Inactive [FUN] BoatMod v12 - Make large groups of blocks move! [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    BoatMod - Add large moving objects
    Version: v12

    This plugin adds the ability to make large structures like boats, submarines, and blimps move, along with the players aboard them. It currently allows the usage of the blocks listed below in boats and allows one boat per person on the server. Configuration can be done by editing the default.cfg file or creating a new .cfg file.

    In order to use this mod, you must first captain a boat by left clicking on a block in the boat while holding a boat item. You should click the block that you want the boat to rotate around while facing the front of the boat. You can rotate by facing the way you want the boat to rotate and left clicking while holding a map. You can then move by right clicking in the direction you want to move while holding a map. You can hold down right click to continuously move. You may change your speed (blocks/click) by using the /boatspeed command with a number argument (for example /boatspeed 1 would move the boat one block per right click). If you run into any other blocks, the boat will not move. If the boat is damaged, the blocks will remain damaged.

    • Lets players create large moveable structures like boats.
    • Moves and rotates these structures.
    • Moves any entities that are standing on the structures.
    • Checks for collisions and damage.
    Permissions Support (open)
    In order to implement permissions, look at the default.cfg in the plugins/BoatMod directory. Next to each value in the [CONFIG] section, you can add the permissions node that you want to use followed by a colon. The default permissions nodes are boatmod.admin and none (which is used by non-permissions players). For example, you could make the MaxSize for default players 0, which would make them unable to make boats. You could also add a node (perhaps boatmod.player for a player that can use boatmod) and then set the maximum values for that node. These permissions may also be applied to each script with the syntax node:name of script.
    Boatable Blocks (open)
    Boatable Blocks:
    These blocks may be changed by adding or removing materials to a config file beneath a [MATERIAL] tag, materials are defined in

    Scripting (open)
    The script engine exposes the boat that was setup with the script as an object named boat. Several public functions may be accessed that allow the control of this boat. A demo script named autoship moves a ship in a straight direction whenever the sun rises or sets.
    • getCaptain() returns the Player object that created the boat.
    • Message(String message) sends the captain a message.
    • setSpeed(int movespeed) sets the speed of movement in blocks per move.
    • Move(Vector direction) moves the boat in the direction specified by the vector. It returns true if there was not a collision.
    Screenshots (open)
    Setting up a boat:
    Hitting the block limit:
    Changing speed (Had to upload as a jpg because of size restrictions):
    The large boat I built to test size restrictions (jpg's again):
    The small boat I used for initial testing:
    Daisy helping with entity movement testing:
    Tutorials (open)
    Tutorial, Courtesy of InfctedMushr00m:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of lifesadream52:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of Goldkoron:

    Download BoatMod: Here
    Source: Here

    • jackpot51
    • BurnedKirby
    • Lacaranian
    • GoldKoron
    • superdupernova
    • Dr_fantasmo
    • Saberar
    • Sayerer27276
    • Parker237

    Next Version:
    • Checking some item dupes (beds, pistons)
    Some Future Version:
    • Multiple crafts per person
    • Detachable crafts (life boats, torpedoes, etc)

    Version 12:
    • Update to newest Bukkit
    • Update to use SuperPerms
    Version 11:
    • Bugfixes with powered crafts and block handling
    • Signs and doors should be fixed in many circumstances, let me know specifics about when they fail if they do.
    • Beds also drop dupes, I blame bukkit
    Version 10:
    • Added fuel capabilities
    • Fix for boats breaking block limits no matter what the limits are
    • Fix for boatinfo only being runnable from the server console
    Version 9:
    • Naming of vehicles in the boatmod messages
    • Vertical toggle
    • Additional ticks parameter to automatic boat movement
    • User level permissions
    • Recursion no longer used for block searching
    Version 8:
    • Added note when author logs in to boatmod server
    • Fixed login, logout events
    • Added a boatinfo command that gives information about boatmod
    • Added support for new blocks (brewing stands, jukeboxes, redstone circuits)
    • Added boatauto command for autopilot
    Version 7:
    • Added support for the number of a material to be placed in the material configuration
    • Fixed doors and beds
    • Fixed limit on change speed command
    • Updated to work with newest bukkit
    Version 6:
    • Added rotation using left click with map!
    • Fixed levers and torches
    • Moved change speed to command /boatspeed [speed]
    • Removed support for multi-block items(beds, doors, open pistons) as they were broken from a bukkit update. Will re-add once issues fixed.
    Version 5:
    • Added lava support
    • Damage now does not stop the boat from moving-it simply notifies the player once that the boat's blocks have changed
    • Furnaces can now move while they are burning
    • Redstone, dispensers, and noteblocks can move while keeping state
    • Added script permissions
    Version 4:
    • Added permissions support
    Version 3:
    • Fixed up scripting support
    • Added example script
    Version 2:
    • Added config file support
    • Fixed signs, furnaces
    • Started on scripting support
    Version 1:
    • Released BoatMod
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    Hi, I'm getting this error, when trying to make my boat [screenshot], I'm admin, running CB1000, every other boat I tried worked fine...
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to BoatMod
        at net.minecraft.server.World.getTypeId(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.getLightLevel(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlock.getLightLevel(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlockState.<init>(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlock.getState(
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.BlockData.updateData(
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.BlockData.<init>(
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.Boat.FindBlocks([B]165[/B])
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.Boat.FindBlocks(
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.Boat.FindBlocks(
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.Boat.FindBlocks(
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.Boat.FindBlocks(
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.Boat.FindBlocks(
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.Boat.FindBlocks(
        at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.Boat.FindBlocks(
        and so on...... maybe thousand times :/
    my config file:
    I'm using just glass, wood, torches, chests, workbenches and furnaces
    (the boat really isn't 65k blocks huge..)
    Thanks for any response...
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    any videos of this in action?
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    See the warning in the main post. You will need to add a few flags to the command that starts craftbukkit.

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    My ship is moving perfectly fine for me, but I too am not able to rotate it. When I left click with a map in my hand, looking at the direction I want it to turn to, nothing happens. When I walk I do notice I get teleported a bit (much like when moving the ship) so it does do _something_ but is does not rotate. There's plenty of free space available next to it, so that's not the problem.
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    I have the same problem.
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    While I would love to use this, apparently I am retarded and must be doing something wrong, as it simply does not work. I do not have permissions. I do have Essentials. I installed the plugin and put in the BoatMod folder in the plugins folder with the defaults to test if it works. I restarted my server after saving. I left click a structure I want to move (built only of plank, torch, fence, and wool) to test it out. Nothing happens. Literally. If you could offer any help at all, it would be extremely, extremely appreciated my friend.
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    Well, after some extensive testing and consequent headaches, i found out the solution to this is actually pretty simple. When you are selecting the movable parts of your ship, make sure to be looking STRAIGHT in any direction, then turning will work fine.

    If you are looking either UP or DOWN when selecting blocks with the boat, then you will NOT be able to turn it around. I am not sure as to why since I don't know the first thing about modding but it might be because the axises get all scrambled up if you select blocks while not looking straight ahead.

    By the way, excellent mod, i've been waiting for something like this for the longest time! I can't wait to see how you will improve on this idea
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    At first it did not make a thing, but I added some other arguments and it works, thank you :)
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    This pluggin didn't work at all, it didn't create the config file and it didnt work at all, also it didnt show any error messages!!!!!! :mad:
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    How do you rotate
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    You must be a really useful human being. Calm down and extract the entire zip into your plugins directory

    You left click in the direction you want the craft to face. The front of the craft is set by the direction you are facing when you make a boat

    Once I have time to work on it again, I'd love to improve on it some more. I already have a fix for the zone being too small (so you have to click right on an axis), but I want to fix other stuff before the next release.

    Give me all your console output from a session you start that starts with [BoatMod]

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    I made a boat but I can't rotate it and I've tried everything with map and boat,left clicking with map doesn't work for me
    edit: I can rotate now but I have a little suggestion maybe you can let the "ship" too turn to
    left and right (its just a suggestion)
    another suggestion maybe you can add kraken that would be super awesome :D
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    What do you mean by the suggestion?

    I think I will wait until 1.8 to work on sea monsters.
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    thx for that sea monsters but the suggestions is turning to East and West and now only North and South.
    or is it only me that can't go east and west?
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    Every direction should work if the craft has room to move
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    I can't go to east and west anyways
    edit:I can go to east and west but its super hard cuz of the room...
    1/100 for rotating to me. its to hard with that room(when having a big ship)
    edit:add sharks at sea monsters that would be funny
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    You've probably been asked this a lot, but I can't seem to find an answer to my question, though I see it asked in the beginning of the thread. Does this mod allow paths so that I can set a path for a boat and have them transition back and forth at certain times? I'd like to build a boat and let it travel back and forth for people to board. :D
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    Use the command /boatmod autoscript and then create a boat. It will travel in the direction you are facing when the sun goes up or down until it hits land and then will travel back the next time the sun goes up or down.
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    Aw, how awesome! Thanks so much! Totally getting this now! :D
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    it says your boat has been deboated when i restart the server why is this happening.
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    Restarting the server unloads the plugin which clears all of the boats
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    is there a way to stop this cuz my server is only a small one for my 5 friends so i have to stop it ever night to stop the computer from overheating
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    Looks pretty cool.
    I'll give it a go. :p
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    No there is no way to stop this. If boats where to be saved when the plugin was unloaded, bad things could happen if blocks were changed before it was reloaded
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    ok Thanks
    Im Using MoveCraft Instead I Find It Better
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    Hey Jackpot, This guy above me ^ knows nothing. First of all: Movecraft is WAY more laggy, more complicated to steer and more complex commands, yours are just hit it with this then use this to move it. I really like how you made it super simple to use the whole thing and it doesn't require commands.

    I really love this mod and I'm just hoping you'd be able to put it into CB 1060 soon? My server needs this mod to continue our sea travel routes and this plugin's perfect in every degree.

    Thanks a lot for making such a great plugin! :)
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    It should still work with 1060, I will probably release the next update when 1.8 comes.
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    ^ Awesome!!

    Thanks for telling me, i'll get right on testing it.
    I had it for awhile on my server but then I tried it the next day after downloading a few other plugins and it just stopped working, it was probably the permissions plugin I downloaded, I got a better one though so hopefully it now works! :)
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    Is there any way I can limit the ships on my server to watercraft only? Honestly, so far, Movecraft is the only plugin I've found that can let me restrict ships to water, but Movecraft is quite laggy. Out of three types of vehicle plugins, the only one so far that I can use strictly for naval battles has the worst strain on high-population servers... so I'm kinda stuck scrambling for options.
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    I have 1:1 scale titanic that i made; 150,000 - 200,000 blocks total. Movecraft moves it, but really badly and slowly. Is there any way I can use this plugin to move/rotate something of that scale? (already tried editing the max size in the config file) also, I can't rotate wood planks. That would be a major fix IMO (if it's not just me).

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