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    OGMz i RaVaGeZ

    Hey Guys,
    I have never really been into Minecraft or Bukkit that much, but I started playing/using both daily now.
    After a little while, I started to get interested in making my own plugins using Java.
    Well, I finally managed to get my first one done, it was pretty difficult because I have never really been programming anything in Java. Good that it's pretty similar to C#...

    Alright, so here it is along with some basic information what you can do with it, and how to use it.

    /BlockOptimizer //activates the plugin (type again to disable)
    What you can do with it:
    You can change blocks you are looking at to a better one. I know, this isn't really much, but remember, it's my first attempt and I will be adding more soon.

    How to use it:
    1. Install Bukkit on your computer using for a tutorial and the files.
    2. Drag and drop the BlockOptimizer.jar file into the plugins folder.
    3. Start the Server. (If everything worked, it should say "[BlockOptimizer] is now up and running!")
    4. Type "/BlockOptimizer" (without the quotes) to enable and disable the plugin.
    5. Right Click one of the Blocks listed below and watch the magic.

    Supported Block Interactions:
    Ores - Redstone Ore > Lapis Lazuli Ore | Coal Ore > Iron Ore > Gold Ore > Diamond Ore
    Blocks - Iron Block > Gold Block > Diamond Block
    Miscellaneous - Rail > Powered Rail | Wooden Door > Iron Door | Piston > Sticky Piston

    ~First Beta Release
    ~Added Iron Ore and Gold Ore Block Changes
    ~Project is now named "BlockOptimizer"
    ~Added Coal Ore Support
    ~Added Redstone Ore and Lapis Lazuli Ore
    ~Added Block Support (Iron, Gold, Diamond)
    ~Added Rail, Piston, Wooden Door Block Change Support
    ~Improved the coding (using switch-statements instead of if-statements now)
    Known Bugs:
    -You have to click Redstone Ore twice in order to change it to Lapis Lazuli Ore
    -Turning Pistons into Sticky Pistons will cause the Sticky Piston to be turned upside down

    Maybe someone can even make a video, it would definitely help since my computer's frame rate is always dropping like crazy whenever I'm trying to record Minecraft.

    Please leave your suggestions, feedback, and bug reports below.
    Please remember that this is the first plugin I ever made, so don't be too harsh please.


    *If this plugin exists already, I am very sorry for the creator. I haven't seen anything alike before and I was never planning on stealing anyone's work. If it really does exist already, please PM me with a link, and I will message a Moderator about taking my post down immediately. This plugin was 100% created by me.*

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    great idea, i would have never thought of it!
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    OGMz i RaVaGeZ

    Thank you :)

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