Inactive [FUN] BoatMod v12 - Make large groups of blocks move! [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    BoatMod - Add large moving objects
    Version: v12

    This plugin adds the ability to make large structures like boats, submarines, and blimps move, along with the players aboard them. It currently allows the usage of the blocks listed below in boats and allows one boat per person on the server. Configuration can be done by editing the default.cfg file or creating a new .cfg file.

    In order to use this mod, you must first captain a boat by left clicking on a block in the boat while holding a boat item. You should click the block that you want the boat to rotate around while facing the front of the boat. You can rotate by facing the way you want the boat to rotate and left clicking while holding a map. You can then move by right clicking in the direction you want to move while holding a map. You can hold down right click to continuously move. You may change your speed (blocks/click) by using the /boatspeed command with a number argument (for example /boatspeed 1 would move the boat one block per right click). If you run into any other blocks, the boat will not move. If the boat is damaged, the blocks will remain damaged.

    • Lets players create large moveable structures like boats.
    • Moves and rotates these structures.
    • Moves any entities that are standing on the structures.
    • Checks for collisions and damage.
    Permissions Support (open)
    In order to implement permissions, look at the default.cfg in the plugins/BoatMod directory. Next to each value in the [CONFIG] section, you can add the permissions node that you want to use followed by a colon. The default permissions nodes are boatmod.admin and none (which is used by non-permissions players). For example, you could make the MaxSize for default players 0, which would make them unable to make boats. You could also add a node (perhaps boatmod.player for a player that can use boatmod) and then set the maximum values for that node. These permissions may also be applied to each script with the syntax node:name of script.
    Boatable Blocks (open)
    Boatable Blocks:
    These blocks may be changed by adding or removing materials to a config file beneath a [MATERIAL] tag, materials are defined in

    Scripting (open)
    The script engine exposes the boat that was setup with the script as an object named boat. Several public functions may be accessed that allow the control of this boat. A demo script named autoship moves a ship in a straight direction whenever the sun rises or sets.
    • getCaptain() returns the Player object that created the boat.
    • Message(String message) sends the captain a message.
    • setSpeed(int movespeed) sets the speed of movement in blocks per move.
    • Move(Vector direction) moves the boat in the direction specified by the vector. It returns true if there was not a collision.
    Screenshots (open)
    Setting up a boat:
    Hitting the block limit:
    Changing speed (Had to upload as a jpg because of size restrictions):
    The large boat I built to test size restrictions (jpg's again):
    The small boat I used for initial testing:
    Daisy helping with entity movement testing:
    Tutorials (open)
    Tutorial, Courtesy of InfctedMushr00m:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of lifesadream52:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of Goldkoron:

    Download BoatMod: Here
    Source: Here

    • jackpot51
    • BurnedKirby
    • Lacaranian
    • GoldKoron
    • superdupernova
    • Dr_fantasmo
    • Saberar
    • Sayerer27276
    • Parker237

    Next Version:
    • Checking some item dupes (beds, pistons)
    Some Future Version:
    • Multiple crafts per person
    • Detachable crafts (life boats, torpedoes, etc)

    Version 12:
    • Update to newest Bukkit
    • Update to use SuperPerms
    Version 11:
    • Bugfixes with powered crafts and block handling
    • Signs and doors should be fixed in many circumstances, let me know specifics about when they fail if they do.
    • Beds also drop dupes, I blame bukkit
    Version 10:
    • Added fuel capabilities
    • Fix for boats breaking block limits no matter what the limits are
    • Fix for boatinfo only being runnable from the server console
    Version 9:
    • Naming of vehicles in the boatmod messages
    • Vertical toggle
    • Additional ticks parameter to automatic boat movement
    • User level permissions
    • Recursion no longer used for block searching
    Version 8:
    • Added note when author logs in to boatmod server
    • Fixed login, logout events
    • Added a boatinfo command that gives information about boatmod
    • Added support for new blocks (brewing stands, jukeboxes, redstone circuits)
    • Added boatauto command for autopilot
    Version 7:
    • Added support for the number of a material to be placed in the material configuration
    • Fixed doors and beds
    • Fixed limit on change speed command
    • Updated to work with newest bukkit
    Version 6:
    • Added rotation using left click with map!
    • Fixed levers and torches
    • Moved change speed to command /boatspeed [speed]
    • Removed support for multi-block items(beds, doors, open pistons) as they were broken from a bukkit update. Will re-add once issues fixed.
    Version 5:
    • Added lava support
    • Damage now does not stop the boat from moving-it simply notifies the player once that the boat's blocks have changed
    • Furnaces can now move while they are burning
    • Redstone, dispensers, and noteblocks can move while keeping state
    • Added script permissions
    Version 4:
    • Added permissions support
    Version 3:
    • Fixed up scripting support
    • Added example script
    Version 2:
    • Added config file support
    • Fixed signs, furnaces
    • Started on scripting support
    Version 1:
    • Released BoatMod
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    you have the same plugin : autocraft
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    Can you take cargo with you?
    Like chests full of wool on the boat?
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    Yes you can, chests will move with the boat and keep their contents.

    Alright guys, I am back. I will be releasing a new version soon with support for the latest bukkit, additions of block id's not defined in bukkit for use with industrialcraft (no guarantees on what will happen when the industrialcraft blocks are moved), and hopefully some fixes to now broken functionality (turning, large boats, doors, etc). If you want any new features not listed here, let me know

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    Hey Jackpot51! :)
    First of all i wanted to say you nice mod!! (#1 i liek it)

    Second: good to know that you're back and i was wondering if you could make an auto-pilot feature for the boats so it could move automatically to one side when you set the path while you don't need to right click all the time (if thats possible).

    And does colored wool works on this mod? those are the things that i want to know, i will really appreciate it and thanks for making this mod, keep on the good work. =D
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    So once version 8 comes out you should be able to use a /boatauto start or /boatauto stop command to start and stop the boat in the direction you are pointing.

    Colored wool works with this mod.
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    This plugin looks good, I'll give some feedback as soon as I can test it. However I was wondering if you could add a /sethome command and a /home command (or something like it) that would move with the boat, so people can teleport back to their moving houses.
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    This is an interesting concept. I could add something like that, whereby the player can teleport to their boat at the position they were at when they created it.
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    Soooo... this is like Movecraft?
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    Isn't this just movecraft?
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    I don't know code, but I'm pretty sure that spawns are at coordinates, so maybe every time the boat moves (x,y,z) a config file could change the coordinates of the spawn the same way by adding or subtracting to the spawns (x,y,z)??
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    It certainly has a lot in common with MoveCraft
    In my opinion, it runs faster and breaks less
    I developed it before I knew that MoveCraft existed
    It is completely open source and scriptable with javascript

    Some other people have listed the differences between them better than I can. Look through at the previous comments about the differences
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    I would be really excited to have this on my server, one question though, does the boat become and entity and turn like a regular minecraft boat, or does it move chunkily (<thats a word) like in movecraft?
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    The boat moves chunkily. Look at zeppelin mod for single player non-chunky movement. I assure you that when the modding API comes out, I will work as hard as possible to make boats turn into entities.
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    works well ;)
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    Could you add the abbility to rotate boats? Its kinda dumb to see boats move sideways. :p
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    Okay! thanks for letting me know that colored wool works and especially for implementing automatic boat function. =D

    -best mod ever #1
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    It crashes for my friend while he's in my airship...
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    Thanks for the feedback, let me know if you find something

    Glad you like it.
    In terms of the automatic boat, would you like to have it work sort of like cruise control on a car? You set the boat to cruise somehow, click once, and then it goes until it cannot go anymore?

    What version of bukkit is being used?
    Is his minecraft updated?
    Has he modified his minecraft in any way?

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    CB 1.1R3 and yes, and I don't think so no. Also, I've noticed that if you don't let the map render all the way it'll crash your game when trying to move the boat.
  22. This plugins sounds great but I wan't it to move "smoother" and not "block by block".
    If I had time I had learn to make plugins and recreate like that but I have server and school that takes my time.
    Please make it like that if you can !
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    Yea! :) like that and if is possible can you make it to set like move 20 blocks every 10 seconds or 10 blocks every 10 seconds, etc. on autopilot mode? Because i want to walk around the cruise ship that im making while its moving by itself and feel the movements rarely like every 10 seconds but moving 20 blocks (or 10). (I would like that) =D

    Another question, when i try to captain my cruise ship which is 50,000 blocks so far it says Your boat has 0 blocks or something like that. :( I'm not sure if it has some blocks that are not allowed atm on this mod but i can move smaller boats with no problems, btw i uploaded the map file @ mediafire so if you have some time to verify it, i sent you a message with the link. :D

    EDIT: V8 Finally!!! WHOOO!!! U ROCK!
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    It is currently impossible to have it move smoothly in multiplayer without client side modifications and extreme server modifications. Check out Zeppelin Mod for something that is client side, but does not work in multiplayer.

    I'll take a look at your cruise ship. The autopilot is pretty static right now in terms of what it does (whatever the speed set in /boatspeed is twice a second) but I could make it move once ever X ticks (a tick in minecraft is 1/20 or 0.05 seconds)

    Try changing the tool in the default.cfg from MAP to something else (WATCH or COMPASS should work)

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    Hey, how do I let the ship be made of IronBlocks?
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    Add the material name (in this case IRON_BLOCK) to the [MATERIALS] list in default.cfg
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    hi, my ship with 496 blocks doesn't want to turn left or right. I can move forward or back but can't turn.

    I have 0.8v and bukkit 1.1 r3

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    that dosen't work
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    Make sure it wouldn't collide with anything when turning. It will rotate about the block you first clicked to create the boat.

    Make sure you have reloaded the plugin.
    Can you send me your config file?

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  30. Thanks for your reply !
    I did't know that .
    Why not multiplayer and only singelplayer ? Is it only some stuff that only the client side can use/read ?
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