out?
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    I will change to Book and Quill, but I don't know how to get what is write on it, or how to made the plugin write on it. If anyone know, please tell me how.
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    Download does not work :O
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    Download not working. No!!
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    Noooo wayyy this sounds like a fun plugin xD I love the anime!!! the live action wasn't that great tho =\
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    This should be fun >=D especially using betterLAN to use it locally... My friends will think there is something wrong with my server >=D
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    Its an Zip.
    We need a jar
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    This looks like a fantastic plugin, I can't wait to use it!

    However it seems as though you need a Book and Quill. Could you give the option for admins to use all commands without needing any items?

    It also seems as though the time argument isn't working for me. Does it really need to be HH:MM:SS, with two digits in each section?
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    Its a ZIP File , You Open It To Get The Jar.
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    if you are an Admin you can use the /give command to get the item
    you need to define the cause of death to define the time, and it could be HH or HH:MM or HH:MM:SS
    And It don't need to be 2 digits, so 2:1 = 02:01:00.
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    WOW nice, I will give it a try
    I liked the anime and the movie
    Really gonna try it
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    Even if I put a time of death, it always goes to 40 seconds.
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    Pretty good. funny plugin.
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    maybe you're trying it wrong, if your PC clock is 10:43 and you want a death in 3min, you put 10:46, not 0:3.
    any negative diference will be set to 40s, like put 10:33 in that case.

    could you tell me your PC clock time and the command that you used please?
    so I could discover what's happening!
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    Hahaha, I thought you simply added the time remaining until death alone, not respective to whatever time it is.

    Perhaps you should add that you need to put the time of death ahead of the current time to your thread so it isn't so confusing :D. Or maybe try to change it so you don't need to know the current time? That might make it easier.
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    I made that way, because is this that happens in the Manga/Anime, is the Clock time, not the remaining time. ;)
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    [if the cause isn't defined, it'll be a Hearth Attach.] You spelt 'Attack' wrong.
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    ops... :rolleyes:
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    I don't understand how to edit the permissions... Could you help?
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    you need a permission plugin.
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    You should make it so that ops are the equivalent of shinigami! Give them invisibility (to everybody but Kira), flight, etc.
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    sorry, but your plugin does not work unfortunately... the cpu utilization stiffens extremely high...
    can you fix it?

    my Server plugins:

    GroupManager, WorldEdit, EpicGlass, Vault, Stargate, Vote, Multiverse-Core, LogBlock, TreeAssist, ColourFireWorks, RemoteToolkitPlugin, PerformanceMonitor, ServerJobs, Permissions, ZavAutoMessager, FalseBookCore, WeatherMan, FalseBookCart, Essentials, Lift, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, FalseBookBlock, Multiverse-Portals, dynmap, FalseBookIC, ChestShop, EssentialsChat, FalseBookExtra, WorldBorder, authme
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    I atualized it, and used a newer bukkit API (1.3.1-R2.1), that should work better.
    anyway I'm not a Java programer (I'm a C/C++ programmer), so I am not accustomed with the Garbage Collector (could that be the problem?) :oops: .
    by the way, on my server it's working normally.
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    I have downloaded the 1.2.5 version for my tekkit server, but it still requires book and quill. It is kind of hard using book and quill on 1.2.5.

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