[FUN] BlockChanger v1.0 - Change any block into wool! [1060]

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    BlockChanger - Change any block to wool!
    Version: v1.0

    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    BlockChanger is a plugin to allow you to change any block (including Bedrock) into wool. With a one simple command, it lets you change any block into wool blocks just by hitting the block you want to change with any item in the game.

    - lets you change any block in Minecraft into wool.
    - Makes removing Bedrock or Obsidian a peice of cake.
    - When BlockChanger is enabled it is enabled for the each person who enables it.

    - /BlockChanger - enables and disables the plugin

    First version allows you to only turn things into wool.
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    Copied from a youtube video, a tutorial, not their idea, I made it too.
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    I made this plugin aswell, exept i made it turn stuff to diamond...
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    im making this plugin ATM but im gonna make it change a block into any random block which i reckon will be good ;):p
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    Yeah, this minemicked is REAL clever. Here's the record of it's visit to my server this afternoon.
    What a dolt. :p

    02:12 PM [INFO] minemicked [/] logged in with entity id 263919 at ([Fragilus] -39.5, 72.62000000476837, 925.5)
    02:12 PM [INFO] Reading data
    02:12 PM [INFO] [Spout] Successfully authenticated minemicked's Spoutcraft client. Running client version: 1096
    02:12 PM [INFO] Reading data  
    02:12 PM [INFO] [||||||||||] Tree Denizen MsInscrutable: hiya
    02:12 PM [INFO] [||||||||||] Sorceress ticktock123: hi
    02:12 PM [INFO] [||||||||||] Lost Enforcer worm424: hey
    02:12 PM [INFO] [||||||||||] Sorceress ticktock123: lol skin
    02:13 PM [INFO] [A]<worm424> is he new
    02:13 PM [INFO] [||||||||||] Sorceress ticktock123: yeh
    02:13 PM [INFO] [||||||||||] Ghost minemicked: [Server] I'm shutting down the server forever!
    02:13 PM [INFO] [||||||||||] Lost Enforcer worm424: nice try
    02:14 PM [INFO] Connection reset
    02:14 PM [INFO] minemicked lost connection: disconnect.quitting
    02:14 PM [INFO] [A]<worm424> well that failed
    02:14 PM [INFO] [||||||||||] Sorceress ticktock123: me think he was griefer
    02:15 PM [INFO] [||||||||||] Tree Denizen MsInscrutable: ya, total munter 

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