[FUN] Carz - Drive in Minecraft! v2.1 [1.4.6]

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    how do i destroy a "car" without crashing?
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    Im releasing 1.2 soon, it will include /carz destroy and a few other things :)
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    I'm thinking of installing this plugin, but I think it's missing going up sloping surfaces, like hills.
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    I am constantly trying out code to implement this. Harder than it sounds.
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    okay thanks
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    This sounds like a lot to me but sometime in the future could you make it so coal would be like fuel? Maybe charcoal should work to. Also if you could make it so we could charge for upgrading with iConomy. Probably needs to have a config because a lot of people may not like what I want. Also if we could change the price for fuel/upgrading. Using fuel could lower the amount of abuse. Sorry if this is too much to ask.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I will take this into account. I was going to set custom upgrades in V2, I dont really like the idea of fuel but I could consider it in the future. Using iConomy is an idea, I will look into it. Thank you.
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    I've installed this mod on server and i'm very glad with the way it works. Situation on server is really funny now=D The problem with going up can be solved by water lift but this's not practically. Can you use something from this mod to solve the problem? And one more question. Is it hard to add new blocks to bukkit server?(for example: use car model instead boat)
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    Unfortunately the link you provided is a singleplayer mod, nothing like this can be achieved by using the standard craftbukkit. Something similar can be made using spout, but not many servers tend to use this.
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    Good plugin I like it, Im going to use it on another server. One question im on vacation atm. Does the permission work with groupmanager? And an idea, Use boats as normal cars. And Minecarts as police car... Possible with spout to have a sound while driving? And with a key activate the sirene? And maybe make garages like you can see the dmg on your car with /carz hp , then you see 10 bars IIIIIIIIII, each bar represents a hp, when it reaches 0 the car is being destroyed. And when you are in a car, you click on a sign which adds hp to your car so you can have like garages.... And maybe a key to access your car. For instance when your in a boat, you type /carz create <carname> <carpassword> You cant access the car unless you type /carz pass <carpassword>. A lot of ideas but if you want to grow, this might help you:) I do think and know its resource intensive but for big servers this can be a BIG key to success? Possibly later add fuel. You click on a sign which adds fuel. It depends on the storage of the fuel how much fits into.... Hope to see this added within a few months. Take the time for it.

    Thanks for reading this long ( And optional boring message with weird BUT COOL ideas )

    Cheers, Darthmineboy
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    In the upgrade you should add a zero gravity upgrade! where the cart can go up walls and stuff! like spider style!
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    Yes the permissions are linked with all permission plugins. Unfortunately I will not be perusing Spout as it isn't used by many server so it would become a waste of time and effort. The fuel concept will be looked into for V2, as it has been asked by several people. Thank you for leaving feedback. - A5H73Y

    Due to the way boats are coded in minecraft, this isnt possible. Would be cool if I could though :p

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    Pretty good plugin, hope you'll add drivable minecarts : that's what I'm looking for ^^
  14. this plugin doesn't even go with my servers theme and i still got it... I APPROVE THIS PLUGIN!!![cake]
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    This is a really nice plugin (although I haven't installed it on my server, I tried the test server and it seems great).

    However, I have 2 questions:
    Does this have any issues with NoCheat? You can go very fast and I am concerned that NoCheat may detect this as hacking.
    Is there a way to use minecarts instead of boats?

    Thanks, I will be installing this very soon!
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    My server uses NoCheat and many people use my plugin with no notifications for NC, So I'm pretty sure it doesn't detect it. Secondly, because you can actually control boats in water it makes it easier to control on land, minecarts don't come with any kind of controls (as they follow the tracks) so it might be harder than I think.
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    Hey - I know you already have a few videos up, but I made a plugin showcase for your plugin because it's pretty awesome! If you want, you can embed it on the first post; I would really appreciate it :)
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    I just downloaded and installed Carz.
    Also configured the permissions, and it all seems to work fine until i checked my serverlogs...

    It gives me this error:
    [SEVERE] Wrong method arguments used for event type registered

    With either permissions enabled/disabled it gives me this...is this good or bad, please help me! ;)
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    This is completely fine, all ive done is added some useless code which doesnt function yet, nothing to worry about. :)
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    Ok, good to know :)
    I'll reload your plugin onto my server again! I really like it!
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    Could you please check out the video I posted? :L
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    So PermissionsEX is a ripoff of Permissions? And bPermissions? And PermissionsBukkit?
    So because there is a plugin that is simular to mine, that I have never heard of, makes my plugin not great?
    If you want to leave a constructive comment that could help me in anyway, then I would be greatful.
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    There seems to be some bug where if I place a mine cart it spawns about 50 others around it, I don't know what that's about but it is making the plugin unusable.
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    My plugin doesnt fully support minecarts yet, so It is possible for bugs to occur with them. I will release a small fix soon.
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    Use mine carts BUT make them faster cuz they r more valuable... And u should be able to add a minecart + furnace/chest behind it so u can take it with u!!!
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    What i want to see in this plugin is a sign on the back of the car (plate) and a perm node to be able to change it or not. What i also want to see is you taking damage or dieing from car accidents :) I love the plugin. Oooh, and one last thing, more durable car if you upgrade it more? :D
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    The sign on the back of a car just isnt possible with craftbukkit. I like the other ideas though.
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    Thanks, and okay, i understand the sign on the back of the car :p
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    Can this go up the hill
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    Not yet.

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