Inactive [FUN] BoatMod v12 - Make large groups of blocks move! [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    BoatMod - Add large moving objects
    Version: v12

    This plugin adds the ability to make large structures like boats, submarines, and blimps move, along with the players aboard them. It currently allows the usage of the blocks listed below in boats and allows one boat per person on the server. Configuration can be done by editing the default.cfg file or creating a new .cfg file.

    In order to use this mod, you must first captain a boat by left clicking on a block in the boat while holding a boat item. You should click the block that you want the boat to rotate around while facing the front of the boat. You can rotate by facing the way you want the boat to rotate and left clicking while holding a map. You can then move by right clicking in the direction you want to move while holding a map. You can hold down right click to continuously move. You may change your speed (blocks/click) by using the /boatspeed command with a number argument (for example /boatspeed 1 would move the boat one block per right click). If you run into any other blocks, the boat will not move. If the boat is damaged, the blocks will remain damaged.

    • Lets players create large moveable structures like boats.
    • Moves and rotates these structures.
    • Moves any entities that are standing on the structures.
    • Checks for collisions and damage.
    Permissions Support (open)
    In order to implement permissions, look at the default.cfg in the plugins/BoatMod directory. Next to each value in the [CONFIG] section, you can add the permissions node that you want to use followed by a colon. The default permissions nodes are boatmod.admin and none (which is used by non-permissions players). For example, you could make the MaxSize for default players 0, which would make them unable to make boats. You could also add a node (perhaps boatmod.player for a player that can use boatmod) and then set the maximum values for that node. These permissions may also be applied to each script with the syntax node:name of script.
    Boatable Blocks (open)
    Boatable Blocks:
    These blocks may be changed by adding or removing materials to a config file beneath a [MATERIAL] tag, materials are defined in

    Scripting (open)
    The script engine exposes the boat that was setup with the script as an object named boat. Several public functions may be accessed that allow the control of this boat. A demo script named autoship moves a ship in a straight direction whenever the sun rises or sets.
    • getCaptain() returns the Player object that created the boat.
    • Message(String message) sends the captain a message.
    • setSpeed(int movespeed) sets the speed of movement in blocks per move.
    • Move(Vector direction) moves the boat in the direction specified by the vector. It returns true if there was not a collision.
    Screenshots (open)
    Setting up a boat:
    Hitting the block limit:
    Changing speed (Had to upload as a jpg because of size restrictions):
    The large boat I built to test size restrictions (jpg's again):
    The small boat I used for initial testing:
    Daisy helping with entity movement testing:
    Tutorials (open)
    Tutorial, Courtesy of InfctedMushr00m:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of lifesadream52:
    Tutorial, Courtesy of Goldkoron:

    Download BoatMod: Here
    Source: Here

    • jackpot51
    • BurnedKirby
    • Lacaranian
    • GoldKoron
    • superdupernova
    • Dr_fantasmo
    • Saberar
    • Sayerer27276
    • Parker237

    Next Version:
    • Checking some item dupes (beds, pistons)
    Some Future Version:
    • Multiple crafts per person
    • Detachable crafts (life boats, torpedoes, etc)

    Version 12:
    • Update to newest Bukkit
    • Update to use SuperPerms
    Version 11:
    • Bugfixes with powered crafts and block handling
    • Signs and doors should be fixed in many circumstances, let me know specifics about when they fail if they do.
    • Beds also drop dupes, I blame bukkit
    Version 10:
    • Added fuel capabilities
    • Fix for boats breaking block limits no matter what the limits are
    • Fix for boatinfo only being runnable from the server console
    Version 9:
    • Naming of vehicles in the boatmod messages
    • Vertical toggle
    • Additional ticks parameter to automatic boat movement
    • User level permissions
    • Recursion no longer used for block searching
    Version 8:
    • Added note when author logs in to boatmod server
    • Fixed login, logout events
    • Added a boatinfo command that gives information about boatmod
    • Added support for new blocks (brewing stands, jukeboxes, redstone circuits)
    • Added boatauto command for autopilot
    Version 7:
    • Added support for the number of a material to be placed in the material configuration
    • Fixed doors and beds
    • Fixed limit on change speed command
    • Updated to work with newest bukkit
    Version 6:
    • Added rotation using left click with map!
    • Fixed levers and torches
    • Moved change speed to command /boatspeed [speed]
    • Removed support for multi-block items(beds, doors, open pistons) as they were broken from a bukkit update. Will re-add once issues fixed.
    Version 5:
    • Added lava support
    • Damage now does not stop the boat from moving-it simply notifies the player once that the boat's blocks have changed
    • Furnaces can now move while they are burning
    • Redstone, dispensers, and noteblocks can move while keeping state
    • Added script permissions
    Version 4:
    • Added permissions support
    Version 3:
    • Fixed up scripting support
    • Added example script
    Version 2:
    • Added config file support
    • Fixed signs, furnaces
    • Started on scripting support
    Version 1:
    • Released BoatMod
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    omfg fuck this plugin, i spend 3 days on building a 1:1 replica of the titanic AND NOW ITS GONE BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID PLUGIN
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    Can't say that is even possible buddy but if it were you should probably give some more information about what happened
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    i used the boat item to select my boat (titanic) so i went forward a couple of times and then all of a sudden 3/4 of my boat just disappears and i couldnt go up,down,left,right anymore. and YES I DID edit the max boat size
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    What was the boat size?
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    Help please?
    CB: 953
    MC 1.7.2
    Also, if I select my vehicle, it won't select it.

    20:45:02 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling BoatMod v6 (is it up to date?):
    No enum const class org.bukkit.Material.WORKBENCH COBBLESTONE
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum const class org.bukkit.Material.WORK
    at java.lang.Enum.valueOf(Unknown Source)
    at org.bukkit.Material.valueOf(
    at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.BoatMod.ReadFile(
    at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.BoatMod.ReadFile(
    at me.Jackpot.BoatMod.BoatMod.onEnable(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    I only get the error if I add something to the Materials list.

    I'll just make a wooden submarine or some other material that is default.

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    Did you put the new materials on new lines?
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    No, i hit tab behind the last material on the list and typed in COBBLESTONE, exactly as i just said it.
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    Then put them on new lines please
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    Hey, first off awesome plugin been having a blast.

    Was wondering one thing though, i made a chopper for my "boat" which works perfectly but the landing feet are made using wooden half blocks and the helipad i land on is made from stone half blocks, is there anyway to remove the stone without the wood as a boatable block as in the config its just listed as STEP, unfortunately this means if i try to captain it again after the landing it trys to move the whole tower :eek:

    If not ill just redesign the landing gear but would be nice to know.
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    xLogiiKzZo and I were building the boat, in reality it took like 1 day. But the boat was several storys tall. It did have alot glowstone, bricks, and it had some pistons on it. Right when logiik started making the boat go down, i noticed that the entire array of bricks and pistons did not go down with it. Could this be the cause of our problems? and If we were to re install this plugin, What would we do to avoid this problem? As Logiik is the admin of the server, he declines the risk of being responsible for others creations disappearing. Thanks.
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    Every step has the same block id, with different data id's to determine the material they are made of. As you can see, only the block id is used to determine boatability, unfortunately using the data id would be problematic as it is also used to determine the orientation of rotatable objects like torches and ladders. If I find a way to do this that makes sense, I will try, but for now you will not be able to have wooden half-blocks be non-boatable while stone half-blocks are.

    Bricks and pistons by default are not boatable. This may be changed in the configuration. Pistons do not work properly when opened, due to a bukkit bug, and when closed a texture bug in the minecraft client may occur when pistons are moved (see this page). The fact that non-boatable blocks where inside or near the boatable, moving blocks would not have caused any issues.
    However, the size of the boat could cause issues. If the maximum boat size had to be expanded to support a boat of this size, then that tells me that the boat was very, very large. I have not tested boats larger than about 16,000 blocks. Do you know how large this boat was?

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    Uh lol how about 60k ?

    Do you think this bug would be possibly fixed by using a little smaller boats? like 10k-15k?

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    I think that while a boat of that size should work properly, if it did not any terminal output would be useful. My first guess would be that the plugin ran out of memory.

    They should work. Make sure that every block used in the making of the boat is boatable, that no blocks that are broken are used, which includes all multi-block items (doors, beds, pistons), and that the number of blocks reported during the creation of the boat is less than the maximum size set in the configuration file.

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    Ok thanks. Hear that Logiik? we are clear to try again xD
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    i cant move admin sized "boats" im an op...
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    Ah ok no worries ill just redesign it a little, thanks for the quick response and the awesome plugin :)
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    Do you have the boatmod.admin permission?
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    Alright so this is the first time I have seen this plugin, and i've used movecraft for a long time now (since hmod!) so... Whaddya think guys, better or worse than movecraft? It *seems* potentially much better.
    Also... how is the lag? Movecraft works pretty well and only lags my server when HUGE boats try to move around, but how does this one fare?
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    i dont use permissions on the server if its that you mean... i am prettty new to plugins to...
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    Well you can either set the default user's maximum size to a larger value or you can install permissions version 3 and set it up so that you are in the admin group.
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    then i will just disturb you with 1 more question why the config max size dont work properly?
    i set "MaxSize=60000" but it dont want to work!
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    Boats are not turning for me- i click the block facing "forward" for the boat, then when i turn side to side it does not rotate.
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    Can you add a options to make OneMaterial boats
    Like with another boat items
    This would be nice

    PS : you should ask for the Dev title, you deserve it ^^
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    Hi Jackpot51.

    I'm running a bukkit server through Clanforge Multiplay and i've installed your plugin through the control panel list, I haven't changed any of the config files yet when i left click my boat with the boat item nothing happens at all...
    I do not have permissions installed.

    I'd really appreciate some help with this as this mod looks really great.

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    I wanted the people on the server to be able to use Boatmod as well so i added the permissions for them and now the whole plugin don't work nothing happens.

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    So this is like movecraft? but you can make stuff move about automatically?
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    You have to turn to the side and click very close to an axis


    You have to have the boatmod.player and boatmod.admin permissions enables in the Permissions mod in order for what you have done to work

    Could you provide some console output from when the server launched?

    Per item boat configurations? I suppose I could

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    This looks awesome, ill check it out.

    And how is it bloody possible kids who copy a mod and add a few lines of text get a Plugin Developer title, and you don't? Someone hit a moderator in the face please ? :p
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    I am not really sure how it is possible...

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