[FUN] BlockMob - A New Sort of Monsters

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by TechGuard, Mar 16, 2011.

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    With BlockMob you can create monsters from blocks. For example: You type /bm start, every block you place after you type that, will be added to the Monster structure. Then you type /bm stop, and you've created the monster.

    Attacking the Monster
    How are we going to attack the monster? I would like to have suggestions, but here is my idea:

    You can take whatever tool you want, to destroy all the blocks.
    No special things for the blocks, you only need to mine, cut and break them.
    Maybe there would be a timer for the blocks, so they will re spawn every ** seconds.

    Monster attacking Back
    How is the monster going to attack back? I would like to have suggestions, but here is my idea:

    The creator of the monster can add some 'things' to the monster, Like: Fire, Explosions, Arrows, Bursts things like that.
    Fire: It will 'shoot' fire to the players.
    Explosions: Random explosions, around the field
    Arrows: It will shoot arrows at the players in the field
    Bursts: If players are to close to the monster, it will hit damage to the players. (works with timers)

    Tools have durability, should those be enabled in the Monster field?
    If you damage a tool, in the mosnter field it will take no damage.

    This is about the idea, what do you think of it?
    Do you have suggestions?
    Pleas post it all in this thread :)
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    Interesting idea... a sort of Block Golem. My though on an attack would be to crush / suffocate you. After all its a block monster and what do blocks do best... crush and suffocate. Well at least in minecraft they do. Should be a pretty easy attack to start off with too. No need to spawn arrows or fire or explosions. Just move the blocks ontop of the player like gravel dropping on your head. Suffocation. Brutal and effective.

    If you can pull it off sounds fun to create some kind of Godzilla to come out of the ocean and stomp on people at random. lol

    <watching> O_O
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    This is an amazing idea !!
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    So, would this be limited to say...a single block as an entity or could this arguably be something like MoveCraft where you can make a lump of blocks be a single entity and perhaps decide whether the entire thing is a monster or if it starts to break down it becomes smaller block monsters.

    You could make some substantial and very creative "monsters" with this. Or...very bizarre creatures. Thinking something like Golem style + Spore imagination + Minecraft.

    Perhaps for attacking you could specify...is all blocks involved damagable like a regular mob? Then use all regular options of attack. Is it smashable so there are individual pieces or perhaps you specify its only pickaxe style, then do that.

    Huge amount of potential if some of these things are workable. Though I know very little of the hooks and usable portions of Bukkit so...I dunno. Very awesome if this is possible. Especially for adventures that are pre-fabbed or built dungeons. Or just plain random monster attacks like Wolf mentioned XD
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    i want to have a huge wolf pet to show of to my friends when they only have those little wolves when minecraft 1.4 arrives :D

    and generally, having the option to have my golem be friendly with me would be a huge bonus
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    Have you stop the project ? Can we expect a release soon ?
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    Too be honest, I mostly post threads to see the reactions from people. If I don't have that much reactions, It looks like nobody is interested.
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    Well, I was pretty impressed with the idea, didnt post anything cause Im no developer, so I feel anoyed to post anything on the "developers only space" :D

    Anyway your idea is fucking awsome, really hope you continue it :'(
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    I saw this thread by accident and I think your project is awesome. I check it regularly (everyday in fact), but most of people aren't dev, as said anon, and don't check dev threads, but only plugins released threads.

    Please maintain your project and a new world will be open to all bukkit server :)
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    I'm busy being a Mod on the Metopia Server atm, and I'm working on a HUGE project for that, When I have time I will work on this :)
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    this would be rather interesting, would love to see a tech demo if you have the time to create it
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    its a good ideia, but first fix Izone :p
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    Ok good !! Do what you have to do first :) We can wait !! even if we are very impatient to test it :D
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    I like this idea!

    How about, to kill the monster, you can specify a block or set of blocks as the 'heart' of the monster. If those blocks are destroyed, the monster dies.
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    Wouldn't it be hard to find the heart then?
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    Exactly! If you want to make a ridiculously unfair monster, encase the heart in obsidian or something, or for a more fair one, have a spot on it's chest or something that represents a kind of 'weak spot' in its armor.
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    Hi TechGuard !

    What is the status of the project ? Is it always in dev or not ??
    This idea is really good and I look forward to a potential release...
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    Great idea, maybe you could make it so the monster won't attack it's creator. Like a bodyguard :)
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    Sounds epic, could make anything Golem, Giant Lizard, etc.. and it be boss, sounds fantastic.
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    Don't you think this will be RAM intensive? Still, can't wait!
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