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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Whalum, Feb 9, 2011.

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    I wanted to announce this plugin to get some suggestions and/or feedback on what to do with it. First, though, development of this plugin will be quite slow due to my school and job.

    What it does now?

    Pretty much nothing. You can create a very basic 3 slot machine using two signs and play it - YAY! And... that's it.

    What's features are planned?

    • Use a system to make the owner of a game to be responsible for it financially. This means using iConomy.
    • More games. Right now I'm thinking of creating Blackjack with a very simple AI, Roulette and some sort of Texas Hold 'Em, if possible.
    • Permissions, obviously.
    Would you like the plugin to utilize signs to play the games where possible? Or to go all command based? Any other comments are greatly appreciated!

    Edit: Took a look at the forum description with a fresh set of eyes, and it seems I managed to screw things up. This is not a port, it's a new plugin. So, moderators, move, delete or do whatever you need to do with this thread...

    Edit 2: Decided to drop this. There seem to be other gambling plugins, whose developers have more time to devote to their plugins.
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    Command-based, please, I don't really like sign operated plugin features.
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    Signs for texas holdem haha that be great, everyone sitting around a makeshift table there sign telling them there cards... that be awesome!
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    Sign slot machines with iconomy would be AMAZING, I asked for this months ago on hmod!
    I for one do not like command based as it pollutes the chat, so all the power to your idea!

    Casinos will make many servers a whole lot more interesting!
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    Any updates on the progress of this?
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    I suppose this makes us competitors? Good luck... Mwahahahaha!

    Nah, but if you ever want to swap ideas or help each other out (somehow, without me actually sharing my plugin... Cuz I don't like to share), feel free to drop me a PM.

    Oh, and the forum description is for work in progresses AND ports. So I think you're in the right spot.
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