Inactive [FUN] BoatMod v12 - Make large groups of blocks move! [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    BoatMod - Add large moving objects
    Version: v12

    This plugin adds the ability to make large structures like boats, submarines, and blimps move, along with the players aboard them. It currently allows the usage of the blocks listed below in boats and allows one boat per person on the server. Configuration can be done by editing the default.cfg file or creating a new .cfg file.

    In order to use this mod, you must first captain a boat by left clicking on a block in the boat while holding a boat item. You should click the block that you want the boat to rotate around while facing the front of the boat. You can rotate by facing the way you want the boat to rotate and left clicking while holding a map. You can then move by right clicking in the direction you want to move while holding a map. You can hold down right click to continuously move. You may change your speed (blocks/click) by using the /boatspeed command with a number argument (for example /boatspeed 1 would move the boat one block per right click). If you run into any other blocks, the boat will not move. If the boat is damaged, the blocks will remain damaged.

    • Lets players create large moveable structures like boats.
    • Moves and rotates these structures.
    • Moves any entities that are standing on the structures.
    • Checks for collisions and damage.
    Permissions Support (open)
    In order to implement permissions, look at the default.cfg in the plugins/BoatMod directory. Next to each value in the [CONFIG] section, you can add the permissions node that you want to use followed by a colon. The default permissions nodes are boatmod.admin and none (which is used by non-permissions players). For example, you could make the MaxSize for default players 0, which would make them unable to make boats. You could also add a node (perhaps boatmod.player for a player that can use boatmod) and then set the maximum values for that node. These permissions may also be applied to each script with the syntax node:name of script.
    Boatable Blocks (open)
    Boatable Blocks:
    These blocks may be changed by adding or removing materials to a config file beneath a [MATERIAL] tag, materials are defined in

    Scripting (open)
    The script engine exposes the boat that was setup with the script as an object named boat. Several public functions may be accessed that allow the control of this boat. A demo script named autoship moves a ship in a straight direction whenever the sun rises or sets.
    • getCaptain() returns the Player object that created the boat.
    • Message(String message) sends the captain a message.
    • setSpeed(int movespeed) sets the speed of movement in blocks per move.
    • Move(Vector direction) moves the boat in the direction specified by the vector. It returns true if there was not a collision.
    Screenshots (open)
    Setting up a boat:
    Hitting the block limit:
    Changing speed (Had to upload as a jpg because of size restrictions):
    The large boat I built to test size restrictions (jpg's again):
    The small boat I used for initial testing:
    Daisy helping with entity movement testing:
    Tutorials (open)
    Tutorial, Courtesy of InfctedMushr00m:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of lifesadream52:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of Goldkoron:

    Download BoatMod: Here
    Source: Here

    • jackpot51
    • BurnedKirby
    • Lacaranian
    • GoldKoron
    • superdupernova
    • Dr_fantasmo
    • Saberar
    • Sayerer27276
    • Parker237

    Next Version:
    • Checking some item dupes (beds, pistons)
    Some Future Version:
    • Multiple crafts per person
    • Detachable crafts (life boats, torpedoes, etc)

    Version 12:
    • Update to newest Bukkit
    • Update to use SuperPerms
    Version 11:
    • Bugfixes with powered crafts and block handling
    • Signs and doors should be fixed in many circumstances, let me know specifics about when they fail if they do.
    • Beds also drop dupes, I blame bukkit
    Version 10:
    • Added fuel capabilities
    • Fix for boats breaking block limits no matter what the limits are
    • Fix for boatinfo only being runnable from the server console
    Version 9:
    • Naming of vehicles in the boatmod messages
    • Vertical toggle
    • Additional ticks parameter to automatic boat movement
    • User level permissions
    • Recursion no longer used for block searching
    Version 8:
    • Added note when author logs in to boatmod server
    • Fixed login, logout events
    • Added a boatinfo command that gives information about boatmod
    • Added support for new blocks (brewing stands, jukeboxes, redstone circuits)
    • Added boatauto command for autopilot
    Version 7:
    • Added support for the number of a material to be placed in the material configuration
    • Fixed doors and beds
    • Fixed limit on change speed command
    • Updated to work with newest bukkit
    Version 6:
    • Added rotation using left click with map!
    • Fixed levers and torches
    • Moved change speed to command /boatspeed [speed]
    • Removed support for multi-block items(beds, doors, open pistons) as they were broken from a bukkit update. Will re-add once issues fixed.
    Version 5:
    • Added lava support
    • Damage now does not stop the boat from moving-it simply notifies the player once that the boat's blocks have changed
    • Furnaces can now move while they are burning
    • Redstone, dispensers, and noteblocks can move while keeping state
    • Added script permissions
    Version 4:
    • Added permissions support
    Version 3:
    • Fixed up scripting support
    • Added example script
    Version 2:
    • Added config file support
    • Fixed signs, furnaces
    • Started on scripting support
    Version 1:
    • Released BoatMod
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    Think about how normal boats operate in multiplayer. Then imagine that you have thousands of these connected together and you can get an idea of why it is impractical.
    The smooth movement would require that all blocks could be treated as entities. This modification has been done in singleplayer, but moving to multiplayer would require a rewrite of all of the network code on the client and server, as well as the code that handles block positions on both the client and server as right now, integers for block positions are assumed, not floating point numbers and certainly not any angles for rotation.
    In any case, if a mod where to show up that handles this in multiplayer, it would certainly not be on the Bukkit forums because Bukkit plugins cannot perform the necessary functions.

    IRON_BLOCK has to be on another line.

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  3. Yes and no , that you say is right but you could restrict the amount of blocks to not be soooo big.
    But it's clear now , No smooth big boat in MC SMP.
    P.S. I don't play SSP if not my internet is down , so I don't have time for SSP mod any more :/
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    I would also love if you could limit people to just the horizontal axis. Also, left clicking with maps doesn't seem to work for me.
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    Well, i tested the autopilot thingy and i think the block moves is acceptable since i can at least move (hardly) on a boat but its ok, what you did was a great job adding the autopilot feature. :D I don't care about the movement lag anymore and let me know when you finish veryfing why my cruise doesn't wanna move, k?

    Thanks bro! You're the best. :)
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    This is a great mod, but could someone please describe the permissions nodes to me a bit better? what are the possible nodes i could use? i want it so some players can and some cant use the mod, but right now everyone can use them. I am using permissionsbukkit.
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    I'm not entirely sure if this is the case or not, but it seems the plugin is not compatible with NoCheat. Considering I've been getting spammed with severe console errors when installing the plugin. No config is created and none of the in-game commands work. Welp.
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    Yeah, left click to rotate doesn't seem to work.
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    You can use any permissions you want. Every setting can have a permissions node before it. If you want to keep players from using it without permissions, change the MaxSize that does not start with a permissions node to 0. Then add for example boatmod.users:MaxSize=8192 to have a permissions node boatmod.users that can use the plugin.

    Can you let me know what kinds of things you are getting?

    I'll add a configuration setting for turning vertical movement off.
    What version of bukkit do you have?
    What plugins do you have?

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    I've managed to figure it out, it's just weird. :p
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    I got some problems changing the Movement Item to a Stick it wont work , I changed it to STICK and tryed it with the ID but it wont work :(
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    I've seem to have gotten it work, thanks. On another note, is there a way to disable flying for players?
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    Also, you shouldn't be able to move it when you're not on it.
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    I set the maxsize to 0, and it has helped keep everyone from having the permissions. The problem I face now is when I add a node to a certain player/group it disables all other commands. I have tried putting boatmod.admin:MaxSize=550 into the user's permissions and it disables all other commands for everyone. Any solution?

    [EDIT] And I also tried putting boatmod.[user's name]:maxsize=550 but it does the same thing, am i entering this node in the wrong area? idk what im doing wrong
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    When you have a sign mounted on a block, as opposed to standing on the post, it duplicates when you fly.

    Doors also dupe when you fly with them.

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    2 things you need to fix, rotation is not working with left click, and boat auto seems to only go downward for some reason.
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    Rotation works fine for me, you just need to set your boat point at the front. Also, sometimes you can get pushed off your craft. The 2 things I want: Fix signs and doors duplicating, and make it possible to configure the message. On my server, everyone uses hot air balloons, not boats. So when it always refers to boats, it's a a bit weird.
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    Everyone on my server crashes with a blue screen when we attempted to fly a 1000 block airship

    Help? Is ship too big or is a different problem?
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    Ok so i really want to use this plugin, but im unsure how to work it and Im confused about the "boat items". If you could explain this to me or make a video that would be great!
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    There is a video, use the tutorial spoiler in main post.
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    Also, please make it so that if the craft is too large, it doesn't select anything.
    Otherwise things like this (the floor) happen.
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    I've noticed that the higher variety there is of blocks in a ship, the more lag it creates, me and my friends made an airship which was 1300 blocks, but had different blocks like bookcases, chests, wood, logs, wool, glowstone, torches, etc. and it crashed server when used. However when me and friends built a 1900 block submarine made entirely out of black wool, glowstone, and glass, there is about no lag when it is used

    Please add ice and Lapis lazuli block support

    EDIT: Okay I noticed that you have a thing to be able to add boatable blocks but I tried adding the blocks to config file but they still do not work.

    EDIT: Figured it out, please ignore this fail post.

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    Why not?

    What do you mean by flying?

    Can you tell me what version of craftbukkit you have, what plugins you use, and any mods that you use?

    you should add only the permissions node to the permissions for the player in the seperate permissions mod file. Then you can add boatmod.whatever:MaxSize=550 to the default.cfg in the first section
    It does not have to do with variety so much as the complexity of moving certain blocks. Chests, torches, bookcases, and other blocks have extra information (direction, contents, etc) and take more time and memory space to move them. Please let me know what the console output is when there is a crash.

    The maxsize setting in the config file is supposed to prevent this if you set it to the default user settings (8192). If you use the admin settings as given you are running the risk for some oddities to occur if you run out of computer memory trying to make the ship.

    This is a different issue, please provide me with a server log when this error occurs.

    Ok, first priority in my mind is fixing dupes and making the boat limits larger

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    I don't want the limit larger. I want it limited to what I have it at, but when you hit the max, it shouldn't select anything. That way, it would prevent you from tearing things apart by accident.
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    Is it possible that you can add a configurable off/on thing where when a ship crashes into another ship or something else, it will make a realistic collision damage, such as ramming into something causing a small explosion at the collision area based on speed your ship was set at?
  27. i wonder how much this laggs small homehosted server? :E

    also does the furnace,workbench work in this plugin? Flying house :3 ...
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    As in, moving up and down. I really just want players to move around in the water.
  29. I know I sound like a huuuge noob mainly cos I am but how do I edit the java flags to rid myself of the error cannot pass event? HELP PLEASE
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    Is there, can there be, a way to make the boat need to stay in the water? I like boats, don't really want flying ships :)
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    Could you give me an example? I tried


    and this

    But the first one does not let me control boats, and the second one allows everyone to have those permissions. Do I have to get another permissions mod and add the nodes there? I already have PermissionsBukkit and I think having 2 Permissions mods might cause problems.

    [EDIT] Sorry, im not very good at this

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