[FUN] Blow Up Death v1.2 - Death is coming for you? Blow it up! -UPDATED- [1060]

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    Blow Up Death

    Version: v1.2
    Because someone requested it, here is the updated version of BlowUpDeath! I tested it with Build 818 and 819, but it will most likely work with higher builds.​
    What it does:
    When players die, they explode like tnt, leaving a crater. Explosion size can be configured via the config file. Permissions are supported but not required.​
    • Players blow up on death
    • No configuration needed (it works with the default config file)
    • Change explosion size
    • Supports permissions

    this plugin was originally created by @Zaraza107 but as he didn't update it for a while, I updated it. The original thread can be found here.

    Put BlowUpDeath.jar into plugins folder. After first load it will create blowupdeath.settings file in plugins folder.
    'enable' - (true/false) if you want to disable plugin without erasing the jar, set to false.
    'enable-permissions' - (true/false) if true, it will look for Permissions installed, if false it'll skip it and disable support
    'explosion-power' - (floating value) indicates power of explosion (tnt's power is 4.0)

    'blow.up.death' - only players with this permission will blow up


    • Mob spawning on death?

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    Thank You for updating this plugin! You sir are AWESOME!

    EDIT: Could you add to the config file the choice of whether or not only PvPed can cause the blow-up death? If one of my admins is slayed I would like the slayer to die. Thank You.
    Additionally an in-game toggle command would be awesome, (in case one of my admins wanted to join an Arena Battle.)
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    I might create an ingame toggle, but that wont be before next week. And lol, you are one mean admin! I'll see what I can do but it might be too complex to be worth it for the onlypvp part:p
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    Supports [860].

    Also, is anything missing in the thread or why did this not make it to release yet?
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    if you just updated to 860 from 818 it was because of that.
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    Awesome :) No the thread was sitting in here for like 2 days but I guess you Staff members were just busy :D
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    Rats. I had this idea two days ago didn't realize this happened.

    Oh well.

    But I have a suggestion:

    Make a secondary way to blow yourself up, using the command "/explode" and if you do that, you can set the price (item or money.)

    Item = If iConomy or Essentials is NOT detected, this is set. Default is 4 diamond.
    Money = If iConomy or Essentials is detected, this is set. Default is $1.00
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    Eeeek, Essentials support? Never gonna happen. But the idea is good. If I have some time I'll do it.
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    Essentials has a economy support, just to clarfiy. :)
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    I know thats why I said I wont support it. I'll support w/e else, but not essentials...
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    A command to toggle the explosions on or off would be perfect. I've been waiting for someone to update this plugin but I'm also afraid I might accidentally die in a bad place and damage someone's home or something else important. Thanks for getting it to work :D
  12. Like creepers wern't bad enough...

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    Haters gonna hate.... Not everyone has a candyland server :p
  14. No, don't get me wrong, it's a cool plugin, but I already fear the creeper. (That would make a nice parody song)
    I don't want my server to go kablooie!
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    Hah :p I like creepers :3 Thats why my server is called CreepCraft huehuehue :D
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    LOL vid was mad funny!
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    - Add an option to consume TNT on players inventory
    - Add a configurable option when players equipped a certain armor (ex: ironchestplate) it will activate the death explosion.

    That's all thanks

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